Bonus Short: Charlie and Moth do the Elf Thing

So! Charlie previously mentioned in another short that he’s always had an *ahem* elf fantasy, and who better to help him indulge in it than his beautiful, pointy-eared, pale-haired, arrogant and prickly half monster boyfriend?

This is around 9.5k words of Charlie trying his darn best to be an old-timey noble knight, Moth reluctantly going along with it as his snooty elf (until he gets really into it) and just both of them generally being idiots. We also discover that Moth looks good in literally anything.

As always, please check the content and spoiler warnings!

Content warnings: Explicit sexual content, 18+ only, restraint, roleplay, bad accents, monster junk, mild injury, Moth gets embarrassed poor bb, this really is just ridiculous so just don’t think about it too hard

Spoiler warning: Set after the events of Moth (Monstrous: Book Five)


“Fucking hell, Charlie, what if someone sees me in this?”

I snorted and glanced over at Moth as he stomped through the forest beside me. He scowled when his cloak got caught on a thorny bush, yanking at the thick material until it came loose.

Okay, it was more a repurposed sack than an actual cloak, but I’d had to work with what I could find around the camp. Sneakily. I’d come across the sack in the camp stores, which were in the old bar, when I was helping Rig find some old wood to fix one of the shower stalls.

I hadn’t told him why I wanted it, obviously.

There had also been an old pillowcase in there that no one wanted to use because it was yellowed and ripped. I’d washed it, cut arm holes in it, and now Moth was wearing it as a very dashing tunic.

It was a little shapeless, but he made it work. And his legs looked freaking amazing in the black spandex leggings I’d found stuffed at the back of a drawer in our room. They weren’t giving quite the right effect, but it wasn’t like there were any spare leather pants laying around the camp. I’d almost asked Danny to steal me a pair of Wyn’s—assuming he owned more than one pair, which I doubted—but I didn’t really want to make Moth wear something that had probably been coated in parasite goo at some point. Plus, I very much doubted the Soul Eater wore underwear. Although I supposed there was a chance he was rocking a pair of tighty-whities under there.

Moth had his brown leather belt looped over the pillowcase tunic, but the fabric kept riding up as we walked, which made him huff in irritation and tug it back down. His face was already pink, and he kept glancing back to make sure none of the raiders were following us.

“You look hot,” I told him, which made him scowl over at me. I pursed my lips to stop from laughing. “Your hair looks real pretty.”

He’d let me tie the top third back into several intricate braids that came together in a delicate bun. Two more thin braids framed his face, and he kept irritably flipping them back over his shoulder. I’d made him a little crown thing from twigs, just to add to the effect, and he’d already complained a few times about it digging into his head.

“We don’t have to do this, Moth,” I said, even though I was already raring to go seeing him in his budget elf get-up.

He huffed. “No, I want to do your elf thing. I just don’t want anyone to see us.”

“They won’t.” I reached over and took his hand. “Hunter and I scouted out this area the other day. None of the raiders come here, and there’s nothing living nearby. Trust me.”

He sighed, tugging his sack-cloak free from another bush. “Okay, remind me what I have to do again.”

Excitement churned in my gut, my cock already twitching with anticipation.

“Okay, so I’ll tie you up to a tree. You’re the elf who wandered away from the rest of your… elf tribe”—what was a group of elves called?—“and got captured by a, um… an orc or something.”

“What’s an orc,” Moth muttered, adjusting his twig crown.

“Like a big green dude. It doesn’t matter. He tied you up and robbed you and left to go get his orc friends so they could come and hold you for ransom.”

“If orcs are big dudes, why didn’t he just take me with him?”

I paused. “Well, we can rope more people into this if you don’t think it’s believable. Gloam and Edin could play some orcs—”

“No,” Moth blurted, sounding horrified. “No one else is seeing me in leggings and a fucking pillowcase.”

His tail was swishing in agitation behind him. Its bulk pushed the back of the pillowcase-tunic up, letting me ogle the pert, round ass encased in tight spandex. Maybe I could convince him to wear leggings more often.

“Okay, so you’re the elf who’s tied up, and I’m the human knight that comes along and finds you and rescues you.”

I wasn’t exactly dressed as a knight. I’d been more concerned with making sure Moth looked the part. But I was wearing his brown coat, and I’d tied my grey scarf around my middle as a sash thing. I didn’t really know what knights were meant to wear other than armour.

I had Moth’s sword holstered on my back, and the thing was freaking heavy. It banged against my backpack with every step.

“You have to stay in character, okay?” I told Moth, who rolled his eyes. “Talk, like… medievally.”

“I don’t know how to talk medievally, Charlie.”

“Words like verily and stuff.”

“I don’t—” Moth exhaled and rubbed his eyes. “Okay.”

I bounced a little with excitement, clutching onto his hand. “You have to act all aloof and like you’re better than humans. You know, like kind of snooty. And we’ll make a deal over me saving you. Like, I’ll ask for a reward for untying you. You know”—I leaned in close and kissed his cheek—“a sexy reward.”

Moth snorted, glancing over at me with a tiny smile. “Sure.”

We emerged into a tiny clearing in the trees with a creek to one side. The ground was mossy and soft under our feet, and sunlight pierced through the leaves above. There was a tree with several low-hanging branches just up ahead, and I grinned at the sight of it. Perfect.

“Okay, here’s good.” I tugged off my backpack and crouched to unzip it, pulling out the red rope Moth had brought back from the sex shop. “You want some water before I tie you up?”

“Oh god,” Moth groaned, rubbing his face. “No, I’m okay. You’re sure no one’s gonna come out here?”

“I’m sure.” I paused. “But I’ll use knots that I can undo easily just in case. You’d be able to snap the ropes if you needed to though, right? You do have monster strength.”

He smirked at me. “Yeah, I do.”

