Bonus Short: Charlie and Moth’s Safehouse Honeymoon

A lengthy 12.6k word short about our prickly, beautiful half monster Moth and his doting partner Charlie. FYI, there is a lot of sex in this, including a very long scene that I was originally going to include in their book, but decided not to in the end, as it was something I wasn’t sure Moth was “ready” for yet seeing as he has to open up to Charlie about it first. (It will make sense when you get to it.)

There is also some NSFW artwork of Moth over on my Twitter to accompany this short, drawn by Bloodwrit. It is gorgeous.

Anyways, enjoy! This short features:

  • Wyn and Danny, including Wyn being a grump yet also, somehow, a smug ass, and Danny being freaking adorable as per usual;
  • Edin and Hunter, including some cute Edin and Chuck bonding time, plus Charlie teasing Hunter, obviously;
  • Moth’s tail (including some light tail play) and his monster feet (with toe beans!); and
  • most importantly, Charlie reducing the rich history and mythology of elves to, “They’re hot with pointy ears and I want to fuck them.”

Content warnings: Explicit sexual content, 18+ only, tail play, fantasy talk, monster genitalia, a lot of fluids, internal frottage I guess?, Wyn pushing his stabby agenda

Spoiler alert: Set after the events of Moth (Monstrous: Book Five)


“Oh shit.” Moth’s head lifted from my chest, his face still flushed and strands of damp white hair sticking to his temples. “Um, Chuck is climbing over the Soul Eater’s human again. I can hear him, uh, snarling about it. He’s… not gonna hurt her, right?”

I rolled my eyes, threading my fingers through Moth’s hair to gently urge his head back onto my chest. My skin was slightly damp with sweat, heart rate gradually slowing as my body recovered from how hard Moth had just ridden my cock.

“Danny won’t let him hurt her.” My eyes slid shut in bliss when Moth’s long fingers played with my chest hair, but then they popped back open as I had a thought. “So if you can hear them out there, could the other monsters hear us fucking just now?”

“Yeah. Edin told Hunter what we were doing. Hunter yelled at him for telling him.” Moth lifted his head again, resting his chin on my chest as he gazed up at me with big, pale eyes. “So when the Soul Eater rescued you from the prison… did you talk to him?”

“Huh?” I frowned down at him. “Talk to him? Uh… no, not really. Why?”

Moth gave a jerky shrug with one shoulder, eyes lowering as he traced my collarbone with a fingertip. “Just wondering.”

“But why?” I cupped the back of his head, fingers sifting through his long hair. “Did you want to… ask him something? I don’t understand.”

He shrugged again, still not looking at me. His cheeks grew pink, and it wasn’t just his usual post-fuck glow. “He’s just… I don’t know. Kind of a legend.”

I went still, staring down at Moth in disbelief. “A legend? He’s not a legend! According to Hunter, he’s just an asshole.”

I propped myself up on my elbows, jostling Moth’s chin and making him grunt with irritation before he leaned up on an arm.

“Are you actually fangirling over the Soul Eater?” I gestured incredulously at my cock. “I was inside you less than five minutes ago!”

“I’m not fangirling,” he snapped, face turning bright pink. He glared down at me. “He’s just—You can’t go past any humans out here without overhearing them whispering about the Soul Eater and how terrifying he is and how he just shows up every three years to suck out people’s souls.”

“Yeah, but you know that’s bullshit now. He’s sucking out nasty parasites, not souls.” I wrinkled my nose. “Do you think Danny can, like, taste it when he kisses him? That cannot taste good, right?”

“What?” Moth smacked my chest. “Charlie, that’s such a weird thing to think about.”

I spluttered with indignation. “You’re calling me weird? You’re mooning over a parasite-sucking ghoul man who—”

“I am not!” Moth clambered over me to straddle my hips, shoving my shoulders down to pin me to the bed. He glared down at me, white hair framing his face in a curtain.

When I grinned up at him, tucking my hands behind my head on the pillow, he just glared harder.

“I didn’t really talk to him, baby,” I told him in an overly patient voice. “I just watched him murder an officer and get all sweet on Danny. But…” I raised a brow, still grinning widely. “I’m sure I could introduce you.”

“Ugh, shut up.” Moth gripped my chin and leaned down to give me a punishing kiss. “You’re so annoying.”

“He’s Edin’s best friend,” I continued, jerking my head to dodge Moth’s hand as he tried to cover my mouth. “I could ask Edin to set up a playdate—”

“Shithead.” His face was bright pink, but his glare slowly melted away as a hint of worry sparked in his eyes. I felt his tail swish with agitation over my thighs. “You don’t—You’re not actually gonna say anything, right?”

That look made me melt humiliatingly fast. I pulled a hand free to reach up and tuck his hair behind his ear. “Of course not, baby. I’m just teasing. I wouldn’t try to embarrass you on purpose.”

Moth’s pale eyes softened. He dipped his head to kiss me. “I know.”

“Doesn’t mean I won’t embarrass you on accident, though,” I added when he broke the kiss. Moth somehow went even paler than normal as he stared down at me in alarm.

“There is a way to remove the risk of that happening,” I said quickly, tracing over one of the tattoos on his neck. “At least temporarily.”

Moth narrowed his eyes at me in suspicion. “How?”

I trailed my fingertips down over his chest to lightly circle a nipple, making him shiver. “You could take me on a romantic getaway to your safehouse.”

Moth huffed a laugh, sitting up and resting his hands on my chest. I tucked my other arm back under my head as my eyes automatically slid down his beautiful body.

“We could go there…” The tip of his tongue emerged to play with the ring in his lower lip, threatening to distract me. “We’d have to get a room fixed up for Chuck to sleep in.”

“Well, maybe we could leave Chuck here while we go.” I gave him a reassuring smile when Moth’s brows pinched with concern. “Edin and Hunter would look after her. Or Danny and the Soul Eater,” I added slyly. “It would give you an excuse to talk to the legend.”

Moth shot me an unimpressed look even as he flushed again.

“Well…” He played absently with my chest hair and gave a tiny shrug. “It would be nice if it was just us. For a little while.”

I grinned up at him. “Yeah, it would. Or, I mean… we could ask the Soul Eater if he wants to come if you’re up for a threesome—”

“Charlie,” Moth hissed, smacking my chest and peering back worriedly at the door. He looked down at me and cringed. “That is so gross. He’s so old.”

I burst out laughing. “Well so’s Edin, but Hunter doesn’t seem to mind.”

“You’re such a shithead.” Moth splayed his hands over my chest, pinning me down to the mattress. “If you say anything weird to the Soul Eater, I won’t take you back to my safehouse.”

I chuckled. “I won’t, don’t worry. I prefer not being eviscerated. I’m not going to actively try and piss him off.”

I hesitated, remembering our first night back at the camp, when we’d foisted Chuck off on Danny so we could fuck in private.

“Anymore,” I clarified, then after a pause added, “Maybe.”

Moth rolled his eyes, but seemed mollified because he leaned down to kiss me. His pierced, pointed tongue slid into my mouth, making my cock twitch with interest despite how sated I was. Breaking the kiss, he trailed his mouth down before nuzzling under my jaw. I heard him inhale deeply as his nose slid down my neck.

Pulling a hand free from behind my head, I palmed his side and traced lightly over a little patch of scales as Moth dropped tender kisses down my chest. He rubbed his nose in my chest hair, inhaling again, then kissed his way to my armpit. I flinched and bit my lip, trying not to flail and jerk away from the ticklish feel.

I couldn’t stop the groan that left me when Moth rubbed his nose in my armpit hair and took a deep breath. Fuck, why was that so hot?

His hips rocked, and I felt wetness slide over my half-hard cock, which made me shudder. Moth took another deep breath and loosed a groaning exhale.

“God, why do you always smell so fucking good?” He sounded almost angry about it, which made me laugh.

I ran my fingers through his hair, scratching lightly at his scalp and smiling when he let out a contented sigh as he rested his cheek on my chest. Moth was still touch-starved.

