Bonus Short: Gloam Worships His Hardworking Firebrand

Finally, a short for Gloam and Rig! I think in my head they are the most solid, secure couple so I feel less of a need to revisit them, maybe? But it was so nice getting back into that mind space. They are the cutest, especially Rig. Precious baby who just wants to help everyone and make them all happy.

This is 8.4k words and includes a lovely look at Seraph and Lilac settling into their cosy love shack life, some light teasing of Wyn in his absence (when does that bastard not show up in conversation) and a night of Gloam pampering his fidgety, hyperactive firebrand and finally getting him to stay still and quiet for a while. Enjoy! As always, please check the content and spoiler warnings, but this one is super sweet and soft more than anything else.

Content warnings: Explicit sexual content, 18+ only, monster junk (with a big bulge), super sweet mushiness, mild teasing of Wyn (he feels that should be a warning), Rig is super horny (when isn’t he), he also finally stops fidgeting for longer than a few minutes

Spoiler warnings: Set after the events of Seraph (Monstrous: Book Six)


I fiddled with the pile of thick nails in my palm, running my thumb over them so they clinked together, as I watched Gloam and Lilac talking while they cut lengths of chicken wire.

Gloam rumbled something with a chuckle, his tusks flashing, and Lilac’s green eyes crinkled briefly at the corners as he smiled at whatever Gloam had said. They were getting started on the protection for Lilac and Seraph’s little vegetable patch behind the RV, making a chicken wire structure that would keep out hungry wild animals.

Gloam said something else, then stood from his crouch to fetch the wooden poles that would serve as the corners of the patch. My eyes slid down his wide back, past the faint scars either side of his spine, to the little dimples just above the waistband of his leather pants.

Then they slid lower, to the rounded ass that flexed as he walked. My tongue pressed hard to the roof of my mouth, brain already skipping forward over the rest of the day to this evening, when we’d be alone in our room, undisturbed. Maybe tonight I could—


My attention jerked back to the beastie in front of me. Seraph was crouched beside the bench we were building, hammer dwarfed in one of his huge hands, while the other was patiently stretched out toward me.

I chuckled sheepishly, passing him a nail. “Sorry, buddy.”

I watched as he carefully poised the nail over the side of the bench, where the leg joined to the top, and drove it in with the hammer in practically one hit. We’d made some basic joins, but I wasn’t good enough at woodwork to know how to do them properly. Not like Cat, who knew all the different kinds, and even though he’d taught me before, I was bad at remembering them.

Cobbled together worked just as well anyway, in most cases.

Seraph held out his hand for another nail, so I passed it over as my eyes drifted back to Gloam. He was crouching beside Lilac now, driving one of the wooden poles into the corner of the space Lilac had carefully marked off for their small vegetable patch.

His back was to me. My gaze locked onto his ass again, but that wasn’t my fault. It was just displayed so freakin’ nicely, the leather of his pants stretched taut. Then all the muscles in his back shifted and flexed as he drove the pole into the ground, his bicep bunching and huge hand wrapped around the thin piece of wood. My belly swooped as I remembered the night before, when he’d fisted his cock while riding me, slamming my hips down into the mattress. I swore to god, sometimes I got a little nervous that he was going to throw my back out even when I was lying on it, not really doing much.

A snorty little chuff made me jump, my gaze snapping back to see Seraph grinning at me, his mouth stretched impossibly wide and all his sharp, crowded teeth jutting out. Going red, I handed him another nail, but instead of hammering it into the wood, he glanced back at Lilac and Gloam.

“Wh-what are they doing that is s-so interesting?” he rasped, but the sly look in his many, many eyes told me he knew I wasn’t interested in what Lilac and Gloam were doing.

Clearing my throat, I waved a hand. “Oh, ya know… I’m kind of the foreman here. Gotta keep an eye on my crew.”

Seraph chuffed again, spine curving as he bent back over the bench. “S-some more than others, I th-think.”

“Well some of them shouldn’t be so freakin’ hot that my brain short circuits.”

That made Gloam glance back at me with a grin, tusks and fangs peeking out and oblong pupils flashing with mirth. I could have sworn he tensed his glutes just for a second, making my eyes snap back down immediately. Man, my beastie was such a minx sometimes. And everyone thought I was the bad one, just because he was all outwardly refined and wise and calm around others.

It was all bullshit. He was an animal in bed. And I freaking loved it.

“How’s the bench going?” Lilac straightened and wandered over, sliding an arm around Seraph’s shoulders as his beastie turned and nuzzled his face against the front of Lilac’s shoulder from his hunched over crouch, wrapping his arms around him tight.

“Awesome.” I grinned at him. “Seraph barely needs me here. I’m just the lackey handing over nails. Soon he’ll be sending me out to find a left-handed screwdriver or tartan paint.”

Lilac huffed, getting the joke better than the two beasties, who probably weren’t all that down with human tradesfolk ribbing and banter. I’d experienced the same when I started training as a mechanic back in the city, being sent out on fool’s errands to find diesel engine spark plugs or turn signal fluid.

“It looks very good,” Gloam commented as he approached, sliding a hand through my curls.