“And I appreciate your ability to hold me up against a wall and fuck the living daylights out of me.” I held up the rope and gave him a winning smile. “You ready?”

Moth swallowed, eyes darting to the rope. But they sparked with excitement. He was being a grouch about the outfit, but I already knew he was looking forward to being tied up again, even just for a little while.

Still, he made a big show of throwing down his backpack with a huff and stomping over to the tree, crossing his arms and scowling at me from beneath a nice, thick branch.

I grinned at him, sauntering over, my smile turning sly when his pale eyes dropped to the rope in my hands. His throat bobbed with another swallow.

“Don’t worry, baby.” I slipped an arm around his waist and tugged him closer until our hips were flush. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching down and giving his ass a squeeze through the thin fabric of the leggings. “I’ll look after you. I always do.”

He sighed and draped his arms around my neck, jostling the sword on my back. “I know. I just look like an idiot.”

“No,” I blurted immediately. “You look so hot.”

Moth gave me a flat look. “Charlie, I’m wearing a pillowcase.”

“Yeah, and you’re so freaking hot that you’ve managed to make a pillowcase look sexy.”

His cheeks went pink. “Really?”

Yes.” I leaned in to kiss him, smoothing my hand over the base of his tail and making him shiver. Our tongues glided together, making my cock twitch where it was pressed up against Moth.

He noticed, because he let out a tiny grunt into my mouth before pulling back to trail his lips down my jaw to my neck. “We could just forget the elf thing and fuck right now—”

“No way, slayer.” I let go of his tail to gather his wrists together, but I paused to eye him with concern. “Unless you really don’t want to?”

He rolled his eyes, giving me a tiny smile. “I told you, I want to.”

I couldn’t help but beam at him, leaning in to give his pretty mouth another big kiss.

“You make the best elf,” I told him. His pierced lips twitched before he grinned at me with a tiny chuckle.

“Well, that’s good, because I’m the only elf you’re getting.”

I grinned back. “That’s right, slayer.” Stepping back, still holding his wrists together, I jerked my chin at the ground. “Take a seat.”

“The big green dudes let me sit before tying me up, huh?” Moth dutifully sank to the ground, leaning back against the thick tree trunk. Nerves flashed through his eyes when I raised his wrists over his head and began binding them with the soft rope.

“They were thoughtful orcs,” I said absently as I looped the rope over the tree branch and tugged Moth’s wrists up until there wasn’t any slack at all.

He grunted, glancing up warily as I secured the rope to the branch, before stepping back with my hands on my hips to survey my work. My mouth stretched into a wicked grin, which made Moth roll his eyes.

“Perfect.” I adjusted the stupidly heavy sword on my back. “Not too tight? You’re comfortable?”

“I’m fine.”

“Awesome.” I tugged on my coat, trying to tidy up my outfit. “Okay, remember, you have to act all snooty but also like you need my help. Like you’re irritated that you need the help of a human but you know you do and then you see how sexy that human is so you’re like, willing to make a deal that involves something dirty. That’s your character motivation.”

“My what?”

“Okay, you ready?” I shot him a thumbs up and turned to leave the clearing. “Start calling for help or something.”

“What—Wait!” Moth spluttered, which made me pause and turn back. “What—I don’t know what I’m meant to do!”

“Just call for help in a sexy elfy way,” I said patiently, which just made him splutter incredulously again.

“What the fuck does that mean—”

“See you in a sec, baby!” I hurried out of the clearing and hid behind a tree, stomach jumpy with excitement.

I was finally getting my elf fantasy. I fuckin’ wished I could tell Hunter that it had happened, but I wouldn’t share the private things between me and Moth with anyone else, not even my best friend.

Edin had a habit of blurting out details about his and Hunter’s sex life, and I’d pulled him aside after we got back to the camp to gently tell him that Hunter might have wanted those things to stay private.

The big purple monster had glanced around, leaned closer and conspiratorially told me that Hunter liked to pretend he got annoyed when Edin told others about what they got up to, but the thought of other people knowing the details actually made him super horny, and some evenings they barely made it inside their room before Hunter was yanking off Edin’s kilt.

I’d felt all the blood drain from my face, and had backed away quickly, aware that I now had to live with the knowledge that the rest of us were all unwitting pawns in Hunter and Edin’s voyeuristic foreplay.

But that still didn’t mean I was going to tell anyone—including Hunter—that my prickly, secretly soft-as-butter half monster had dressed up as a Wastes-budget elf for me. And let me borrow his coat and sword. I was trying very hard not to show how heavy the latter was to my puny human muscles, so while I was out of sight, I heaved it off my back with a wince and gripped it tight with both hands.

After a few seconds, I heard Moth huff and awkwardly call out, his voice inflectionless, “Help.”

I rolled my eyes. “You have to put some emotion into it!” I called from behind the tree.

“For fuck’s—” He huffed again, then cleared his throat. His voice was a little more animated when he called, “Help! I am—I have been… captured by orts.”


“Orcs,” he corrected. “I am a, uh… noble elf! Is there anyone who can help me? You will be greatly rewarded.”

Okay, time for my big entrance. I straightened out my coat again, adjusted the scarf around my waist, then heaved the sword up and stepped out from behind the tree.

“What’s this?” I puffed out my chest and strode forward, though I did have to drag Moth’s sword behind me. “An elf, left at the mercy of anyone who might wander by in the forest?”

“Christ,” I heard Moth mutter, but before I could glare at him he sighed and said, “Yes. Some orcs captured me and took me away from the rest of my… elf team. They left me tied up here. Will you help me, human?”

“Orcs, eh?” I took a step closer, stumbling a little when I released one hand from the sword hilt and its weight tried to tip me over. Righting my footing quickly, I stroked my chin with a thoughtful expression. “If they return, that won’t bode well for you, elf.”