“Maybe I’m designed to pump out pheromones that make your monster half horny.”

He lifted his head to give me an unimpressed look. “Charlie, that’s really weird.”

“Can you deny it, though?” I shot back, dropping both my hands to squeeze his ass. His tail flicked, sliding over my knuckles.

I slyly trailed my fingertips inward until they brushed over the underside of his tail at the very base. We’d recently discovered just how sensitive Moth was there, when he’d been fucking me hard one night and my fingers had scrabbled over his ass for purchase. They’d ended up curling under the base of his tail, and Moth had jerked with a guttural moan.

So, of course, I’d shown him no mercy once I’d realised what he was having such a hot response to. I mean, what else was I supposed to do?

He made a strangled sound now as my finger dragged back and forth over where his tail connected to his lower back. Only once he was shuddering and panting into my neck did I slide my hands up his back and hug him to me.

“So, when do you want to leave?” I asked.

Moth took a few seconds to respond, his fingers digging into my arms as he tried to calm his breathing. “H-huh?”

My mouth quirked. “When shall we leave for your safehouse? Today?”

“Uhh…” His voice was shaky, and as his hips flexed involuntarily, he sucked in a breath and shuddered hard. His hot, slick cock slid free and trailed over my belly, leaving a line of wetness.

I almost caved, barely resisting the urge to tackle him to the bed and suck his cock into my mouth. But I wanted to wait until we were truly alone at his safehouse, where we could be as loud as we wanted. Where I could try and get Moth to tell me if there was anything he was curious about trying in bed…

“Charlie,” Moth mumbled shakily, mouth pressed to my cheek. His hips rocked again, and I could tell that he wouldn’t be able to have a coherent conversation anymore—that his brain was already blanking with lust, even though we’d fucked only minutes ago. It was all still so new and exciting to Moth, and his eagerness was ridiculously sexy.

I caved.

Tackling Moth to the bed, I got him on his belly and swept his hair aside to press a kiss to the back of his neck as he gasped. My cock was waking up, and when it brushed against Moth’s tail, he gasped again and pressed back, ass lifting off the bed.

“Charlie,” he panted, long fingers curling into the pillow and gripping tight.

“Mhmm?” I kissed my way down his spine, the scarred skin rough beneath my lips. Glancing up, I saw Moth’s pierced lips parted with his fast breaths, his cheek pressed into the pillow. His face was flushed, strands of hair sticking to his temple and cheekbone.

“I—” His voice trembled, knees jerking open wider and allowing my hips to nestle between his thighs. “Sh-shouldn’t we…”

I moved lower until my lips brushed over the base of his tail, making it swish wildly in agitation against my chest. Giving the top of one firm ass cheek a soft kiss, I curled my fingers around the base of Moth’s tail and lifted it up.

“Char—” Moth cut himself off with a choking gasp when I flicked my tongue against the underside, directly where it connected to his lower back. “Oh fuck.”

I grinned as I licked again. Moth’s tail was scaly almost all over, but the skin here was softer and more tender. Extremely sensitive. Licking him here was making him react as if my tongue was on his slit or cock, and it was getting my dick ridiculously hard.

I reached down and gave myself a stroke as I tongued him. Moth’s hips jerked with every lick, thighs trembling. When I glanced up, his face was still pressed to the pillow. His eyes were dazed and heavylidded, cheeks flushed and tongue poking out between parted lips, which made me want to smile.

“Does it feel good, baby?” I asked between licks, my voice gravelly with lust.

Moth whimpered, ass tilting up even more. “Mmm.”

I released my cock to slide my hand up his leg, over his scaly calf and up his thigh. Moth gasped when my fingers trailed inward between his legs, gliding up and down his slit. It was so slick with his arousal and my cum leaking from him, making me moan as I licked under the base of his tail frantically.

“Ah!” Moth jerked when I sank two fingers inside him. “Charlie! F-f-fuck.”

I sought out that spot inside him with my fingertips, stroking without mercy when I found it. Moth’s thighs shook wildly, his channel clenching around my fingers.

“Fuck,” he panted, back bowing, tail trying to thrash in my grip. “Fuck—Ch-Charlie—”

I moaned against him, licking feverishly, sliding my tongue down to his asshole then back up to the base of his tail as I fucked him with my fingers. Moth cried out as a fresh flood of wetness coated my fingers.

“F-f-fuck, I’m coming,” he practically sobbed, hips bucking wildly as he tipped over the edge. “Charlie—”

He cut himself off with a desperate shout, his whole body shaking, channel squeezing impossibly tight around my fingers. A guttural moan broke from my chest as I licked until his body finally relaxed. Only then did I slide my fingers free, showering kisses over his tail and the small of his back.

Moth let out a long, shaky exhale as his hips sank into the mattress. His limbs splayed out carelessly, big claw-tipped monster toes flexing with contentment. I smiled, dropping a final kiss on his backside before collapsing beside him with a groan, slinging a leg over his ass.

Settling my head beside his on the pillow, I reached over and brushed his hair back from his flushed face. Moth’s pale eyes blinked open sleepily, cheek still smushed into the pillow.

“You going back to sleep?” I asked, cupping his cheek.

We’d both been sleeping a lot since getting back to camp about a week ago. I didn’t think either of us had truly acknowledged how gruelling the entire journey had been until it ended. Especially for Moth—he could finally, actually relax for the first time in his entire life. The Herald was gone. He couldn’t be summoned at any time and in any place anymore. I couldn’t even imagine what that felt like—what it was like having that weight lifted from his shoulders. It made me want to give him anything—everything he’d missed out on. Everything that would make him happy.

Luckily for me, what seemed to make him happy was lounging around in bed with me—when we weren’t fucking like animals, that was. It was fortunate that the raiders—and Danny—loved Chuck so much. She spent most of her time being doted on by someone while we were busy, and when Lilac appeared she would cling to him and hiss at anyone who tried to take her away from him. He tried to ignore her most of the time.

She was still scared of Aury, but slowly warming up to him. Bo and Daisy from the diner helped by giving Aury food scraps so he could feed her, and I’d seen him sitting patiently with his hand outstretched while Chuck slowly inched forward to snatch the food from his palm.

She especially loved riding around on Edin’s shoulders, and would steal Hunter’s baseball cap off his head every single time he wore it around the camp, giving it to Moth like she was presenting him with the greatest gift. Moth acted like it exasperated him, but I could have sworn I’d heard him whispering to her that she was a good girl the last time she did it.

Moth blinked again, reaching up to rub his eyes. “No, let’s set off.” He shuffled closer, wrapping his arm around me and nestling his face under my chin. “We’ll be gone a few weeks at least, even if we don’t stay there very long. Do you think that’ll be okay?”

“I’m pretty sure everyone will be more than happy to look after Chuck while we’re gone.” I threaded my fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head. “I’ll tell Hunter to keep an eye on her.”

Moth grunted in response. He and Hunter were getting on surprisingly well. Moth even smacked me on the back of the head the other day when I teased Hunter about something. The smug grin Hunter shot me had me flipping him off the moment Moth’s back was turned. At least if it turned into a war, I’d have the big purple monster with horns on my side.

With a yawn, Moth rolled onto his back and stretched. I pursed my lips to hide my smile as I watched his big monster feet flex adorably, the clawed toes splaying, before he rolled out of bed. His tail swished lazily as he crossed the room to the dresser.

He had a stash of clothes that he kept here, and he threw me some boxer briefs before slipping into a fresh pair himself. His long white hair was a mess, snarled and tangled from sleep and sex, and the set of his shoulders was looser than I’d ever seen it. His whole body was more relaxed, tension I hadn’t even realised he’d carried finally gone.

His pale eyes were languid as he glanced back at me on the bed and smiled. My throat closed up with emotion, and I clutched the underwear in my fist as I got up and crossed the room to wrap my arms around him from behind.

Moth let out a wary chuckle, hesitantly resting his hand on the forearm banded across his lean stomach. “What?”

I shook my head, pressing my lips into his shoulder. “Nothing. I just love you.”