I grinned up at him, leaning into his big body. “It was all Seraph. He’s a natural.” To Seraph, I added, “When Cat’s back, he can show you way more stuff than I can. Like all the proper joins and techniques.”

“You know all of those as well, Rig,” Lilac said dryly.

I flushed. “Well, kinda. Not as good as Cat. He has a knack for it. He’s never mentioned if he knew that stuff before the monsters came, but maybe he did carpentry with his dad or something?”

Lilac quirked a brow. “Cat never talked about his childhood at all.”

I hadn’t really thought about it, but Lilac was right. Cat never talked about his life before the tear opened, but he was a fair bit older than some of us, so he’d been a teenager when it happened, like Anchor.

I didn’t know whether that was better—being old enough to remember what it had been like. I’d been so young when the tear opened, I couldn’t really remember how life had been before. Not properly. I remembered hot summers splashing around in the paddling pool in my abuela’s backyard, my face sticky with popsicle juice. I remembered my mom tucking me into my racing car bed and smoothing back my curly hair as she kissed me goodnight. I remembered my aunt visiting from Florida and smothering me in kisses as she cooed over me in Spanish.

We hadn’t seen my aunt since the monsters came. We never knew if she and her family survived.

Trying not to get sad, I shook off the thoughts and beamed at Seraph. “Well anyways, you’ve picked it up so quickly, Seraph.”

“Just like you did with English,” Gloam added, giving him a smile. “You’re a marvel.”

As Seraph chuffed in pleasure, Lilac shot us a dry look as he stroked the back of Seraph’s smooth head. “You’re going to give him a big head.”

I grinned, glancing up at Gloam. “Gloam said that to me too, when we were making our way back to the camp.” Shrugging, I added, “Not my fault all the beasties here are super smart and eager to learn new skills. Well, except maybe, um, Wyn. He doesn’t seem interested in learning anything new.”

Seraph chuffed. “T-tiny smoke man likes to pretend he doesn’t care.”

Gloam chuckled, pulling me closer as he rubbed my scalp, making me want to purr. “Oh, but you think he does, Seraph?”

“He does,” Lilac answered instead, voice flat. “He brought us a big sack of vegetables for Seraph the other day, claiming he just found them. But he still threatened to rip my tongue out if I told anyone. And then I heard Daisy in the diner saying she could’ve sworn she’d already peeled all the carrots for that night’s dinner, but they’d all vanished.”

Gloam and I laughed, before I said, “Well, at least Danny is like, the sweetest guy ever. And so hot.” I snickered as Gloam huffed in amusement and lightly scratched my scalp. “What do you think the Soul Eater looks like under that hood? Has anyone ever seen his face? Except Danny, I mean.”

“I h-have,” Seraph said, sounding the slightest bit smug.

“You have?” Lilac raised his brows as he looked at him.

“Yes. W-we were out here one n-night, and I was s-sad about my teeth.” He reached up and lightly touched his sharp, jutting teeth. “H-how they do not look like anyone else’s. He pulled down his hood to sh-show me his. Th-they are very sharp too.”

I could see Lilac frowning behind his mask. “You didn’t tell me that.”

Seraph shrugged. “It d-didn’t matter. And it helped, seeing his. He s-said plenty of other kinds from his w-world have sharp teeth like ours.”

“Yes.” Gloam nodded, giving Seraph a kind smile. “Many, many kinds. Vints have sharp teeth, and you have some vint in you, Seraph. Yours are no doubt from their DNA.”

“I think they’re awesome,” I blurted. “Your teeth. So cool. And you have a great smile, Seraph.”

His mouth stretched into his big grin now, but he looked a little shy as he turned deeper into Lilac’s narrow frame beside him. “Th-thank you, R-Riig.”

“Okay, so we know Wyn has sharp teeth,” I said eagerly as Gloam dropped a tender kiss in my hair. “What else? How many eyes does he have?”

Seraph chuckled. “Two.”

“Do you think he’d show me his face if I just asked him?”

“No,” Lilac, Gloam and Seraph all said in unison.

I huffed. “You’d think someone as old as him wouldn’t be so precious about his freakin’ face.”

“People are complicated, no matter how old they get,” Gloam said sagely, making me shiver with lust. I loved when he went all hot monster professor on me. “But the telyths have always concealed their faces, as far as I am aware. Wyn is admittedly the first one I’ve met. It’s just a part of their culture.”

“Oh, okay,” I said, feeling bad for being flippant about Wyn’s culture. “I won’t ask him.”

Not that I would’ve ever had the nerve to actually ask him. He was still scary as shit, even when he was fussing over Danny or snickering with Edin like a pair of old gossips.

“Sun’s setting,” Lilac said shortly. “Shall we get the fence finished? Then Seraph and I can start turning the earth and planting seeds tomorrow. Aury said he’ll come out and help.”

Seraph perked up. “Y-yes, I would like to see Au-ree.”

Lilac huffed, bending his head to kiss the top of Seraph’s through his mask. “You like seeing everyone.”

“B-because I like everyone,” Seraph declared, picking the hammer back up and holding out his hand for a nail.