I paused, frowning. My accent was all wrong. Medievally human knights didn’t have Texan accents. I liked to think I was pretty good at accents—I always made Hunter laugh with my impressions—so I figured I could give it a shot to make this feel more authentic.

I cleared my throat, straightening my spine. “Well, good elf, it is—uh, ‘tis a great fortune that I found you.”

Moth shot me an odd look. “Why are you talking like that? Are you okay?”

I went pink. “Like what? I’m fine. You’re ruining the—”

“Were you trying to do an accent?”

“I wasn’t trying!” I snapped. “I did one. A British one. Like a—an old timey British one.”

Moth snorted, shoulders shaking as he tried to suppress his laughter.

My face burned even hotter. “It was good!”

“It sounded like you were yawning.”

“It did not!” I brandished Moth’s sword, trying to point the tip at his face, but it kept drooping. Shit, this thing was so heavy. “Watch how you speak to me, elf. I am your only hope of escape.”

He bit his lip, face going pink as he held back his laughter. “Charlie, I can’t take you seriously—”

“Who’s Charlie?” I smirked at him, trying very hard to move past the embarrassing moment. “I have not told you my name yet, elf.”

“Oh, Jesus Christ,” Moth muttered, but sobered up and shook out his shoulders, fingers flexing in the rope. “What is your name, human?”

I cleared my throat, lifting my chin and trying to hold a regal pose as I stared at Moth in his pillowcase tunic and leggings, slouched at the bottom of the tree, one of his boots tapping restlessly against the ground.

“I am Sir Charles Keane,” I declared. “Noble knight of these lands.”

Moth stared at me in silence for a few seconds, biting his lip again. Then he said, voice strained, “Okay. Will you help me, then?”

“Moth!” I resisted the urge to stamp my foot. “You’re not acting elfy enough!”

Okay!” He took a deep breath and lifted his chin, so he was staring down his nose at me even from his seated position on the floor. “A human knight? Elves do not normally dally with mere humans. But I have been left here for hours with no hope. I, uh… fear the worst if those awful orcs return.”

“Indeed,” I said slyly, taking another step closer. “Do I get a reward for untying you, elf?” I asked in what I hoped was a sultry voice.

Moth went pink, but he lifted his chin and sniffed. “What reward did you have in mind?”

“Well…” I stepped even closer and crouched, smirking at him as his filmy pupils expanded in a rush. “I’ve always wondered what an elf”—I let my gaze drift pointedly down to his crotch—“would taste like.”

He made a tiny choked sound in his throat, cheeks deepening with colour. “I… I see.”

“Does that seem like suitable payment for helping you?” I asked slyly.

Moth cleared his throat, but before he could answer, movement below drew my eyes back down.

The thin leggings weren’t strong enough to prevent his cock from sliding free. The black fabric stretched obscenely into a very obvious tent, pushing the old pillowcase up, giving me an unobstructed view. I couldn’t tear my eyes away as my lips parted with a little puff of breath.

I swallowed thickly, trying to remember what I’d just asked him. I was tempted to write off the whole elf thing and just suck him off now, but Moth cleared his throat again and spoke.

“That would be acceptable payment,” he said, trying to keep up his haughty tone even though his hips were shifting with anxious arousal. Wetness was already seeping through the crotch of the leggings, darkening the stretched material.

“Excellent.” I grinned salaciously at him before standing up. “Well, I’ll just untie you and then we can—”

“No,” Moth blurted, face going pink. “You can’t untie me yet.”

I froze, hands outstretched. “Um, why not?”

His eyes darted, his blush spreading down to his throat. When his cock twitched under the leggings, I realised exactly why.

“Because…” Moth’s fingers flexed in the tie, chest rising quicker as his breaths sped up. “B-because…”

He trailed off, looking at me helplessly.

“You raise an excellent point.” I nodded, stepping back. “You can’t be untied yet.”

Moth cleared his throat and raised his chin again. “Of course not. Silly human. You know better than to doubt an elf. We are… um, known for being profound and wise. Smarter than all others. Especially humans.”

Kind of going off-script a bit there, but okay.

Moth sniffed haughtily, tilting his face away. “You’ll just have to take your reward for helping me now.” He tried to make his voice careless.

I paused. “While you’re still tied up?” I clarified.

Moth went even pinker, shooting me a brief glare. “Yes.”

“Okay…” I nibbled on my lower lip. “And is it true that elves say ‘potato’ to signal when they want to stop or have had enough? You know, like, an elf safeword? I’ve heard that about elves.”

“Huh?” Moth broke character to shoot me an odd look, but his face cleared when I raised my brows at him meaningfully. “Oh. Yeah—I mean, yes, that is true of elves, human. Potato is indeed our safeword.”

I nodded solemnly. “Well, that’s useful information. Seeing as I’ll be… collecting my payment while you are restrained in such a compromising manner.”

“You have to untie me after though,” he blurted, cheeks sweetly flushed. “You can’t leave me here tied up.”

“I would never,” I told him as I knelt, my voice solemn, but a filthy grin still stretched my mouth.

He jerked when I dropped the sword and palmed his knees, spreading his thighs wider and shuffling forward so I was kneeling between them. Letting one hand slide all the way down his inner thigh, I gripped his stiff cock through the leggings.

“You feel far more interested in a human than an elf should be,” I murmured slyly. “Have you always secretly wondered what it would be like, elf? To have a human suck your cock?”

Moth went pink, even as his hips twitched. “N-no, of course not.”

“No?” I smirked and dipped my hand past the waistband of his leggings, skimming my fingers down his shaft to stroke his slit. It was already swollen and slippery, coating my fingers as I dipped them just inside.

“Have you ever tasted yourself, elf?” I asked, leaning forward so the tip of my nose brushed against his. Moth panted unsteadily against my mouth, pale eyes wide and dazed. “Elves are meant to taste much better than all others.”