Moth’s fingers tightened on my arm in reaction. He turned his head to nuzzle my hair, releasing a shaky exhale. “I love you too.”


“Oh, hey.”

I glanced over as Charlie and I stepped out of our room with our backpacks and saw Danny, the Soul Eater’s human mate, leaving his own room further down the walkway.

We hadn’t really spoken other than a very brief introduction, and part of me was reluctant to even look at him for too long because of how, uh, snarly and hovering the Soul Eater tended to be. But of course I’d noticed how ridiculously good-looking he was. If Charlie wasn’t all over me all the time, I’d definitely be feeling more insecure.

Danny shot me a shy smile, which I briefly returned, but it dropped the moment he spotted our bags.

“Are you going?” His eyes grew panicked as he looked around. “Can I say bye to Chuck first? Where is she?”

“We’re just going on a little trip.” Charlie locked the door behind him and passed me the key, then gave Danny a charming grin. “We’re coming back. We were actually wonderin’ if you wanted to look after Chuck while we were gone…”

He trailed off as the Soul Eater slunk out of the room behind Danny, long blackened fingers brushing his human’s dark hair back before they gripped his nape. I felt his icy gaze trail over us, but he didn’t say a word.

Charlie cleared his throat, then stood a little taller beside me, his hand finding the small of my back beneath my coat.

“We’ll be gone a few weeks,” he said. When I glanced over, I saw him shoot the Soul Eater a tiny smirk. “She’ll need somewhere to sleep…”

“That’s fine!” Danny said eagerly, turning to face the Soul Eater, gripping the front of his ragged coat. “Baby, we’re gonna look after Chuck while Charlie and Moth are gone.”

“No, we fucking are not.”

Danny smacked the Soul Eater’s chest. “Yes, we are. We can make a nest for her in the closet.”

The Soul Eater huffed in disgust. “Can I lock her in it so we can still fuck?”

Red splotches appeared on Danny’s throat and travelled up to his cheeks. His eyes darted over to us. “Wyn.”

“My sweet.” The Soul Eater’s inhuman, distorted voice was almost patient as he cupped Danny’s face. “Do you really think the half salyik hasn’t already heard us fucking every night since they got here?”

Charlie made a big show of turning to look at me with intrigued delight as Danny shot me a weak, apologetic smile, his face bright red. I cleared my throat, refusing to meet Charlie’s gaze.

I’d tell him later.

“We can ask Edin and Hunter,” I said quickly, because I didn’t want to piss off the Soul Eater. “It’s fine. I’m sure they—”

“No,” Danny blurted, smacking the Soul Eater in the chest again. “We’ll do it. I love her,” he added, his tone completely earnest, his eyes intense as he stared at me and Charlie. “Seriously. I love her. So much.”

Wyn huffed in disgust and stomped back into their room. I glanced at Charlie worriedly, then back at Danny.

“Uh, seriously, we can ask—”

“No,” Danny interrupted immediately. “I can do it. Ignore Wyn. He wouldn’t actually, um, lock her anywhere. He’s just… resistant to change, which I guess is probably pretty common among people who are that fucking old.”

A rabid snarl came from within the motel room. I let out a nervous laugh, clutching Charlie’s hand tight when he started tugging me forward.

“Thank you kindly,” he told Danny with a charming grin, snickering as we passed the open doorway and heard a feral hiss come from within.

“Now the Soul Eater’s gonna hate me,” I muttered as we made our way down the steps at the side of the motel building.

Charlie rolled his eyes, which seemed to be a habit he and Hunter shared. “Right, and we can’t have that, can we?”

“Shut up,” I hissed, glancing back worriedly to make sure Danny wasn’t right behind us. “Can’t we just get Hunter and Edin to do it? If the Soul Eater really doesn’t want to…”

Charlie snorted. “But Danny does want to, and I’m pretty sure the quickest way to make the Soul Eater want to murder you is by upsetting Danny.”

I chewed on the inside of my lip as Charlie led me across the camp, toward where we could see Chuck perched cheerfully on Edin’s huge shoulders. “Maybe we shouldn’t go—”

“No.” Charlie stopped and turned to face me, tugging me closer. “We’re going to your place so we can be completely alone, and then I’m going to make you tell me every dirty fantasy you have and we’re going to do them all.”

I stared at him with my mouth hanging open. “Wh-what?”

“What?” Charlie slid his arms under my coat to pull me against him, giving me a sly grin. “I’ll tell you mine too. We’ll cover them all, don’t worry.”

I nearly choked on a breath, glancing around to make sure no one could overhear as I clutched the front of his shirt. “You—What fantasies do you have?” I asked in a croak.

“Well…” Charlie drawled, sliding a hand free to tuck my hair behind my ear. His fingers danced over the pointed tip, making me shiver. I was sensitive there. “Maybe we could keep an eye out for a cloak of some kind on our way to the safehouse.”

“A cloak?” I asked distractedly, trying to keep my eyes open as he slid the pad of his thumb up and down the sharp tip of my ear. My face heated. It felt almost… obscene for him to be doing that in public. “W-why a cloak?”

“Well, there were these movies with a blond elf and a man who eventually became a king—”

“Charlie!” Edin’s booming voice interrupted us. “Moth! Why do you have your bags? Are you leaving?”

When I glanced over, his craggy face was creased with concern. His long, spike-tipped tail lashed as he strode toward us, Chuck clinging to his hair as she rode on his shoulders. Hunter appeared from the bathroom stalls, brows drawing into a hard frown when he spotted our backpacks.

“What’s going on?” he demanded as he and Edin reached us. “I thought you weren’t leaving yet.”

“Relax, teddy bear, we’re just going away for a few weeks. We’ll be back.”

Hunter rolled his eyes. It had taken only a couple of days for him to realise he was not going to be able to stop Charlie calling him teddy bear now, no matter how much he snarled at him. I’d been trying to think of an annoying nickname he could use for Charlie to get his revenge.

“Danny said he’ll look after Chuck, but…” Charlie stepped forward and grabbed Hunter’s face, squishing his cheeks a little until the puckered skin around his long scar turned white. “I’m trusting you, Hunter, to defend her from the Soul Eater.”

“What?” Hunter asked, voice a little garbled.

“You need to defend Chuck if the Soul Eater goes rabid,” Charlie said in a solemn voice, expression entirely serious as he stared at his best friend. “You need to keep her safe from him. I’m trusting you with this.”

All the blood drained from Hunter’s face. His eyes widened as they frantically darted between me, Charlie and Edin.

“Why me?” he asked in a small, dread-filled voice.

I huffed and shoved Charlie’s shoulder. “Stop being a shithead, Charlie.” To Hunter, I added, “The Soul Eater isn’t gonna do anything to Chuck, but if it seems like he… starts getting annoyed, maybe you and Edin can just take over looking after her.”

Starts getting annoyed?” Hunter scowled at Charlie and rubbed his stubbly cheek as he took a step back. “Isn’t being annoyed his natural state?”

Edin chuckled, one of his big hands raised up by his head so Chuck could play absently with his fingers. He didn’t seem to notice when she started gnawing on one. “There are varying degrees to Wyn’s level of annoyance. Many factors. It is a delicate ecosystem.” He grimaced. “If, for example, Chuck hurt Danny—”

“Chuck wouldn’t hurt anyone.” I stepped closer and smiled as she jumped from Edin’s shoulders onto mine. “Would you, girl?” I added, scratching under her chin.

She chirped, rubbing her face into my hair. I wondered if Edin had been teaching her to do that.

“So where are you going?” Hunter asked, slipping his arm around Edin’s waist.

“Just to Moth’s place for a little while. Need a break from your overbearing ass,” Charlie added teasingly.

Hunter snorted. “Whatever. As if you didn’t miss the shit out of me when you were gone.”

“He did,” I jumped in to give Charlie a taste of his own medicine. “He talked about you all the time. I thought he had a huge crush on you at first.”

A slow, gleeful smile spread over Hunter’s face as Charlie shot me a betrayed look, his cheeks turning pink.