I practically melted as I handed one over. Seraph was the cutest beastie ever. I’d always known there was more to him than the screaming, thrashing creature I’d come across in Mary’s mansion. I’d never given up hope, even when it had seemed pretty hopeless.

When I’d caught on to Lilac’s plan to steal the key to his cage and let him out—my quiet, introverted friend really wasn’t as sneaky as he thought he was—I hadn’t been worried. I trusted Lilac’s judgement more than anyone else in this camp, and I’d seen how well Seraph had done. How far he’d come. How much he was trying.

I’d also understood Gloam’s apprehension, because he’d seen the aftermath of Seraph’s pain-fuelled fits of rage in the fighting cage at Mary’s. But I’d agreed with Lilac that Seraph wasn’t going to improve as much as he could if he stayed stuck in that cage. So I’d secretly helped him.

Part of that help had been making sure Gloam was distracted—very, very distracted—every night when Lilac was letting Seraph out of the cage. It was a duty I’d taken extremely seriously. And carried out very enthusiastically.

And benefitted from greatly, in the form of more orgasms than I could almost handle.

Now, I glanced up at Gloam as my balls tingled from the memory, suddenly eager for a repeat. “Yeah, let’s get this finished up and we’ll leave you in peace for the evening.”

As I said it, I slid my hand down Gloam’s back to give his ass a secret squeeze. He rumbled out a low chuckle, dropping a kiss in my hair before releasing me to walk back over to the vegetable patch with Lilac.

My focus was now fully on finishing this bench off so I could get my beastie naked as soon as possible. I helped Seraph finish securing the legs, but let him do most of it himself, because he liked learning hands-on rather than just watching. Once it was done, we placed it in the spot Lilac wanted it and hesitantly sat on it together.

Seraph grinned at me proudly when it held our weight, the wood not flexing at all. I grinned back, bouncing up and down a little to make sure it was sturdy.

“You’ve done an awesome job,” I told him, leaning over to check the nails on one side. “And it’s so neat as well.”

Seraph chuckled, running his long, long fingers along the edge of the bench. “Lie-lack w-wouldn’t like it if it looked m-messy.”

I snorted. “Yeah, you’re probably right. Hey, I was thinking, maybe next we could make a plant stand for you guys out here. Like one of those staggered shelf things for some of your potted plants.”

Seraph’s eyes brightened. “Yes. And m-maybe a w-workbench for the plants.”

“Like a potting station?”


“That’s a great idea. With somewhere to hang all your gardening tools.” My mind was already churning with ideas, but then I noticed Gloam and Lilac finishing up the chicken wire fence for the vegetable patch. It was a few feet tall, to allow some of the bigger plants they wanted to grow to their full height, and there was more wire rolled over the top to protect the patch from anything that could climb over or swoop down.

I jumped up from the bench eagerly. “All done?”

“Yeah.” Lilac carefully rolled up the wire they’d used to secure the top to the sides. “Thanks for your help,” he said to Gloam.

“Of course, my friend.” Gloam gave me a grin as he made his way over. “The bench looks excellent.”

“It was all Seraph.” I wrapped my arms around his waist and tipped my head back. “Wanna go back into camp?”

“Yes.” He pushed my wild curls back off my forehead. “You need some dinner.”

I made a face, releasing him to take his hand. I could forgo dinner if it meant getting him naked sooner, but Gloam was all responsible about making sure I was well-fed and well-rested and so on. I had to admit, it was kinda nice to have someone look after me like that. Usually I was the one going out of my way to look after everyone else, which Gloam told me often with a slight frown when I’d run myself ragged doing jobs for people around the camp.

But I liked helping people. And I was okay at most things, so it just made sense for me to be the one to do stuff like fixing the showers, oiling the hinges on people’s bedroom doors, tightening up the screws in the stools and tables in the diner so nothing collapsed on people while they were eating.

We all had jobs we were good at here. It was why the camp ran so well. Ghost was the one who sewed up people’s clothes and sheets when they got rips or seams came loose. Anchor was amazing at keeping inventory of our stores and making sure everyone got enough to eat. Dino and Keen were good at foraging. Rusty was good with the crops, and took keeping watch on the camp wall very seriously. Tank and Bishop had been the pair who collected our water, but now that they were gone, Nun had taken over that job with Spike. Nun was super strong, with a broad back, so she said she didn’t mind it at all.

Even though he was fairly new to the camp, Hunter was always willing to help as well. And he was a big beefy guy, so he was good with helping me repair the wall or hold up something heavy. Danny was eager to help in any way he could, but he was kind of clumsy, and most people seemed too apprehensive to make him do anything strenuous in case it invoked the wrath of his scary boyfriend—no, husband.

And it wasn’t just the humans. The beasties were great too. Aury was so careful with the crops, and Edin was a great hunter, always bringing back more meat than Daisy and Bo knew what to do with. Wyn was… Well, Wyn did what Danny told him to do. And Charlie and Moth were like a pair of kids, usually wrapped up in each other until Hunter barked at Charlie to help him with something.