“I—” He swallowed, channel clenching around my fingers. “I’ve never…”

“Here.” I pulled my hand free and raised it to his mouth, trailing my slick fingertip over his lower lip. “Let’s find out how you taste together.”

Moth’s breath hitched in his throat, but he dutifully parted his lips wide enough for me to slide two of my fingers into his mouth. He groaned, sucking hungrily, his long dark lashes fluttering.

My cock strained in my pants. Yanking my fingers free, I crashed my lips to his and thrust my tongue inside. Moth’s familiar taste filled my mouth, making me moan as my hand dropped to start frantically tugging his leggings off.

By the time I ripped my mouth free to shuffle back and get the thin fabric over his feet, Moth was panting.

“D-do I… taste good then, human?” he asked breathlessly, face flaming again.

Rather than answer, I shoved his pillowcase-tunic up so I could dip my head and kiss his flat stomach, then his hipbone. He grunted, hips straining up, cock leaving a wet stripe over my cheek before I turned my head and sucked it into my mouth.

“F-fuck.” His head tipped back, hitting the tree trunk with a solid thunk. “Ah!” he cried when I grabbed his knees and forced them up and out wider, settling myself between his legs.

I sucked off his cock to dip my head lower, licking at the base where it emerged from his body. Then I buried my tongue as deep as I could inside him, pushing his knees up toward his chest to angle his hips better.

Moth writhed, arms twisting in the rope keeping them suspended tightly over his head. The end of his tail lashed wildly between his spread legs, and when I lifted my head briefly to tongue his cockslit, I saw his cute clawed toes flexing helplessly in the air.

“How does it feel, elf?” I murmured, sliding my tongue around his weeping cockhead as I gazed up at him. “Does it feel good to have a human do this to you?”

“I—” Moth strained his hips, cock jerking against my lips. “Y-yes, but y-you can—you can never tell anyone I let you do this.”

I chuckled darkly, pressing an open-mouthed kiss to the head of his cock. “Mm. What would the other elves think if they knew you’d let a human suck your beautiful cock?”

Nnngh.” Moth’s chest was heaving, fingers gripping the rope tight as his thighs shook either side of me.

He tried to suppress his cry when I sucked him back into my mouth, sliding my lips down to take as much of him as possible. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked, starting up a relentless rhythm that had him squirming and making tiny desperate sounds as his hips bucked to meet me.

“Th-this—This doesn’t seem like—adequate payment,” he panted, then let out a choked sound when his cock twitched in my mouth, gushing another healthy dose of pre-cum.

I paused, lifting my head. “No?”

Moth shook his head frantically, hips bucking, making his cock bump into my chin. “You are saving me from those—those—”

“Orcs,” I supplied.

“Yeah, those guys.” He bumped my chin again, making me smile. “S-so maybe… maybe you should… take more.”

“Oh?” I smirked, letting my bristly chin rub against his tender cockhead, which made him jerk with a clipped grunt. “So what do you think would be adequate payment for rescuing you?”

“W-well, maybe… maybe I’ve wondered what a… human tastes like.” Moth’s face was pink, but he raised his chin defiantly and held my gaze, his pale eyes heavy with arousal.

My dick pulsed uncontrollably in my pants, straining to get free. I lunged forward to capture his mouth in a heated kiss, shuffling closer until he could feel the hard length of me pressing against his wet, flushed slit.

“You want to suck my cock?” I asked when I broke the kiss, peppering kisses all over his cheek up to his ear. I rocked my hips against him, which made him choke out a moan.

“It—it only seems fair,” he managed to get out, shuddering when I gently nibbled on the pointed tip of his ear.

I grinned, leaning back and gazing at him as I reached down to hurriedly undo my pants. “You’re right. I am freeing you. And I wouldn’t be much of a noble knight if I didn’t endeavour to do everything to help you. In whatever way that may be.”

Moth’s eyes dropped the instant I pulled my stiff cock out. They flared with heat when I gave it a slow stroke, biting the inside of my cheek to hold back my moan. I was ridiculously hard.

“Well then, elf.” I stood up on slightly shaky legs, grabbing onto the rope keeping Moth’s hands suspended for leverage. Arching my hips forward, I let the tip of my cock rub against his trembling mouth, but when he tried to suck me in, I tucked them back.

Moth glared up at me, face pink, dark brows drawn into an impatient frown but a hint of pleading in his pale eyes.

“Do not toy with an elf, human.”

Oh shit, that made my cock grow a million times harder. Fuck yes, elf Moth.

“You want my cock that bad, do you?” I murmured, trying not to come immediately when I pressed forward again and fed the tip into his waiting mouth.

He moaned low around it, tongue lapping at the slit before sliding down. My thighs trembled, and I gripped the rope tighter as I stared down at my dick sinking between Moth’s pierced lips. Fuck, I was gonna come way too soon. Releasing the rope with one hand, I trailed my fingers over his twig crown before threading them through his pale hair.

My thumb brushed the pointed tip of his ear, making him shudder as he sucked me harder, his lean cheeks hollowing.

“You’re—you’re really good at this,” I choked out, trying to stay in character as I began to gently rock my hips, sinking my cock in and out of his mouth. “Are you sure you haven’t sucked a human’s cock before?”

Moth glared up at me with his mouth full, which made my lips twitch with the start of a smile. But I could feel the orgasm already churning in my balls, and I didn’t want to come yet. Unlike Moth, I definitely could not come several times in quick succession.

Just as my balls started to lift and tighten, I carefully slid free from his mouth, shuddering with a groan when his pierced tongue flicked the sensitive V.

“There is something we could do that would let us enjoy ourselves together,” I rasped, trying to keep the unsteady edge out of my voice as I gripped my reeling cock.