“What the fuck, slayer? What gets said on the road stays on the road. He’s exaggerating,” he added quickly to Hunter. “I talked about you maybe… twice.”

“Sure.” Hunter smirked at Charlie, then reached out to give his cheek a pat. “Try not to miss me too much this time, champ.”

Charlie went red. “Yeah, well…” He floundered for something to say. “Shut up. Come on, let’s get going.”

He grabbed my hand, then seemed to remember Chuck and stopped to stroke under her chin, just as I spotted Danny and the Soul Eater approaching us from the motel.

“We’ll be gone for a little while, okay, girl?” Charlie smiled at Chuck as she clung to my hair. “Uncle Danny will look after you. And scary grandpa Wyn,” he cooed.

The Soul Eater let out a savage snarl as Danny beamed.

“Have you ever found someone else here when you’ve come back to your safehouse?” Charlie asked me as we made our way down the street of the tiny, abandoned town.

“Uh…” I glanced over with a frown, unsure whether telling him was a good idea. But… I didn’t want to lie to him. “Well, a pack of kolebs came through here once. A few years ago,” I hurried to add when I saw Charlie go pale.

He swallowed, Adam’s apple bobbing under his dark stubble, and gave a jerky nod. “Oh. Alright.”

“I killed them,” I said quickly, stopping to turn and face him. Stepping closer, I wrapped my arms around his neck. “I’ll keep you safe, princess. I’d never let anything hurt you.”

Charlie smiled up at me, sliding his hands around my sides under my coat. “I know.”

He looked tired, eyes shadowed and face drawn. It hadn’t taken us anywhere near as long to get here from the camp, because we hadn’t gone via the prison further north, but it was still a long journey. And we’d pushed ourselves harder the last few days, eager to get here as soon as possible.

I leaned in and kissed his stubbly cheek. “Other monsters and a few raiders have passed through here before, but not often. I’ll be able to hear if something gets close.”

“I know,” Charlie repeated, tucking his face under my jaw and kissing my throat. I felt his lips curve into a smile. “You’re so much better than a human.”

My face grew hot, and the long-ingrained instinct to distance myself from my monster half threatened to emerge. I forced it back. Charlie liked my monster parts. And my inhuman strength and speed and healing were good things, not just things to resent because they made me different. I appreciated them now mainly because they’d helped me keep him safe, and that was what mattered.

“I know,” I heard myself say, grinning when Charlie laughed and lifted his head.

“So…” His hands slid down and squeezed my ass. “Why don’t you take me into your safehouse and remind me of all your monster perks?”

My grin widened, turning salacious. “Okay.”

Hand-in-hand, we made our way down the silent street and round to the back of the alley, behind the old burger joint. After unlocking the door, I gestured for Charlie to head inside as I pulled the length of rope from my backpack.

I’d bought the rope at the raider market when we’d originally been heading to the prison up north, in case we’d ended up stopping here. I didn’t need it—I could jump high enough to grab onto the ledge where the staircase used to be, but I knew Charlie would’ve needed the rope. And, up until the night that we spent here, he hadn’t known about my monster legs or feet, so…

Once we were upstairs and the rope was back in my bag, I took Charlie’s hand and led him to my door. “We can see which room will work best for Chuck.”

“Sure, baby.” Charlie squeezed my hand. “But maybe not tonight. I’m beat.”

It was late afternoon and starting to get dark. Once we were in my room, I gave Charlie a gentle push toward the couch before shrugging off my bag and sword. I’d cleaned the hearth the last time we were here, so it didn’t take me long to get a fire going after I’d lit the candles dotted around the room.

“I’ll heat some water for a bath.” I grabbed the big pot I used. “Do you want a drink? Are you hungry?”

Charlie chuckled as he approached. “You don’t have to do everything, Moth.”

I wanted to make sure he was comfortable—that he liked it here. That he’d want to stay here with me. It was a lot lonelier than the camp—and quieter. I didn’t want him to decide he hated it and would prefer to stay at the camp full-time.

I’d stay there with him, but… I was hoping he’d rather be here with me. Just us. And Chuck.

Before I could go into the bathroom to fill the pot, Charlie slid his arms around my waist from behind.

“Can we take a bath together?” He kissed the bend of my neck. “Then get into bed?”

My belly heated, throat cinching with want. I nodded wordlessly, turning to give Charlie a kiss when he released me.

It took a while for me to heat up enough water for a bath. Charlie made us dinner in the meantime, and we sat on the rug in front of the fire to eat. Before I had even finished pouring the last pot of hot water into the tub, Charlie had stripped naked and was humming as he wandered into the bathroom.

He helped me take my clothes off, very enthusiastically, making me laugh through any lingering embarrassment at being naked in front of him. It was almost gone entirely, but there were still moments when I felt self-conscious. Not because of anything Charlie did—the opposite, in fact. Just my lingering hang-ups which were taking a while to go away. Maybe they wouldn’t ever go away entirely—not with anyone but Charlie, at least.

Once we were both in the bath, we quickly washed our hair and scrubbed up before lounging back at opposite ends, our legs tangled in the middle. My face got hot when Charlie clasped one of my feet under the water and drew it up to rest on his knee.

He’d touched my monster feet before, but I was still self-conscious about them, even though it felt good when he kneaded the pads of my toes with his thumbs. I had to be careful not to flex my claws too much or they could cut him.

“That journey’s not too bad without the snow, but it’s still fucking tiring,” he said as he massaged the arch of my foot, making me shiver.

I cleared my throat. “I mean, I’m used to it.” Used to doing it alone, which was infinitely worse.

Charlie smiled at me and lifted my foot to kiss the side of it. I bit my lip, trying not to jerk from the ticklish feel.

“You got cute feet,” he said, running his thumb over my arched heel.

I rolled my eyes, heat climbing up my throat to my cheeks. “Sure.”

Charlie laughed. “You do. Especially when I do this…” He pressed the pad of his thumb in the narrow crease between my toes, making them splay out in reflex. He laughed again. “Fuck, that’s adorable.”

“Shut up,” I grumbled, trying to pull my foot back even though I secretly loved it.

He didn’t let me, holding on tight as his eyes flashed with mischief. He grinned at me, before bringing my foot back to his mouth to kiss the pad of my middle toe.

It tickled—bad—and my foot jerked in reflex, nailing him in the cheekbone.

“Fuck,” I barked in panic, scrambling up and splashing water everywhere. “I’m sorry. Did I cut you? My claw—”

“I’m fine.” Charlie laughed, briefly cupping his left cheekbone. “You just grazed it.”

The water sloshed wildly as I knelt in front of him, cupping his face and trying to inspect his cheek. My chest unclenched when I saw no open, gaping wound from my claw.

“I’m sorry,” I croaked. God, I was such a fucking—

“Baby.” Charlie slid his wet hands up my sides and leaned in to kiss me. “I’ve been kicked in the face far worse before.”

I leaned back to eye him oddly. “What? Why the fuck have you been kicked in the face before?”

Charlie shrugged, laying back in the tub and giving me a languid smile. “Dunno. Fights, I guess? Training? I pissed Hunter off too bad? It’s happened a few times. The last one was a joke, by the way,” he added when I frowned hard. “Hunter would never hurt me.”

“You—” I huffed incredulously and rolled my eyes. “Sure, okay.”

He laughed. “Come on, let’s get out. I’m wiped.”

I was too. I knew we’d had grand, unspoken plans to spend the entire night fucking when we got here, but we were both tired. We towelled off in comfortable quiet before going back into the bedroom, both of us remaining naked. Charlie wandered over to the coffee table by the couch as I set our stuff down next to the table.

“Can I see what books you have here?” he asked, smiling at me when I glanced over.

My face threatened to flush with embarrassment. Trying and failing to learn how to read had made me feel even more stupid than not being able to read at all. Like maybe there was something wrong with my brain that would never let me learn that skill. Like my messed up genes wouldn’t allow it.