I’d always liked living at the camp, but now it felt so much better. Like everything had clicked into place. Like the beasties were always supposed to be here with us. Especially my beastie, my big beautiful Gloam who was always so kind and patient with everyone, even the ones who’d been outwardly hostile toward him before they left after that blow-up with Lilac about Seraph.

Good riddance, I thought fiercely as we said goodbye to Lilac and Seraph. Lilac was already sitting on Seraph’s lap on their new bench, his eyes creased with a rare grin as they waved at us before Gloam and I made our way back into the camp hand-in-hand.

I knew Gloam would make me eat some dinner, so my plan was to wolf it down in our room before I tackled him on the bed. But as we stepped into the camp from the container entrance, Apollo jogged over from the direction of the shower stalls, his long blond hair damp and the ends dripping onto his shirt.

“One of the showers just stopped working while I was using it.” He chuckled, shoving back his wet hair. “Luckily I’d already rinsed the shampoo out.”

“Oh, okay.” I glanced over at the wooden stalls. “I’ll go take a look.”

“Thanks, Rig. It’s the third one along,” he said gratefully, clapping me on the shoulder before walking off toward the motel block.

I smiled up at Gloam. “Shouldn’t be too long.”

“Do you want me to go and get your dinner for you?” he asked, smoothing back my hair.

“No, it’s okay, I’ll grab it once I’m done.” I turned to wrap my arms around his waist, giving his ass a furtive squeeze. “You go wait in our room for me.”

He chuckled, leaning down to kiss my forehead, seeing as I was wearing my mask. “Alright, firebrand.”

“Maybe naked?” I added hopefully.

He grinned. “Of course.”

I pressed a kiss to his chest and released him, eager to get the shower fixed so I could spend the night undisturbed with my beastie. “Leave the boots on,” I said as I made my way toward the bar to grab my tools, and I heard him loose another rumbling chuckle from behind me.

Fixing the shower took long than I’d hoped it would, and when I finally hurried into the diner to collect my dinner, Bo ruefully told me the trapdoor to the cold storage out back was sticking. I sighed but smiled, following him out to check it. He clapped me on the shoulder and told me he’d dish up an extra big portion of stew for me, then went back inside as I ducked into the old bar to get my tools again, having stored them away after fixing the shower.

By the time I finished fixing the door, I was a little sweaty, so I decided to quickly eat my dinner at the counter in the diner before grabbing my towel from our room to take a shower. Gloam was not naked yet, much to my chagrin, so I pointed a stern finger at him before leaving, telling him his bare ass better be ready for me by the time I got back.

I used the shower I’d fixed to make sure it worked, then quickly redressed and scrubbed my hair vigorously with my damp towel, leaving it a wild tangle of curls. I practically ran across the camp back to my room so that no one else could stop me and ask me to do something, and when I burst inside, my beastie was finally, gloriously naked and waiting for me on the bed.

I grinned at him, dumping my towel on the floor and hopping in place to tug off my boots and socks. He was leaning back against the headboard, thick thighs spread and fat cock already half-hard, completely naked except for his boots and harness. My eyes roamed over him greedily as I ripped off my mask and tugged off my shirt, but when I started fumbling with my pants, I realised the room looked different.

He’d lit candles and dotted them around on all the surfaces. Usually we just used a couple of lanterns at night, but this was way more soft and romantic. My belly tightened as I finally struggled out of my pants and underwear, leaving all my clothes in a heap by the door as I made my way over to the bed.

“Did you do this for me?” I asked, trying not to get too emotional. He’d only lit a few candles, but it made the room seem so much more intimate and special.

“You work so hard for everyone, Adam.” Gloam got up off the bed to meet me, smoothing back my damp curls. “I want to look after you.”

“You do look after me.” I settled my hands on his hips, my cock already getting hard at the sight of his big naked body, especially when he stepped closer and his heavy erection brushed against my belly.

He chuckled, dipping his head to kiss me. “Well, tonight I’m going to look after you extra well. Lots of special attention.”

My breath caught, dick giving an eager twitch. “Oh yeah?”

“Yes.” After another kiss, Gloam stepped back and nodded at the bed. “Lie down on your front.”

Oh heck yes. I had no idea what he had planned, but that order was enough for me to know it would be really good. Except…

“Why don’t you get on the bed first?” I grinned up at him cheekily. “Your ass has been distracting me all day. I could—”

“Adam.” Gloam gave me a stern look that made my cock jerk. “Tonight you are to do nothing but lie back and relax. Now, on the bed. On your front. If you’re not there in the next five seconds…”

“Okay,” I squeaked, scrambling onto the bed as my belly lurched with anticipation. God, I loved when he got all stern and authoritative.

My hard cock pressed against the mattress as I settled onto my front, making my hips shift. I couldn’t keep completely still, fidgeting a little, trying to get my arms comfortable, settling my cheek on the pillow to face the wall before turning my head to try and peek at Gloam.

“Eyes closed,” he rumbled, which made my cock pulse against the bed.

“Okay,” I mumbled again, settling my arms under the pillow and closing my eyes.