With my other hand, I continued petting Moth’s hair and ear, and he turned his face into my palm when I cupped his cheek, nuzzling me there. My chest clenched up tight. God, I loved this prickly half monster man so much. And the fact that he was doing this for me just made me love him even more.

He cleared his throat, glancing up at me through his eyelashes. “Oh?”

I licked my lips, dick bucking eagerly when my gaze dropped to between his splayed thighs. His cock was leaking copiously, the underside of his tail slick between his legs, his slit flushed and swollen.

“I won’t tell anyone if you let me fuck you, elf,” I croaked. “And then I’ll let you go.”

Moth’s breath caught. His eyes darted around, as if some big beefy orcs or other elves might really crash through the forest and spot us. My cock jerked again at the idea of it.

“Y-you… you won’t breathe a word of it to anyone?” he said, remembering to give me a haughty look with a brow raised, just like a snooty elf would. Oh hell yes.

“On my honour.” I grinned at him, looking back down between his legs pointedly. “I can tell you want it, elf. You’re dripping.”

Moth went bright pink, but he sniffed and looked away. “I am tied up and helpless. And you are my only hope of escape. So… yes. Fine. You can… f-fuck me.”

I grinned again, stepping back and eagerly scrambling out of my boots and pants. I unbuttoned my shirt but kept it and the coat on, because it felt dirtier for us both to only be half-naked.

“On your feet, elf.” I grabbed the rope and hoisted Moth up, smirking when he shot me a heated, shocked look.

I quickly tied the rope into several knots so that his arms were still stretched tight over his head and he was balancing on the balls of his feet. He shifted to try and get a better footing, face going bright pink again when he realised that the pillowcase-tunic was rucked up, revealing everything below his waist.

“Spread your legs.”

His breath caught, but after a few seconds he obeyed, shuffling his feet out a little.


He wobbled precariously but did as I said, cock jerking in the air despite how embarrassed he looked. The delicate scales around his slit glistened with his arousal, his tail lashing in agitation. His long fingers curled around the rope tethering his wrists together, gripping on tight.

I stepped just close enough to reach between his legs and run my fingers over his slit, my dick throbbing from how hot and wet he was. Moth gasped, his hips twitching and feet shuffling again to try and keep his balance.

“Oh yes, you definitely want my cock inside you.” I slid a finger inside, pressing my throbbing cock against his hip as I nuzzled his ear. “Maybe I should make you wait for it.”

Moth huffed with impatience. “No, you definitely should not—”

He cut himself off with a gasp when I spun him around suddenly so he faced the tree. Wobbling on the balls of his feet, he shuffled to regain his balance, but I was already pressing between his shoulder blades to tilt his upper body forward just a little, stretching his arms even tighter over his head.

His breath caught. “Charlie—”

Stepping closer, I ran my hands down his sides and slid my cock between his thighs, his tail pressed tightly against my hip and lashing the top of my thigh as it flicked wildly. We both groaned when slick heat coated my shaft, the head of my cock rubbing against the base of his where it emerged from his slit.

Groaning, I tipped my face into the nape of his neck and shuddered at the feel. The urge to tilt my hips and slide inside him was almost overwhelming, so I forced myself to pull back and reach down between his legs again.

“I think you need proof of how well I’ll fuck you first,” I rasped, sliding two fingers inside him.

Moth groaned, head tipping back as I began to thrust them in and out fast, fucking his channel with relentless speed. Leaning in, I pressed kisses over the bend of his neck, nuzzling his hair.

“I can’t wait to feel this around my cock.” I trailed more kisses over his shoulder and trembling bicep. “Look at you. So beautiful. No other human will ever get to see you like this, will they?”

“N-no,” he stammered, breathing hard as his legs shook, desperately trying to keep himself upright even as he spread them wider. “No one else.”

“Just me,” I murmured in his ear, holding my fingers deep inside him and stretching my thumb back to rub his hole.

He cried out, hips pressing back into my touch. “I’m—I—”

“Can you come like this, elf?” I asked, pressing the tip of my thumb just inside his ass. “You don’t even need me to touch your cock, do you? You’re going to come just like this for me, and then I’ll—”

Ahh!” Moth’s hips bucked wildly, his hot, slick channel spasming around my fingers as he started to come. I groaned at the feel, my cock throbbing against the side of his ass.

When his orgasm ended and I slid my fingers free, I quickly sucked them into my mouth, groaning at his taste as I gently spun him back around to face me.

Moth looked dazed, his eyes hazy and cheeks sweetly flushed as he panted between trembling lips. I cupped his chin and kissed him, sliding my tongue inside to share his taste.

“How are your legs feeling?” I asked when I pulled back, smirking at him. “Steady enough to hold you up?”

He swallowed, blinking rapidly before his vision cleared enough for him to shoot me weak glare. “Yes, obviously.”

I huffed in amusement, stepping back to grab the water bottle from my bag. Cupping Moth’s chin, I held the bottle up so he could have a few sips before recapping it and chucking it toward my bag.

“Shoulders not too sore?” I asked, massaging them firmly, which made Moth groan and sag in his bindings. The branch above creaked gently, leaves swaying as it took more of his weight.

“They’re okay.” He swallowed thickly. “But maybe you can do this later when we’re back at the camp.”

I smiled, leaning in to kiss him. Moth was such a glutton for touch. “Of course. I’ll do it while you read out a page in our book.”

He was getting so much better at reading, and we’d started tackling writing too—something else he’d never been taught. The first time he’d written both our names, his handwriting big and messy and scrawling, I’d had to bite down hard on my bottom lip as my throat bobbed convulsively. I hadn’t told him in case it embarrassed him, but that scrap of paper now permanently lived in my pocket.

He stumbled over longer words a lot, and still got embarrassed and frustrated sometimes, but he was determined. I was so proud of him that I wanted to yell at anyone who would listen about how smart he was. I refrained only because I knew it would embarrass him. So instead I just rewarded him with lots of kisses. And orgasms.