I nodded, then looked away quickly to fiddle with my bag when Charlie picked up the first on the stack. I had no idea what kinds of books I’d gathered over the years. I’d mostly just grabbed ones with covers I liked.

“Some of these could be fun to read together.” Charlie grinned over at me, holding a couple of the books in his hands.

Self-preservation urged me to say something dismissive in response—to get us away from the topic by shutting it down. I forced it back and nodded, mumbling, “Yeah, maybe,” as I carefully folded Charlie’s shirt.

“A couple could be good to help you learn, as well.” Charlie was reading the back of one of them. I tried to ignore the pang of envy at how quickly and effortlessly he scanned the block of text before moving onto another. He looked up at me. “Do you want to start learning while we’re here?”

The instinct to protect myself from being mocked or patronised rose back up, but I shoved it down and walked over. Charlie slid his arm around my waist, leaning in to kiss my neck.

“Maybe we could take a few back with us for me to learn from, but…” I fiddled with the dog-eared cover of one of the books Charlie held. “Maybe… Maybe you could read to me while we’re here?”

My face was burning, so I kept it down as if I was inspecting the book covers. My eyes locked on one with a big, fire-breathing creature on the front. I remembered staring at that cover for ages in an old house I’d been scavenging, trying to work out what animal it was.

“I’d love to.” Charlie kissed my cheek. “Any you like the look of?”

I cleared my throat and pointed at the book with the fire-breather. “Um, what’s this one about?”

“Ooh, that one sounds good.” Charlie’s voice got animated. “It’s a fantasy book. Dragons and stuff. I love these kinds of books.”

“What’s the thing on the cover?”

“That’s a dragon.” Charlie shot me a crooked grin. “Pretty awesome, huh? Remember when I called you a dragon slayer after you killed the dome bear? That’s because dragons are, like, ridiculously hard to kill. Look at ‘em.”

I tried not to let my chest puff up with pride as I stared at the creature on the cover, a tiny figurine of a human silhouetted in the flames streaming from its mouth. Charlie thought I’d be able to kill one of these things?

“Is it…” I felt so stupid, but… “Is it a real animal? I’ve never seen one.”

“No, it’s a mythical creature,” he said easily. The fact that he didn’t laugh or comment on my naïve question made me wrap my arms around him from behind and hug him tight. I propped my chin on his shoulder as he held up the book so I could see the cover.

“I mean, some people believe they used to be real, I think. But there are a lot of fantasy books with them in. They can breathe fire and tend to be really old. And they hoard treasure. Some books, they can change into a human form as well.”

My mind immediately went to the rycke. I looked over the cover again, specifically at the dragon’s big wings. They didn’t look much like Aury’s, and the feet were different. The dragon looked more reptilian than the rycke did.

“I, um… I like its scales,” I said, feeling like a total dork the moment the words left me.

Charlie turned his head to kiss my temple. “They’re cool. Yours are better.”

I flushed with pleasure, which made me feel lame—being so happy that Charlie complimented me over a fictional creature? Ugh. I dipped my head to kiss his shoulder, directly on the little divot where a bullet had skimmed him.

“Shall we go to bed?” I asked him.

“Yeah.” Charlie set down the books and turned, tangling our fingers together. “We can start reading tomorrow.”

I couldn’t bring myself to tell him how much it meant that he wasn’t making a big deal over my inability to read. He wasn’t singling it out. He wasn’t saying ‘I’ll read to you’, reminding me that without him, I’d be unable to read a single word.

After blowing out the candles and checking the door was locked, we climbed into bed. I let out a long sigh as I settled under the covers, glad to be back in my own bed. Charlie groaned in relief beside me, stretching out an arm so I could tuck myself into his side, my head on his chest.

He yawned, so widely I heard his jaw crack. “Just need to lay down for a few minutes, then I’ll suck you off,” he mumbled, sounding half-asleep already.

I snorted, tilting my head to kiss his chest and rub my nose through the hair there, breathing in his scent. “Sure, princess. Maybe a nap first.”

He let out a tiny snore in response, and I smiled as I pressed my cheek against his chest, listening to the steady thrum of his heart as I slowly drifted off.

When I woke up, I could tell it was the middle of the night. The room was still and quiet; the fire was still lit but burning low, the crackle of the flames the only sound other than Charlie’s steady, even breaths.

He was sprawled half on top of me, breathing deeply against my neck, his short dark hair tickling my jaw. I rubbed my chin against the top of his head before pressing my nose there, breathing in his scent. My arm was trapped under his neck, so I played with his hair as I blinked sleepily up at the ceiling.

I refused to let my mouth stretch into a big, stupid grin, no matter how much it wanted to. I’d only ever had someone else here with me one other time, and while that had also been Charlie, it hadn’t been a particularly great night.

I’d laid there, tense and too wired to sleep for hours after he’d walked in and seen me naked. I’d silently cursed myself for being so stupid and getting drunk and not going into the fucking bathroom to get changed.

But… it had all worked out in the end.

I didn’t think it had fully sunk in that… Charlie would be here with me now. Every night. Forever. Well, when we settled here permanently.

I’d get to fall asleep and wake up like this every day. With Charlie’s beautiful body pressed against mine, his scent and warmth surrounding me, the sound of his steady breaths and slow thump of his heart lulling me to sleep.

My skin was hot, growing damp with sweat where it was pressed against him, but I didn’t care. There was no way in hell I was moving away from him. I nuzzled my nose back into his hair, inhaling deeply before my eyes slid shut as my body melted into the bed.

Charlie stirred, letting out a cute little grunt into my neck as he shifted against me. His nose rubbed under my jaw, making me shiver, and his voice was deep and croaky with sleep when he mumbled, “Hey.”

I gave him an answering kiss on the top of his head, and Charlie moved higher on the pillow, leg shifting on my thigh as his fingers trailed over my collarbone.

“Why are you awake?” he murmured, sounding half-asleep again already.

My mouth quirked. “How could you even tell?”

“Just could.” Charlie’s nose rubbed against my cheek before he kissed the corner of my mouth. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.” I turned my head to capture his lips in a brief kiss, but when I went to pull back, Charlie kissed me again.

It was soft and slow, even as our lips parted and tongues glided together. I tried to suppress my shiver, but my breath caught in my throat when Charlie’s fingers trailed down my chest and brushed over a nipple.

He circled it lightly with a fingertip as his tongue slid languidly against mine. The thigh draped over mine moved down until Charlie hooked his calf around my knee, keeping my leg pinned. Arousal throbbed through me, and when his hand trailed lower, down my stomach, my hips twitched as my other leg jerked open wider of its own accord.

My lips went slack against Charlie’s when his long fingers glided down my slit. I breathed unsteadily against his mouth as my hips flexed up off the bed, chasing the feel of him stroking me. When he dipped a finger inside, I groaned. His palm cupped me, pressing against the head of my cock as it jerked, threatening to slide out.

Charlie gently rocked his palm inward, making me choke out a moan. He knew how much I loved the feel of that. As his finger moved slowly in and out, he kissed me again, harder this time, groaning into my mouth as his tongue thrust hungrily.

“Ch-Charlie,” I mumbled against his lips, gripping his hair in a too-tight fist.

I could feel—and hear—how wet I was getting as he fucked me with his finger. It should have embarrassed me, but it felt too good for me to care. And I knew Charlie liked it—his cock was an iron bar against my hip, burning hot and achingly stiff as he rubbed it against my skin.

He pressed soft kisses down my cheek and jaw as my head tipped back into the pillow, hips rising to meet his thrusting finger. Charlie groaned, his cock jerking against my hip. Forcing my heavy eyes open, I looked down and saw him watching what he was doing to me. His leg was still pinning mine down, spreading it wide, and I couldn’t help but lift my other knee higher so I was totally open to him. My tail thumped impatiently against the mattress, my clawed toes flexing from the rush of pleasure when Charlie’s fingertip glided over the slit on my cockhead.