I listened intently as he moved around the room, having to squeeze my eyes shut so I didn’t peek. My feet shifted, toes flexing with impatient anticipation as I heard him take something out of a drawer before padding back over to the bed. It sounded like he’d taken his boots off, which made me want to pout, but I decided to let him get away with it this time.

The mattress dipped by my leg, and then Gloam’s heavy weight was settling over my ass as he straddled me. I heard the click of a lid, the slippery sound of him briskly rubbing oily hands together, and then those big hands were smoothing up my back in a slick glide. Thumbs pressed in firmly, kneading either side of my spine, and I practically melted through the mattress.

“What is that?” I mumbled, finally going still so I could focus on the sensation.

“Massage oil.” Gloam’s voice was a low, soothing rumble. “I asked Danny if Wyn would pick some up on his last trip to one of the cities.”

My eyes almost popped open, but his hands felt too good. I could feel all the muscles in my face relaxing, going slack. “You weren’t embarrassed to ask?”

Gloam chuckled. “No.”

That was one of the things I found so hot about him. He was so self-assured and didn’t care what anyone thought. He wasn’t embarrassed about anything, especially when it came to looking after me or making me happy. Like that was more important than anything else.

I tried not to fixate on the mental image of the Soul Eater returning to camp and handing my beastie a bottle of massage oil. Instead, I focused on Gloam’s huge hands as they slid down my back, before gliding back up to massage my shoulders.

I groaned in bliss, basking in the pleasure-pain of him kneading out all the knots in my back. I’d never had a massage before, and oh my god it was the best thing ever, especially when given by my big gorgeous beastie. His hands were so familiar on my skin, the warm scent of him just detectible over the crisp fragrance of the massage oil. It meant that even though my body was slowly becoming boneless and relaxed, my cock was still straining against the mattress, knowing Gloam’s big naked body was sitting on top of me.

“This is amazing,” I mumbled into the pillow, then groaned again when Gloam kneaded the back of my neck.

He chuckled. “I think this is the most still I’ve ever seen you. You even fidget when you’re asleep.”

“Maybe I can give you a massage after,” I said, even though the thought of moving right now was out of the question.

“No.” Gloam squeezed my sides before circling his thumbs over my lower back in firm glides. “You’re not lifting a finger tonight, Adam.”

“I don’t mind,” I mumbled automatically. “I want to.”

“Another night, firebrand.” Gloam shifted back, gently parting my legs to sit between them. He propped an ankle on his thick thigh and kneaded the sole of my foot, making me twitch before the ticklish sensation faded, replaced by more loose bliss.

A shiver rolled through my relaxed frame as he threaded his fingers through my toes, before sliding his oily palms up my ankle to knead my calf. He slowly, methodically made his way higher, over the back of my thigh to the crease of my ass, before starting all over again on the other leg.

My cock was leaking onto the mattress by the time he poured more oil into his palm and smoothed his big hands over my ass, but I was too boneless to even rock my hips. His thumbs pushed up then out, lifting my cheeks and spreading them, making my hole twitch as it was exposed to the warm air in the room.

He did it again and again, his hands slow and reverent, but then he kept me spread wide with his thumbs as he shifted between my legs. My breath caught when the wet warmth of his tongue slid over my exposed hole, his tusks just scraping against my skin as he licked softly.

A long, drawn-out moan left me when he swirled his tongue before placing a tender kiss on the inside of my ass cheek. His thumbs kept me spread wide, but he kneaded them in tiny circles as he licked again and again, soft and slow, making the pleasure build gradually but keeping my body relaxed and free of any of the tension he’d worked so hard to remove.

I moaned again as my hips started to lift, pushing myself closer to his mouth. Gloam rumbled against me, kissing my hole before lifting his head. Gently, he manoeuvred my legs until I was on my knees, ass up in the air and my chest still relaxed against the bed. I felt my spine curve, sinking my upper body deeper into the mattress as he smoothed his big hands over my ass lovingly.

“So beautiful,” he rumbled, his voice so low and deep in the otherwise quiet room. “Not just your body and your face, Adam. You are beautiful on the inside. You are the most wonderful and selfless person I have ever met in my long life.”

I smiled into the pillow, trying not to get too choked up over his sweet words as I whispered, “Thank you.”

“I am grateful every single day that I get to be with you,” he continued, making my throat ache. “I will never be able to truly show you enough how much you mean to me. There aren’t enough words in all the languages in either world.”

My eyes got hot behind my closed lids, and I wondered if I should be getting this emotional when my bare ass was up in the air, all my goods on display. “I love you,” I choked out, wanting to reach back and take his hand.

“I love you too, Adam,” he said solemnly, stroking his hands up my sides and back down to the curve of my ass. “Now, relax and let me take care of you.”

“Okay,” I whispered, burying my face fully into the pillow as I felt him pick something up from the mattress and heard the click of another lid.

My cock was still rock hard and straining between my legs, and my breath escaped me in a rush when Gloam’s big hand wrapped gently around it and angled it down so it was pointing squarely at the mattress. A fingertip smoothed over my hole, the slickness thicker and slipperier than the massage oil, telling me he’d maybe asked Wyn to pick up lube for him in the city as well.