Realising we’d both broken character, I gave his shoulders a final squeeze before dropping my hands to palm his ass beneath the sack-cloak, shooting him a salacious smile.

“So, elf.” I let my fingers drift inward to rub the base of his tail, making Moth shudder. “Are you ready to take a human cock for the first time?”

His breath caught, white teeth sinking briefly into his lower lip, catching on the piercing there. “Y-yes, but it—it will be the only time. You can’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t,” I purred, sliding my hand down the back of his thigh to hitch his knee against my waist. My cock slid over his wet slit, making me shudder and tip my head forward into his neck. “God, you feel so good.”

Moth’s breath shuddered out of him, hips trying to move and arms twisting in the rope over his head. His chest heaved against me as I began grinding my hips, sliding my cock back and forth, skimming it over his own throbbing length. His pre-cum coated my cockhead, making my nuts tighten.

“How much do you want it, elf?” I rasped, which made him groan in frustration.

“C-can’t you just—” He tried to hitch his leg up higher, tilting his hips so that my cockhead caught on his opening on my next thrust.

I moaned, knees almost buckling as my tip was enveloped in wet heat. I told myself to pull back, to scold him for trying to hurry things along, but found myself sinking deeper, gripping onto the curve of his ass to hold him steady.

“F-fuck.” Moth tried to rock his hips, to push himself down onto me, but I pressed him tighter against the tree to try and keep him still.

It didn’t work.

In a rush of movement, he used his grip on the rope to lift his legs into the air and wrap them around my waist, his tight stomach clenching as his core muscles engaged. The branch above us creaked, but I couldn’t focus on anything but the squeezing heat of Moth surrounding my prick.

Before I could even process being lodged fully inside him, he was grinding his hips down onto me, the lean muscles in his arms and shoulders bulging as he used his grip on the rope to work himself on my cock. His strong legs tightened around my hips, jerking me forward repeatedly.

“Goddamn,” I panted, quickly matching his frantic pace as Moth writhed feverishly against me.

He grunted with the effort but didn’t slow down for a second, skin growing flushed and damp with sweat.

I was trying very hard to remember that we were still meant to be roleplaying, but all I wanted to do was pound my cock inside him until we both came. I was pretty sure that was all Moth wanted by this point too.

But no, goddamnit! I was getting my elf fantasy! I’d worked so freakin’ hard for this.

Leaning in, I trailed my lips over the shell of Moth’s ear, mouthing at the sharp point. He shuddered, cock throbbing where it was trapped between our tightly pressed bodies.

“I can’t wait to feel you come around my cock, elf,” I murmured in his ear. “You’re so hot and tight. And wet. How wet will you get when you come?”

“F-f-fuck, Charlie.” Moth panted against my cheek, thighs trembling around my waist.

“Am I about to find out?” I trailed my lips down his jaw to kiss his neck, readjusting my grip on his ass so I could rub my fingertips against the underside of his tail.

Moth’s whole body jolted, a whimper escaping him as he tightened up around me. “N-n-no, if you d-do that, I’ll—”

“How many times can an elf come?” I interrupted with a sly smile, trailing my fingertips down to his hole then back up to the base of his tail.

Nnngh.” Moth started to shake, his cock pouring pre-cum all over my belly. “I d-d-don’t—”

“Shall we find out?” I pressed closer to slide my fingertips down his crack, past his hole until they brushed against my tunnelling shaft.

Shuddering, I coated them in his slickness before circling his rim with a soft fingertip. Moth shouted in pleasure, hole twitching until I exerted gentle pressure and my finger sank inside.

He stiffened up in a rush, channel tightening around my cock. Desperate cries fell from his lips, echoing through the quiet forest around us. His strong legs squeezed my waist so tight I winced, but at least the slight pain distracted me enough to push down my own churning orgasm. My cock was agonisingly sensitive inside him, throbbing insistently, but I kept my hips still until Moth sagged back against the tree.

The branch above creaked again, and I thought I heard a very faint cracking sound, but then Moth’s hips were writhing feverishly again, the slick sound of our joined bodies making my head spin.

“I w-want to feel you come,” he panted, legs trembling wildly around my waist. “Y-you need to come so you’ll untie me. That was our deal.”

I grinned breathlessly, pulling out to sink back inside. “That’s right. You’re going to let me come inside you, aren’t you? Then you’ll go back to the other elves with my cum dripping out of you, and none of them will ever know that you let a human fuck you.”


I had no idea why us pretending to be an elf and a human knight was turning me on so much, but it was. A lot.

Maybe it was because what Charlie was saying was true to an extent. We’d go back to the camp, and none of them would know what we’d done out here. None of them would know that I would have Charlie’s cum seeping out of me, making me both uncomfortable and weirdly happy at the same time.

Charlie started thrusting again, his grey eyes dark with pleasure and cheeks flushed. The air between our tightly pressed bodies was steamy, heat wafting from Charlie’s body beneath my coat, his forehead dotted with sweat.

I had a weird infatuation with the smell of his clean sweat, so I strained my neck to bury my nose in his damp hair, breathing him in, my cock pulsing in reaction. It slid against his pubes and the line of hair on his belly, the friction mindnumbing.

I was desperate to see him come, to hear that husky groan he always let out that made me go a little wild. Tightening my legs’ grip around his waist, I ground my hips into him and clung onto the rope binding my hands so hard my fingers ached.

“Y-you’re going to make me come again,” I panted against his temple, pushing past the embarrassment to get the words out. I was getting better at talking during sex, mainly because Charlie seemed to love it. And I wanted him as uncontrollable as I felt. Sometimes I got annoyed at how good his control was while he turned me into a complete mess, but I couldn’t deny that I also fucking loved it.