Grey eyes darkened by lust lifted and met mine. There was enough light from the dying fire that he could see me, but I could see him so much clearer thanks to my enhanced vision. An overwhelming rush of emotion tightened my chest as I stared at his face. He was so handsome, even when tired and unshaven and with a crease on his cheek from squishing his face into the pillow while asleep.

His charming grin always made my stomach do this annoying little swoop, but when he looked at me like this—dark eyes, flushed cheeks, lips parted around fast breaths, lust painting every one of his features—it made all my limbs tingle. Made me forget about all my hang-ups, because he made it so clear on his face just how much he wanted me. How much he loved me.

I couldn’t stop myself from lunging to crush my lips to his, moaning pleadingly into his mouth as I kissed him with frantic desperation. His thrusting finger was driving me wild, his palm rocking my aching dick back up inside me over and over.

Maybe it was weird or perverse in some way, but it felt so good, and Charlie seemed to enjoy it judging by the hoarse groan he let out. I was leaking all over his fingers from my cockslit, and the sound of his finger fucking me was obscene, but fuck… I loved it. I needed him. I didn’t care how. I just needed to be closer to him—

“Moth.” His low voice cut through the white noise in my head, lips moving against my mouth.

I was breathing fast and unsteadily. I tried to calm down enough to focus, but his finger was still lodged inside me. My cock jerked against his palm.


Charlie’s lips tipped up into a tiny smile as he kissed the corner of my mouth. “Time to tell me one of your fantasies.”

I blinked, my heart pounding in my chest. “Wh-what?” I swallowed to try and bring some moisture back into my mouth. “Now?”

“Of course now.”

I squirmed, partly out of discomfort and partly to feel his finger moving inside me. “Can’t we just… you know.”

Charlie let out a low chuckle, nuzzling my cheek. “Nope. Come on, baby, tell me.”

I swallowed again, sliding my hand down his back. “What if I don’t have any?”

He snorted. “We both know that’s bullshit, slayer.”

I shot him a weak glare. “It might not be!”

Charlie smiled again and kissed me once. “Come on, Moth. You know you can tell me anything.”

“I—” I licked my dry lips, stomach jittery with nerves. “Well, I mean, what about one of yours?”

“I can tell you one of mine, if you want,” he said easily. “But we’re gonna do one of yours tonight.”

Hot anticipation bloomed in my gut, making me clench around Charlie’s finger. He groaned, and that helpless sound made me a little braver.

“Okay.” My voice shook only a tiny amount. “Tell me one of yours, then I’ll… I’ll tell you mine.”

White teeth flashed in the low light as Charlie propped himself up on an elbow and grinned at me. “Okay, well, this one’s specific to you.”

My brows twitched up. “It is?”

Charlie chuckled. “Why is that a surprise? I love you. And you’re ridiculously hot.”

I huffed and rolled my eyes, hoping he didn’t notice my blush. “Sure, whatever.”

“Okay, so…” He gave me a sheepish smile. “I want you to, um, dress up like an elf.”

There was silence as I stared at him. “An… elf?”

Charlie cleared his throat, cheeks pink. “Yeah. Have you… Do you know what they are?”

“Um…” My mouth twitched, but I pushed back the smile. “No, I don’t think so.”

“Okay, so, they’re these, like, fictional creatures that are like… um, well, I mean, there’s a lot of mythology and stuff around them but mainly… they’re really hot. And they have pointed ears. And they tend to have long hair like yours… pale blond a lot of the time…”

His face was red now, gaze lowered to somewhere around my Adam’s apple. I pursed my lips and cupped his face.

“So you’re saying I look like an elf. And you want to fuck an elf.”

Charlie huffed and rolled his eyes. “Well that makes it sound weird and it’s not. Lots of people want to fuck elves. They’re, like, designed to be desirable or something.”

“So how would I dress up like one?” This was probably a weird conversation to have while his finger was still inside me, but whatever.

Charlie cleared his throat. “Well, they’re normally in, like… old-fashioned clothes. Like armour and cloaks and stuff…” He let his eyes trail over my face as he carefully slid his finger free of my body and cupped me possessively instead, making me shiver. “They tend to use a bow and arrow, but a sword is fine.”

I choked on a laugh. “Okay, well that’s fortunate, I guess.”

“There’s the fae as well, who are similar.” Charlie cocked his head. “Like, they look kind of similar, I mean.”

I nodded solemnly. “So you want to fuck them too.”

His cheeks flamed as he shot me a dry look. “I’d be careful how much you tease me, slayer. You gotta tell me one of your fantasies now.”

I sobered up, belly clenching with nerves, and stroked his cheek with my thumb. “Sorry. I’m, uh—I can dress up like an elf.”

Charlie perked up. “Really?”

I laughed. “Yeah. Uh… Do I have to do anything?”

“Well they’re meant to act kind of… aloof and haughty. Like they’re better than everyone. So,”—he shrugged—“just be yourself.”

I gave the back of his head a gentle smack. “Shithead.”

“I mean that in a good way.” He leaned down and gave me a big, smacking kiss. “Now, tell me one of yours. But trust me, we will be revisiting the elf thing later.”

Shit. “Oh. Uh…” My voice shook with nerves. “Um…”

“Whatever it is, I will most likely be into it.” Charlie gave me a little smile. “Or at least willing to try. You can tell me anything.”

The hand cupping my pubic mound gave me a gentle squeeze and a small stroke, which made me soften. I licked my lips, letting my hand trail down his neck so I could play with his chest hair while I told him this, because it comforted me for some weird reason.

“Okay, so…” I cleared my throat, keeping my eyes fixed on Charlie’s collarbone. “I’ve wondered what it would feel like if you—um, if my d-dick is… inside while you, uh, you know.” My face was burning. “Fuck me.”

When I peeked up to see Charlie’s reaction, he looked intrigued—and turned on. I relaxed the tiniest amount.

“Inside,” he echoed, voice husky. “You mean… still inside you? Like this?”

He rocked his palm gently, pushing my stiff cock back up deeper inside me from where it was attempting to slide free. I groaned through clenched teeth, hips flexing up off the bed. My chin dipped in a frantic nod.

“Y-yeah,” I panted. “Like that.”

“Fuck,” Charlie rasped, sinking a finger back inside me. “That’s so hot.”

Before I could formulate any kind of response to that, he crushed his mouth to mine and thrust his tongue inside. I kissed him back eagerly, wrapping my arms around his neck and spreading my thighs wider for the hand between them.

I could feel how slippery and messy everything already was down there, my channel growing ridiculously slick and my cock leaking profusely, still tucked inside me. My skin was hot and damp with sweat, but I couldn’t stop shivering from the pleasure of Charlie’s finger sinking inside me.

“We can do that,” he rasped breathlessly against my mouth after breaking the kiss. “We can definitely do that.”

“Now,” I blurted immediately, clenching around his finger and making his brows pinch with arousal.

“Now?” he echoed hoarsely.

“Yeah,” I croaked, trying to tug him on top of me. “Let’s do it now.”

“Fuck. Okay.” Charlie’s cock was leaking now, and it left a trail of wetness over my hip as he scrambled to get between my spread legs.

I grinned, even though my heart was pounding with nerves and hot anticipation. Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re actually going to do it.

I’d wondered how it would feel for years, but since Charlie, I’d been able to imagine it way better. I’d actually had experience with similar sensations, so I almost knew how it would feel.

And I was about to find out for certain.

I pulled him into a deep kiss, thrusting my tongue eagerly into his mouth. Charlie kissed me back with a moan before pulling away as he grabbed my hand. Lowering it between our bodies, he urged me to cup my pubic mound.

“Keep this here,” he murmured, and I understood. My dick would try and slide free the moment I moved my hand. I could feel the head bumping against my palm, so I pushed it back in and shuddered at the sensation.

“Are you sure this won’t hurt you?” Charlie sat up between my legs, gripping my thighs as he stared down at my hand with hot eyes.

I nodded quickly, even though I had no idea. It was going to be tight. I hoped it felt good for him.