I didn’t even care. I couldn’t be embarrassed, not when he was circling my rim and stroking my cock in a loose fist. I gasped when his fingertip slowly sank inside, but I was so relaxed that there was hardly any resistance.

His long finger found my prostate with ease, making me jerk with another gasp as my cock twitched in his fist. He started sliding his finger in and out painstakingly slow, before keeping it buried deep to stroke my prostate in tiny circles.

Nnngh.” I started panting into the pillow, the fabric growing hot and damp against my mouth. When he began sliding his finger in and out of me again, my hips strained back, trying to rock into the movement.

“Still, Adam.” He slid his finger free and stroked my hole, his other hand gently squeezing my dick.

Trembling already, I forced myself to go still and breathlessly waited as Gloam didn’t move for long moments except for his fingertip slowly circling me. Then he slid it deep again, once more finding my prostate and stroking with gentle pressure.

My cock jerked in his fist. I knew I was leaking all over the bed, especially when Gloam’s fingertips danced over the tip of my cock and grew even slicker before smoothing my pre-cum down my length with the lube.

His strokes were firm but agonisingly slow, the slick sound of it making sweat bead on my forehead. Neither of his hands ever sped up, even when I began shaking with the need to come, my body still weirdly relaxed and loose even though it should have been tensing up from the sensations.

Eventually, he sank two fingers inside and continued. What felt like hours later, he slipped in a third. There was hardly any pain from the stretch—he was giving my body so much time to adjust, until I was aching for something thicker inside me. Gloam usually bottomed when we had sex, which we both preferred, but sometimes I got desperate for his fat cock inside me. I usually needed a good amount of time to recover after, thanks to that impossibly thick bulge in the middle of his shaft.

It had been a while since I’d bottomed, and now the need was rising inside me, slow and lazy. I wanted him to fuck me, but for once, I wasn’t in a rush to get there. What he was doing felt too good, even though it was keeping me on the brink of coming, never enough pressure to tip me over the edge. But I liked it. This time, there was none of the frantic tension or tightness in my muscles as he kept me waiting. Having an orgasm didn’t even feel all that important. I wanted to stay here, on the brink of it, letting the warm bliss roll through my frame in a continuous wave, feeling him touch me so intimately and carefully for as long as possible.

Neither of us had spoken for a long time, the only sounds in the room that of my harsh, ragged breaths against the pillow and Gloam’s deep, slightly unsteady ones behind me. I pictured his big cock straining between his thick thighs as he touched me, and I knew that if I flipped over and slid my hand between his legs, his hole would be leaking. But I didn’t move, not wanting to forgo this amazing, slow pleasure he was inflicting on my body.

“Still relaxed, my love?” he rumbled soothingly.

“Yeah,” I breathed, a little confused how I was this boneless and loose when my cock was rock hard and straining with the need to come. But my shoulders were still relaxed and free of tension. My legs almost felt like they were floating, even though I was keeping myself propped up on my knees. Even my toes were relaxed, tingling a little, and my head felt too heavy to lift—not that I was in any rush to move an inch.

Gloam slid his fingers free and circled them over my slightly swollen hole. Pressure returned when he added a fourth to carefully sink back inside, and the brief ache brought all the sensations in my lower body into sudden sharp focus.

My cock bucked in his fist, leaking continuously from the steady pressure against my prostate as he stroked it firmly. My nuts were already pulled up, but I felt them bunch tighter as the orgasm finally began to rise. It was a slow crescendo, heat gathering in the pit of my stomach, like my navel was being pulled in as my belly quivered. My pulse pounded in my ears, and I could only faintly hear my ragged breaths getting faster and faster as the steady pressure against my prostate and around my cock continued, never speeding up, not allowing me to rush over the edge in a sharp jolt.

Just as my cock began to swell even harder in Gloam’s fist, he let go, diverting all the pleasure deeper as my dick swung up to smack against my belly, flicking pre-cum over my chest. My prostate felt like it was throbbing against his fingertips, and then a ragged, muffled moan left me as my entire body shook violently, bliss rushing over me in pulsing waves that made my limbs go numb and my scalp tingle.

I couldn’t move when it ended, my chest somehow sinking even deeper into the mattress. My thighs were quaking wildly, but I was too loose and comfortable to even collapse onto my front. But when Gloam reached between my legs to pull my cock back again, skimming light fingertips up and down, I realised it was still rock hard. The urge to come was still there, pulsing through my length and keeping my sac bunched up tight.

I whimpered, almost giving in to the urge to rock my hips down and shuttle my cock through his loose grip. But I managed to stay still, even though I wasn’t quite sure how I’d just managed to come but at the same time hadn’t.

Just go with it. He might make you do it again.

“Okay, Adam?” Gloam asked softly, his four fingers still buried deep but not moving, the thumb of his other hand smoothing over my wet cockhead, making me shudder hard.

“Yes,” I whispered, my body still loose even as my heart pounded.


“Yes,” I croaked into the pillow. “Please.”

It happened so much quicker this time, like my prostate was still primed and raring to go. He jerked me in a slow, loose fist, my cock drooling onto the bed, but this time his fingertips moved quicker inside me, strumming my prostate, making me shake wildly and pant into the pillow.