He groaned, hips straining to push his cock as deep as possible, the head catching on that spot inside me that made me tighten up around him. Switching to short, grinding thrusts, he kept up the pressure there in the way he knew I loved, which caused my trembling legs to start slipping off his waist as the pleasure made me go weak.

Tightening his grip, he grinned at me and thrust deep, tipping his head to brush his lips over mine. “You feel better than anyone else,” he murmured, making my chest get tight. “You’re perfect.”

“I—S-so do you.” My arms and shoulders were on fire, thighs aching from keeping them clamped around his waist. My scales slid against the leather coat, clawed toes curling from the bliss he was pumping into my body.

When he delivered another hard thrust, I cried out, my head tipping back. “F-f-fuck.”

Gritting my teeth, I lowered my head to gaze at him pleadingly, our panting breaths mingling in the space between us.

“Your human cock feels so good.” I couldn’t stop the words that started streaming from my mouth. “I want your c-cum inside me. I want those orcs to come back and smell it on me. I want all the other elves to see me and wonder if I really let a human knight f-fuck me.”

Charlie groaned, his knees buckling. “Fuuuck.”

“I’m—I want to t-touch myself later, once you’re gone, and feel you still inside me.” I couldn’t believe what I was saying, my face on fire even as I kept going. “I’ll make myself come again remembering how well you fucked me.”

“Oh shit,” he croaked, fingers biting into my ass as he held me up against the tree. “Okay, we are actually going to do that later. Fuck, I need to see that.”

The thought of Charlie watching me touch myself—just like I had all that time ago back in Chicago—made my cock pulse uncontrollably, pressed tightly between our stomachs. I tensed, my whole body shaking as another orgasm barrelled down on me. My legs scrabbled around his waist, trying to find better purchase.

“F-f-fuck, I’m coming again.” I gripped the rope tight, shoulders screaming in protest, but the lack of stability just made my orgasm even stronger when it hit. I was completely at his mercy, tied up and balanced precariously in his arms, unable to move much when he tightened his grip on my ass and held me still to pound me through my orgasm.

My strained shout echoed through the forest, and it was quickly followed by a long, drawn out groan from Charlie as his cock throbbed inside me. He pressed as deep as possible, eyes rolling back as my body strained against him.

Just as the tension started to leave him, there was a loud crack from above us. Before I could react, the tension keeping my arms stretched up above my head vanished. My eyes widened as I watched the end of the branch swing down, broken from its thick base.

It smacked Charlie on the back of the head. His eyes rolled back again—not in a good way this time—before he started tipping back. I had just enough time to snap the rope and loop an arm around him so he didn’t crash to the ground as he went limp, stumbling to keep us both mostly upright.

He was completely out cold. I stared down at him in horror before glancing around at the silent forest as he flopped back against my arm. I was pretty sure there was a book back at my safehouse with this exact cover—except the hero wasn’t wearing a pillowcase. Plus, Charlie’s cock was still inside me, so my legs were awkwardly spread like I was about to do a deep squat. And we were both naked from the waist down. And I was pretty sure the heroes in romance novels didn’t have monster feet and a tail. So… maybe this didn’t look much like that cover after all.

I set him down on the ground as gently as possibly, my face flaming when wetness dripped onto my inner thighs the moment his cock slid free. The end of the branch was dangling from the rope around my other wrist, so I clawed at the knots to get them free. The rope was ruined anyway, ripped in half where I’d snapped it to grab him.

Once my wrists were free, I fell to my knees beside him and gently cupped the back of his head to feel through his hair. I winced when I came across a tiny lump, but the branch hadn’t hit him all that hard. It was probably the combination of getting smacked in the head just as he came that knocked him out. It wasn’t like there would have been much blood in his brain.

“Charlie.” I smoothed his damp hair back from his face, then ripped off the stupid sack and pillowcase so I could cushion his head with them.

He didn’t wake up, and I suddenly realised that I was completely naked in the forest where anyone actually could walk by and see us. Suddenly, it didn’t sound so hot anymore. Scrambling for my bag, I got dressed in my usual clothes and awkwardly tugged Charlie’s pants back up his legs, carefully tucking his softened cock inside to zip them up.

What the fuck happened to humans when they got hit on the head? Was it really bad? How soft were their skulls? It wasn’t like I’d ever paid attention before. I knew about concussions, but that was about it.

“Fuuuck,” I muttered, trying not to panic as I gathered my sword and our backpacks, then heaved Charlie over my shoulder. He dangled there like a sack of potatoes, which made my heart beat faster as I started hurrying back in the direction of the camp.

“Please wake up.” I smacked him on the ass, hoping it would jolt him awake.

He groaned, body stiffening against me. “Wha—”

Relief made me sag. “Thank fuck. The branch knocked you out.” I was too hot, still flushed and sweaty from sex and now carrying all our stuff plus Charlie, but I didn’t slow down. “We need to get back to the camp so Apollo can check you out.”

“Oh shit.” Charlie’s voice was croaky, but I felt him lift a hand to wipe his face. “The branch? What? Why—My head hurts.”

Unease tightened my gut, but I couldn’t help smacking his ass again as I glared in its general direction. “Didn’t you check to see if the branch was loose first?”

“Yes!” He sounded more lucid now, but he was still happily letting me carry him through the forest. “It wasn’t loose. Your ridiculous monster strength must have snapped it.”

I huffed in irritation, readjusting my grip on his legs. After a few seconds, he nudged my chest with his knee and slyly said, “Must have made you come really hard, huh?”

“Shut up.”

Charlie snorted, reaching down to pat my ass. “Pretending to be an elf got you so hot you snapped a branch clean off a tree.”

“Shithead,” I muttered, coming to a stop. “So can you walk now?”

“I mean, I can, but this is pretty nice.”