I was ridiculously slippery against my fingers already, and I couldn’t help crooking my middle to slip it inside as I stared up at Charlie, waiting for him to do something. His brows pinched, lips parting as he watched me.

“Fuck,” he croaked. His smooth, deep voice made me shudder, my cock jerking hard inside me, trying to escape.

I was trembling, already so close to coming just from the idea of what we were about to do. My legs shifted restlessly, clawed toes flexing as I slid my fingertip back and forth over my leaking cockslit inside me.

When Charlie still didn’t move, staring down at me in a kind of lust-dazed stupor, I let out an impatient grunt.

“Charlie, come o—gah!” My face flamed at the embarrassing sound that left me when he grabbed my hips and yanked me closer, settling my ass on his thighs and making my lower back arch off the mattress.

For some reason, that small change in angle made me feel a million times more exposed. I swallowed, face hot, and wrapped my legs around Charlie’s waist.

“Tell me if it hurts,” he rasped as he slid long fingers around the base of his hard cock.

I nodded wordlessly, eyes fixed on his dick as he brought it closer. I quickly slid my finger free and parted them so they framed his cock as he notched the head against me. Biting down hard on the inside of my cheek to hold back a whimper, I watched as he began to carefully sink inside.

Fuck. I could feel his cock sliding through my fingers, and at the same time I was extremely aware of the growing pressure inside me. The incredible fullness that I’d never felt before. My chest heaved with my hectic breaths as Charlie’s cock tunnelled inside, sliding against mine. Fuck, it almost felt like it wasn’t going to fit.

“Cha—Charlie—” I panted, pushing my palm hard against my cock as it tried to jerk free. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock sinking inside me.

Pleasure sparked, blooming rapidly. My thighs shook, so I clamped them tighter around Charlie’s lean hips, forcing him in deeper.

“Fuck, baby.” Charlie sounded like he was struggling to breathe. His fingers were like claws as they dug into the tops of my thighs. “Jesus—Shit, you’re so tight.”

“K-Keep going.” It was slow-moving because it was such a tight fit, but his cock was gradually sinking deeper and deeper inside me—a long, slow glide against the underside of my dick. I was leaking pre-cum all over him, and I had no idea how intense it was going to feel when he got to that spot—

“Oh f-f-f-fuck.” My eyes rolled back when he reached it, the head of his cock grinding against it as his hips pressed flush against me. My body shook violently, cock pulsing against his inside me, and I was barely aware of the sounds leaving my mouth.

I could feel myself contracting around his dick, tightening up even more. There was a hint of pain, but it was drowned out by a flood of overwhelming pleasure. I had only a few moments to wonder whether Charlie would find it gross if I… came like this, but he seemed to like how much I, um, produced. He’d said he found it sexy.

I couldn’t stop it anyway. He wasn’t even moving yet, but the fullness inside me was turning me into a mess. A shaking, sweating, incoherent mess. I had no idea what I was saying, but I was helpless to stop the heat building and gathering inside me. A knot that tightened and tightened until—

Fuck,” I cried out, head tipping back as my cock started pulsing against Charlie’s, gushing long streams of cum all over the base of his dick, my fingers, Charlie’s pubic hair, his balls. It went everywhere, and I couldn’t stop it. I could hardly breathe, and my limbs locked up and wouldn’t stop shaking, back bowing even more off the bed.

“Holy shit.” I was only vaguely aware of hearing Charlie’s hoarse voice as I squeezed his cock rhythmically. He let out a broken groan, body trembling, hands gripping my thighs painfully tight. “Fuck, Moth,” he panted. “God, I can feel your cock throbbing against mine.”

That made me let out another sobbing moan as more cum spurted out of me. When the orgasm finally started easing and my limbs unlocked, I blinked dazed eyes up at Charlie, breathing hard, my face damp and flushed with sweat, hair sticking to my cheek.

“Keep going,” I croaked, still shuddering with aftershocks. Or maybe I was still coming, I had no idea. I could barely fucking think. “K-keep—fuck.”

Charlie withdrew before sinking back inside, and the wet sound that filled the room as he began to fuck me was obscene. My slick fingers framed his tunnelling cock, everything slippery and messy, and my own dick was still achingly stiff and throbbing inside me. It pushed insistently against my palm, pressed tightly against Charlie’s and shifting with every one of his thrusts.

Charlie let out a strained laugh as he slid his hands down my thighs to cup behind my knees, spreading my legs impossibly wide. “God, you’re still so hard. I don’t know if I can keep up with you, slayer.”

“Yes you can.” My voice was gravelly. “You better.”

Because I was pretty sure I’d kick him in the face again if he stopped.


My chuckle was strained as I carefully sank my cock back inside Moth. I was being slow because he was ridiculously tight like this, with his own dick still tucked inside.

My eyes threatened to roll back when I felt it throbbing against mine. I could feel his cum coating my tight sac, dripping onto the bed below. There was so much, and I could feel more pre-cum leaking from him again, as well as the wetness coating my cock as it tunnelled deep.

His long fingers framed my thrusting cock, stroking the base of it, as his palm kept his dick pushed inside him. He was shaking, pale eyes wild, cheeks and throat and chest flushed with his fast-pumping blood.

“Ch-Charlie.” God, I loved hearing his voice so husky from his moans. “C’mon,” he said pleadingly. “Faster.”

My body obeyed him without question. I hooked my elbows under his widespread knees and leaned forward, jacking up his legs. Moth sucked in a sharp breath, his free hand shooting up to grip my hair in a shaking fist.

Shit, he was even tighter at this angle. I was sweating like a beast just from holding back my orgasm, and I couldn’t stop the heavy, frantic pace my hips took up, pounding my cock inside him. Moth was moaning constantly into my mouth as our lips met in a fiery kiss. His pierced, pointed tongue thrust feverishly, legs bouncing against my arms from my hard, jarring thrusts.

I had to break the kiss to suck in a trembling breath, resting my burning forehead on the pillow next to his head. Moth’s fingers clenched in my hair, hitching moans escaping him with every thrust.

I let out a helpless groan by his ear. “You feel so good, baby.”

I’d learned pretty quick that Moth responded well to praise. He reacted as I’d hoped, shuddering hard and turning his head to bury his face in my neck.

“Charlie,” he mumbled shakily, sounding almost delirious with pleasure. “I—I—”

“How does it feel?” I murmured.

“I—It—” Moth made a strangled sound as I delivered a particularly hard thrust. “S-s-so good.”

My lips quirked. “Are you gonna come again?”

“Fuck,” he whined. “Fuck—yes—”

My breath caught, thrusts growing jerky when I felt the hand cupping his mound shift, and a fingertip slid between our dicks inside him. “Oh shit—”

“Fuck, yes,” Moth panted into my neck, shaking wildly against me. “FuckCharliefuckyes—”

He cut himself off with a broken cry, tightening up so much around my cock that I couldn’t thrust anymore. Fresh wetness flooded my dick, and when I felt the cum spurting from his cockhead leaking out of him and getting everywhere, I exploded.

Fffffuck.” My hips jerked forward, sliding my cock as deep as possible as it started to flex, pumping my cum inside him. My vision went completely white for a long moment, static filling my head, pleasure shooting down my spine and up the length of my cock. My balls ached from the force of my orgasm, and it didn’t stop until they were drained completely.

We were both trembling wildly when it ended, everything obscenely slick between our joined bodies, our heaving chests brushing. I could barely lift my head, but forced myself to when Moth slowly pulled away the trembling hand cupping his pubic mound.

Looking down, I watched through heavy eyes as his cock finally slid free, still hard. It was glistening, coated in our combined release. My mouth watered.

Sliding down his body, I tried to calm my breathing enough on the way so I wouldn’t grow any more lightheaded when I sucked his dick into my mouth.

Moth jerked, a tiny whimper escaping him. “Sh-shit.”

I moaned from our combined taste, sucking up and off his cock to glance down. When I saw the ridiculous amount of cum leaking from him, white against his flushed pink skin and scales, a deep, guttural groan broke from my chest.

“Fuck, that looks so good.” I dipped my head to lick him.