I cried out when those same rolling waves of bliss washed through me, but even as Gloam let go of my cock again, he kept stroking my prostate, causing the pleasure to crescendo once more instead of melt slowly away. I barely remembered to breathe, until Gloam slid his free hand down my thigh and quietly told me to take a deep breath in through my nose. I obeyed automatically, shuddering as my slow, unsteady inhalations seemed to let me feel every ounce of the pleasure even as it began to fade.

This time, my knees felt like they were going to give out, my body weak and boneless but my cock still reeling with the need to come. Before I could collapse, Gloam gently rolled me onto my back and placed a warm, steady hand on my belly, telling me again to take deep breaths.

I was still trembling. My hole clenched around nothing, ass feeling empty now that his fingers were gone. My eyes felt wet, face hot and flushed. When Gloam dipped down to press a tender kiss to my shaft, I felt a split-second away from erupting all over my stomach just from that light touch.

He sat up and smiled down at me, removing his hand from my belly to reach for a damp cloth on the bed beside the bottles of lube and massage oil. He carefully cleaned his hands, then picked up the oil and poured more into his hand before shifting back to lift one of my feet onto his thigh.

“Still relaxed, love?” he asked as he massaged the sole of my foot.

Unngh.” I wasn’t capable of forming words. I was too sensitised for his touch to feel at all ticklish—it felt more like it was somehow connected directly to my cock, which strained against my lower belly, still leaking continuously.

The driving, overwhelming urge to come was still there, but it was buried deeper under layers of satiation, warm contentment, the hazy desire for this to never end. All my limbs were flopped carelessly on the bed, too heavy to even consider lifting. I continued breathing deep into my belly, not with my chest, because it was making me feel languid and letting me focus fully on the sensation of Gloam’s big, soothing hands smoothing up my shin, over my knee and the front of my thigh.

He repeated it with the other leg, then got more oil and smoothed his palms up my belly to my chest, stroking my peaked nipples with slick thumbs for long moments, until my breathing grew ragged again.

“Gloam,” I croaked, weirdly feeling like I might burst into tears at any moment and having no idea why. It was just… so much, but at the same time it wasn’t. I let myself sink into it—not try to hurry it along, not beg him to sink his cock inside me even though my body felt empty. I let myself relish the lazy ache of desire making me tremble, making my cock strain against my belly. Both my brain and body knew he’d look after me, so it kept me calm and loose and relaxed.

“I have you, Adam,” he soothed, kneading my shoulders before sliding his hands down my arms to rub circles into my palms and down each finger, until every single part of my body—except one—felt like it had turned to warm liquid.

“It’s so nice,” I mumbled drowsily, my voice slurred. I felt drunk. Why didn’t we do this, like, all the time? Every night? This was sooo much better than just gunning for the finish line, fast and frantic, the pleasure still amazing but more of a single intense explosion than this slow, lazy rolling of bliss through my whole body.

Gloam chuckled quietly, sliding his palms up and down my sides. I finally lifted my heavy head from the pillow to peer down. The sight of my oil-shiny skin glistening in the candlelight, and my straining cock leaking onto my belly, made my hips lift as my hole clenched with need.

“Gloam,” I whispered again, wanting to reach for him but my arm felt too heavy.

“Don’t worry, Adam.” He rested a hand on my belly, extending his thumb to stroke it over my leaking tip. “I’ll look after you.”

I shuddered out a breath, hips straining up again as the pleasure sharpened and gathered in my reeling cock. I began to shake, convinced I was about to blow just from his thumb smoothing tiny circles over my frenulum.

My hips kicked up, legs finally shifting to try and curl around his hips so he couldn’t get away. But Gloam slid his hands down my thighs, gently encouraging them to splay back down on the mattress.

“Do you want to turn onto your front again or stay like this?” he asked quietly as he reached for the lube and slicked up his hard cock.

My heartrate increased as I realised what this meant—that he was finally going to sink inside me. “Like this,” I croaked, lazy fingers reaching for his knees as he shifted closer until my thighs were draped over his.

He smiled, reaching between my legs to smooth more lube over my hole, sinking three fingers briefly inside to make sure I was still relaxed enough. Then he gently lifted my legs onto his shoulders, leaning forward until my knees slotted comfortably over the thick muscles. It wasn’t enough to cause any strain, even though I was close to being bent in half. My ass and lower back lifted off the bed, but all the tension was gone from my body. I felt malleable. Liquid. Like he could probably pin my feet over my head on the pillow and I’d still be a puddle of boneless goo.

“Breathe out, Adam,” he rumbled soothingly. “Slow and steady.”

I knew what to do, but I still nodded as my eyes slid shut. Bearing down, I let out a long breath and felt the wide, blunt tip of him press against my hole before slowly sinking inside. I was relaxed enough that at first, it only felt amazing, but then his cock started getting wider as that ridiculously thick bulge sought entrance.

I let out another shaky breath, willing my body to stay calm even as my fingers tightened on his knees.

“Nearly there, firebrand,” Gloam whispered, kissing the inside of my thigh as he tunnelled deeper so slowly it almost felt like he wasn’t moving.