“Charlie!” I carefully set him on his feet, gripping his shoulders and peering at him to see if his pupils looked weird.

He blinked a few times before grinning at me. “That was fun.”

I rolled my eyes. “Until you got knocked out by a branch.”

“Worth it.” Charlie took his bag off my back and pulled out his water bottle, having a sip before passing it to me. “My head does hurt though.”

I passed the bottle back and reached up to carefully feel through his short hair. “You’ve got a goose egg. It’s not too big, but we should still get Apollo to check you out.”

He shrugged, tangling his fingers through mine. “Okay, if it’ll stop you worrying.”

I stared at him in concern for a few more seconds before starting forward again. He stumbled a little, wavering on his feet, which made me immediately stop and hoist him back into my arms.

He grinned at me, wrapping his arms around my neck. “Now this is nice.”

“You might have a concussion!”

“I don’t, Moth, I promise. I feel okay, the lump just hurts.”

“Still,” I muttered, hurrying between the trees. “Next time we need to be more careful.”

That made Charlie perk up. “Ooh, what are we gonna do next time?”

My face went pink. I darted a glance at him and looked away again quickly, not wanting to voice the idea that immediately flashed through my head.

But Charlie noticed. Of course he did.

“Tell me,” he said immediately. “Come on, you did my elf thing, so I want to do whatever ideas you have.”

I glanced around warily before answering, because we were getting close to the camp now. “Well, um, when you got all soldiery and bossy when I brought that stuff back from the city…”

A slow, dirty grin stretched Charlie’s mouth. He leaned in to nuzzle my cheek. “Yeah?”

I huffed, face burning. “I, uh. I liked it,” I said gruffly.

“Mean soldier, huh?” he said thoughtfully. I hadn’t specified mean, but my insides twisted with hot excitement at the thought of it. “Hunter and I spent some time training up new recruits. I can get pretty fuckin’ bossy when I need to.”

I made a strangled sound in my throat without meaning to. “Oh,” I croaked. “Okay.”

Charlie chuckled, giving me a big kiss on the cheek. “Consider it done, slayer. I’ll play the mean angry soldier who hates the fact that he wants to fuck a monster so much.”

“I mean—Okay, maybe that—We could—Yeah,” I stammered, heat rushing to my face.

The camp wall loomed up ahead, so I gently set Charlie on his feet. Without saying a word, he shrugged off my coat and handed it to me, which made my chest get tight. My tail was tucked into my pants, but the bulk of it was still obvious. I was… less self-conscious about it now. And it would be nice to walk around without it awkwardly stuffed down the back of my pants. But I didn’t think I was quite ready for others to see it yet.

“Did you have fun?” Charlie asked, concern creeping into his voice as we linked hands and started heading for the camp wall.

I cleared my throat and nodded. “Yeah, it was… Yeah.”

Glancing over, I saw his mouth tip into a satisfied, lopsided smile. “Cool.”

I nudged him with my elbow. “But maybe don’t try an accent again.”

He glared at me. “It was good.”

I snorted, tugging him closer. “Sure it was.”

By the time we made it into the camp, Charlie’s forehead was creased with pain from the lump on his head. I ushered him toward Apollo’s room at the end of the motel building and waited outside after the friendly blond raider answered the door and showed Charlie inside.


Edin’s voice boomed from across the camp. I glanced up from my slouch against the wall to see him and Hunter approaching.

“Is Charlie alright? We saw him go into Apollo’s room.”

Edin’s craggy face was creased with concern, and Hunter’s brows were pulled into their usual frown, but his expression shifted to confusion when his gaze drifted up to the top of my head as the pair of them reached me.

He opened his mouth to speak, but Edin got there first.

“What is this?” he asked, reaching up and touching something in my hair.

All the blood drained from my face when I realised I was still wearing the elfy twig crown Charlie had made me. I snatched it off my head, trying not to wince when it yanked on several strands of my hair.

“Nothing,” I said quickly, tugging off my backpack so I could shove it in there.

My face was hot, and when I glanced back at Edin and Hunter, I was horrified to see understanding dawning over the latter’s features as his gaze roamed over the crown, my pointed ears, the intricate hair style Charlie had twisted my hair into.

Hunter’s mouth twitched. “The elf thing, huh?”

“What? No,” I snapped, my cheeks on fire. “Shut up.”

“Elf thing?” Edin’s purple eyes sparked with interest. “What is an elf thing?”

Hunter cleared his throat. “Charlie’s always had this thing for elves—”

“No he hasn’t,” I blurted. “There was no—Hunter, shut the fuck up.”

“Okay, okay!” He chuckled, then muttered to Edin, “I’ll tell you later, scratch.”

The door opened behind me, and I spun around quickly to get away from this humiliating conversation. Charlie and Apollo stepped out, the camp medic clapping him on the shoulder before shooting us an easy smile.

“He’ll just have a pounding headache for a while,” he told me.

“Why?” Hunter asked immediately, tone all seriousness once again. “What happened? Are you hurt?”

“Just bumped my head.” Charlie chuckled and wrapped his arm around me. “Wasn’t looking where I was going and walked into a branch. Got a tiny lump. Nothing serious.”

Hunter peered at his face. “Where’s the lump?”

Charlie gestured vaguely at the back of his head, which made Hunter’s gaze slowly drift between the two of us.

“So you… walked backward into a branch,” he said flatly.

“Yes,” I snapped, tugging Charlie away. “That’s exactly what he did.”

Hunter’s voice was coloured with disbelief when he asked, “What the hell did you two get up to out there?”

“Nothing!” I practically yelled. “So shut up.”

I heard the big ex-soldier chuckle as I pulled Charlie toward the staircase at the end of the motel. Edin let out a confused chuckle of his own, his deep voice drifting over as he rumbled, “I am confused.”

“Me too, scratch. But I’ll tell you the elf thing later.”

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