Nnngh.” I nearly smiled at the undignified sound Moth made, but I was too busy. “Ch-Charlie, I don’t think I can come again so soon,” he added breathlessly.

I huffed a tiny laugh against him, before gathering an impressive amount of our combined release on my tongue and lunging up to kiss him. Moth shuddered when it hit his tongue, and he swallowed eagerly with a little moan.

“Did it live up to your fantasy?” I asked him once we broke the kiss, trying to keep the anxiety out of my voice. I didn’t want to have disappointed him.

Moth laughed incredulously, even as his face went bright pink. “Uh, yes.”

I grinned against his cheek, kissing him there before rolling onto my back with a grunt. We needed to go clean up—we were both complete messes below the waist—but it could wait. Moth rolled onto his side and tucked himself up against me, resting his head on my chest. Automatically, his hand came up to comb his fingers through my chest hair.

I pressed my lips to the top of his head, his hair damp from exertion and fragrant with his natural citrus scent that I was addicted to.

As I let out a great, heaving sight, my body melted into the bed. “Feels late,” I commented, running my fingers through his hair.

Moth grunted. “Yeah, it is.” Lifting his head, he propped his chin on my chest. “Lucky we don’t have to get up early in the morning. No Chuck to look after. No Edin booming out bullshit at Hunter right outside our door.”

I snorted with laughter and said affectionately, “Yeah.”

Moth kissed my chest before resting his cheek there again, nuzzling my chest hair. I felt his lips curve up into a sly smile before he said, “Maybe tomorrow we can go looking for a cloak. Or a bow and arrow.”

I smirked as my eyes slid shut. “Fuck yes, we will.”

This time, when the camp wall came into view, no impending sense of doom filled my gut. My hand was tucked firmly inside Moth’s, and he was chatting away about the time he cut the creepy, human-like head off a mortik. I’d heard of those monsters before—Hunter had told me that he and Edin had gone up against one in the koleb tunnels while they were trying to rescue me. He’d said it was terrifying and had gone pale recounting the story to me.

Moth, on the other hand, was snickering about how long the horrifying creature’s headless body had run around after he’d decapitated it.

We had spent a glorious week at his safehouse in the middle of nowhere. We’d fucked a lot, obviously, but also spent hours just curled up together in the big bed, napping or eating or talking. I’d read aloud to Moth from the stack of books he’d collected while trying to teach himself to read. He’d curled up on my chest with a leg tucked between mine, and had dozed off several times while I’d read to him.

Life was really fuckin’ good.

We hadn’t found a cloak, or a bow and arrow, or any other elf-like gear, unfortunately, but Moth was determined now. I’d told him more about elves—well, about what I found important about them, which was largely how hot they were—and said I’d grab us any fae books we spotted out in the Wastes so I could read them to him. He was invested now. He wanted to do my little elf roleplay properly, and… it made me love him even more.

It also made me super horny. But a lot about Moth did, so that wasn’t really a surprise.

When we got into the camp, my eyes were immediately drawn to the Soul Eater and Danny, who were making their way across the grass hand-in-hand. When he spotted us, Danny said something to Wyn and tugged him over. The Soul Eater practically dragged his feet like a sullen teenager.

“Hey!” Danny gave us a bright grin as they reached us. “How was your trip?”

“All good, thanks.” I smiled at him. “How’s Chuck been?”

“Is she okay?” Moth asked quickly, looking around the camp to try and spot her.

“She’s great! She’s with Edin and Hunter in their room.” Danny tried to give Wyn a subtle nudge. “We really enjoyed lookin’ after her. Didn’t we, Wyn?”

The Soul Eater sniffed. “The copicen is acceptable, I suppose. She’s smarter than average. Probably smarter than all the humans here, except for Danny.”

I cleared my throat expectantly, but his hood just cocked for a second before he continued.

“Anyway, I taught her how to impale someone’s face with her tail spikes,” he said, distorted voice flat. “You’re welcome.”

I choked. “What?”

The Soul Eater huffed and echoed, “What?” like he didn’t see what the problem was. Danny had gone very pale.

“You—” I looked at Moth incredulously. “You taught her how to maim people?”

“Well, I mean, maybe that’s a good thing,” Moth hurried out, and I barely resisted the urge to roll my eyes at his wheedling tone. God, he was such a little fanboy for the Soul Eater. “She needs to be able to defend herself from humans.”

“Exactly,” the Soul Eater drawled, and Moth’s face went pink with pleasure. “It didn’t take me long. I can teach her other things—”

“Oh, Wyn, you’re so funny!” Danny smacked his arm and laughed, too loudly and a touch hysterically. “Of course he didn’t actually teach Chuck how to, um… impale people’s faces. He’s just kiddin’. Baby, will you go and get me a drink from the diner…”

He hurriedly shoved at the Soul Eater, hissing something under his breath until the monster snarled and stalked off. The moment he was gone, Danny turned back to us.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered frantically. “I tried to stop him, I swear. Please don’t stop me from seeing her.”

“It’s fine,” Moth said quickly, pale eyes meeting mine. He gave me a hesitant smile. “It is safer if she knows how to defend herself…”

I shot him a dry, unimpressed look. “Stabbing is not the answer to everything, Moth.”

He went pink, even as he glared at me. “I never said it was.”

“Thank you for lookin’ after her,” I told Danny with a smile, then turned to head for the motel. Moth trailed behind me.

“I mean, it is the answer to a lot of stuff, though,” he said, then grunted in annoyance when I didn’t stop walking or acknowledge him. “Charlie,” he whined. “Ugh, you’re being so human about this.”

That made me burst out laughing. “I am human, dingus.”

Moth’s citrus scent surrounded me as he threw his arms around me from behind, halting me in my tracks.

“C’mon,” he mumbled, rubbing his nose against the bend of my neck. “You’re gonna make the Soul Eater think I’m totally lame and he’s, like, the coolest guy I’ve ever met.”

I let out a slow, measured exhale and turned in the cradle of Moth’s arms. Cupping his face, I gazed at him intently.

“Moth.” I stroked his cheekbone. “I love you. But we’re gonna have to nip this little Soul Eater obsession in the bud, okay? Because that guy?

I pointed at Wyn, who was standing outside the diner with Danny. He paused in the middle of handing Danny a glass of water, his hood popping up and horns tilting as he cocked his head in our direction.

“That guy is just an overgrown emo kid in a hood.” I ignored the faint snarl from across the camp. “He’s not any better than you.”

“I’m not saying he is,” Moth hissed, his face bright pink as he grabbed my hand and yanked it down. “But he is thousands of years old and can turn to smoke and stuff. Plus!” he added brightly. “He’s, like, saving humans from parasites. That’s something you’re into, right? Isn’t that what soldiers are meant to do? Save humans?”

I grunted. “I guess he—”

“He saved you.”

That made me shut up, my mouth pursing into a thin line.

“Fine,” I relented. “But that still doesn’t make him better than you.”

“You should listen to the half salyik, human.” Wyn’s smug, distorted voice drifted over from the other side of the camp. I gritted my teeth. He was eavesdropping! “And by the way, I only saved you because Edin asked me to.”

“Wyn!” Danny smacked the Soul Eater in the stomach.

He grunted. “I just don’t want these humans getting any ideas that I actually care about them.”

“Trust me,” I called back flatly. “No one thinks that.”

Wyn started to hiss before stopping abruptly, as if he couldn’t decide how to react to that. His hood cocked. Before he could say anything else, I grabbed Moth’s hand and kept tugging him toward the motel.

“Why are you trying to piss off the Soul Eater?” Moth hissed at me as we ascended the stairs.

I snorted. “I’m not. He’s just so fucking sensitive.”

“He can probably hear you.”

“Yeah. Probably.” Shooting Moth a side-eyed smirk, I added in an innocent tone, “Then I guess I probably shouldn’t mention you saying he’s too old to have a threesome with—”

I heard a confused yet rabid snarl from the camp behind us, a split second before Moth clamped his hand over my mouth.

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