I bit my lip, my hole straining as the widest part of him slid inside, before I let out a guttural, relieved groan as the rest of him followed easily.

“You did so well, Adam.” Gloam kissed my inner thigh again, stroking his palms up and down my legs as his cock throbbed inside me, unmoving. “You are perfect.”

I peeled open my eyes to give him a drowsy smile, mumbling, “Felt easier this time.”

He smiled back, oblong pupils reflecting the candlelight in the room. “Good. Do you need a minute?”

I shook my head, toes curling behind his shoulders as my hole clenched around his thick shaft. “No, I’m okay.”

Keeping the backs of my thighs flat against his wide torso, he slowly pulled back until I felt that fat bulge pushing against my hole, before sinking back inside. His thrusts were short and shallow, but not at all jarring—easy glides that kept up constant pressure against my sensitive prostate, milking more pre-cum from my untouched cock.

My breathing sped up, growing ragged, but even as the explosive orgasm that had been simmering under the surface all this time began to rear, demanding attention, I stayed loose and relaxed on the bed. It was like he’d plucked all the bones out of my body and replaced them with pure, hazy bliss.

Gloam let out a shuddering groan as he slowly fucked me, and the sound of his pleasure made my cock strain up off my belly before smacking back down. I usually made a lot more noise while we were fucking, groaning and babbling feverishly about how good it felt, but all that escaped me were panting breaths, even my throat muscles too relaxed to tighten up around any moans or words.

He finally released my legs to lean forward and rest his hands on the bed either side of me, his thick biceps keeping my thighs from slipping off his shoulders. His slow thrusts got longer, hips rolling forward and tightening his stomach muscles in a glorious display that made me shudder out a breath. I could feel his cock retreating until almost the widest part of it slipped out, but there was no pain at all. He groaned again, even more unsteadily this time, his big body shuddering as his textured brow furrowed with pleasure.

I clutched his ropey forearms, tiny whimpers leaving me now as he transferred his weight to one arm and brought the other around my thigh to stroke my cock in drugging pulls that matched the speed of his slow-moving hips. I was hot and flushed all over, my skin slippery and gleaming with oil in the candlelight. The orgasm began barrelling down on me with speed, making my chest heave as my breaths turned choppy and unstable.

My cock grew agonisingly stiff in his big fist, throbbing as cum boiled up its length. My entire body began to shake when the pressure finally broke, a hoarse cry leaving me as hot cum spurted over my trembling stomach in thick lines. My prostate pulsed against Gloam’s cock, drawing out the pleasure as my thighs quaked against his chest.

Gloam’s hips stuttered, my name leaving him on a shaky exhale. He plunged his cock as deep as he could, the swell on the shaft throbbing as he shuddered over me, eyes sliding shut and mouth going slack as he came.

Our ragged breaths filled the room as languid satiation settled over me like a warm blanket. I was still trembling with aftershocks, especially when Gloam slowly pulled out and the tip of his cock slid against my oversensitised prostate as his swell slipped through.

He shifted back until our faces were level and settled on his elbows, his biceps bulging as he dipped his head to kiss my trembling mouth. “Are you alright, my love?”

I could barely find the energy to kiss him back. “My brain has stopped working,” I mumbled.

He chuckled, pressing his lips to my cheek. “That’s a first.”

I finally found the strength to turn my head and kiss him, sliding my tongue inside to glide against his. “I don’t think I have the skills to do that to you.”

He huffed, shifting to clasp one of my wrists and bring my hand to his face. He kissed my palm sweetly. “These clever hands are capable of doing all that to me and more. But you don’t need to, Adam. You bring me that much pleasure just by being near me.”

My brain finally started to reboot, allowing me to let out a weak snort. “No way. Do you even know what you just did to my body?”

He chuckled, kissing my palm again before pressing it to his cheek. “I have some idea. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“I don’t even…” I swallowed, my throat dry. “That was the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life.”

He grinned, tusks peeking out and making my chest get all tight. “Good. You make me feel like that every day.”

Smiling sleepily, I stroked my thumb over his cheekbone. “I love you.”

“I love you too, firebrand.” Turning his head to drop a final kiss on my palm, he sat up and reached for the damp cloth.

I shivered as cool air replaced the heat of his big body, then shivered again when he carefully wiped up the mess on my stomach before dipping the cloth between my legs to clean my hole. Finally, he cleaned his cock before dropping the cloth and the bottles of lube and oil onto the floor, then pulled the covers up over us as he laid down beside me.

“The sheets are all oily,” I mumbled, already half asleep.

“We will worry about the sheets in the morning, firebrand.” He gently turned my boneless body onto its side and curled around me from behind, enveloping me in his warmth and scent.

I groaned in bliss, relaxing deeper under the covers. He pressed a kiss to the back of my head, then another to the bend of my shoulder, keeping his lips and nose there as he inhaled deeply. His arm slipped under mine to drape over my belly and chest, keeping me pinned close. I had just enough awareness left to tangle my fingers through his, directly over my heart, before I dropped into deep sleep, more content than I had ever been in my life.

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