Bonus Short: Hunter and Edin Pay the Nebraska Base a Visit

A 6.5k word short where Hunter and Edin return to the Nebraska military base so Edin can get his revenge on a karik. It’s not the karik that ripped his leg off when he was a kid, but it’ll still be satisfying.

It was so nice returning to Edin and Hunter! Hunter is my grumpy babe, but a total marshmallow for his big monster.

And as a surprise to no one, this is smut-heavy. Mainly smut. With some monster-killing at the beginning.

Content warnings: Explicit sexual content, 18+ only, intercrural sex, restraint, throatf*cking, all that good stuff, plus graphic depictions of death and violence, mentions of past trauma, Wyn somehow managing to push his stabby agenda from a distance

Spoiler warning: Set during the events of Moth (Monstrous: Book Five) – like, after the beginning of Moth, when it is mentioned that there is a karik occupying the base and Edin’s interest is piqued.


“Are you sure this is a good idea, scratch?” I asked dubiously as I eyed the former Nebraska military base, now just an empty shell.

It looked even more dilapidated than the last time I’d been here, when Charlie and I arrived to find it abandoned, burnt out, and smeared in blood and the half-eaten remains of fellow soldiers. Nature was starting to reclaim the building, the grass wildly overgrown out front, thick vines crawling over old trucks to engulf them.

Edin chuckled, looking entirely at ease as he strode beside me. I was clutching my gun, just to be safe, darting my gaze everywhere warily.

“It’s empty, josdo, aside from that tentacle-legged fucker. I’d never risk you. Wyn came ahead to check that nothing else was here.” He flashed me a fanged grin. “He is eager to hear all about it when we get back to the camp. He offered to come with us and help me tear the creature to shreds.”

I grunted, secretly relieved that the Soul Eater hadn’t come with us on this trip, seeing as he, you know, hated my guts. I wasn’t good enough for his precious adopted isdernuc son. But then again, I was pretty sure no one would be, in his opinion.

“Okay, so only the, uh, tentacle-legged fucker is here,” I began cautiously. “Should I be worried about that?”

“I’ll keep you safe,” Edin replied airily.

I hesitated, chewing on my lip under my mask as I glanced over at him. “And uh… shouldn’t you be worried about that? One did rip your leg off when you were younger.”

Edin snarled, lip curling to show off a short fat fang. “I was practically still a youth! And it crept up on me.” He grunted, horns slashing through the air as he bobbed his head side to side. “And I may have taunted it a bit instead of just killing it.”

I rolled my eyes and let out an exasperated huff. “Edin.”

“These things are terrible, Hunter!” Edin stopped to face me, giving me big puppy dog eyes. “I am doing a good thing, ridding it from this world. It will tear the skin clean off your bones if it gets you. Just pull it off, and it will already be eating it before you—”

“Scratch.” I felt the blood drain from my face as I stared up at him. “I don’t want your skin to get torn from your bones.”

His face softened. He stepped closer and palmed my cheek, tracing the scar there above the edge of my mask. “I will be fine, josdo.”

I nodded, throat bobbing with a nervous swallow. Lifting the gun in my hands, I said, “Can’t I just shoot it? So you don’t have to get close?”

“Oh no.” Edin rubbed his cheek against my baseball cap before he started walking again. I trailed behind him. “I am eager to tear its tentacles free one by one. And its beak, if I can get to it without losing any fingers. But if I do, fingers don’t take all that long to grow back.”

I glanced over at him in alarm. “How many fingers have you lost?”

Edin shrugged, big purple eyes growing tight as we approached the building. “A few.” He stopped walking again, and his voice was more sombre as he added, “Several in there, actually.”

My gut squeezed into a tight knot. I’d asked him repeatedly before we’d set off from the camp whether returning here would trigger any traumatic memories for him. He’d assured me it wouldn’t. I hadn’t believed him. I’d maybe started yelling a bit, the fear over the thought of him hurting—not just physically, but mentally—turning to impotent anger when he refused to call off his mission to hunt down this karik in retribution.

Gloam, the big bald monster at the camp, had had to step in and calm me down. I hadn’t calmed down, not really, but I’d stopped yelling and stomped back to our room, not wanting to cause anymore of a scene in front of a whole camp of raiders we barely knew.

Edin had followed me and promised me he would be fine coming back here. I still hadn’t believed him, but I suspected he’d believed what he was saying. I hadn’t thought he’d been lying to me—I thought Edin buried so much, deep down, so he wouldn’t have to acknowledge the painful memories he’d amassed over his long life. I recognised it. Charlie had a habit of doing it too.

I hadn’t wanted to argue with him anymore, so I’d reluctantly agreed to come with him. And as we’d laid in bed that night, I’d clung onto him and silently decided that if I could sense him growing distressed while we were here, I’d do whatever it took to get him to abort this ridiculous mission. I’d start yelling. I’d throw down my gun and stomp off away from the base. I’d find a way to get him to follow me and leave the base behind. Edin could be a stubborn bastard at times, but being a stubborn bastard made up about half my personality. I wouldn’t back down if it ultimately achieved my goal of preventing him from being in any kind of pain.

As he stared up at the ruined building, I took a breath to begin my plan. Making sure my voice was surly, I grunted, “This is stupid, scra—”

“Hunter.” Edin turned and grasped my face, tilting my chin up so I could look into his eyes. “Do you really think I would put either of us at risk for a little revenge?”

“I don’t know,” I muttered. “You are best friends with the fucking Soul Eater, and he seems like the type to—”

“Why would I risk my life now when I have everything to live for?” He gave me a sweet, fanged smile. “Because of you.”

I took a deep, controlled breath, trying to prevent myself from melting entirely. That sneaky fucker.

After a minute of silence, I groaned and gave his firm stomach a gentle shove. “Manipulative bastard.”

Edin smirked, tugging down my mask to give me a kiss before fixing it back in place. “You love me, josdo.”

“Yes, I’m aware.” I glared up at him. “I love you more than anything, but that doesn’t mean I particularly want to carry you all the way back to the camp if you get all your limbs ripped off by a ‘tentacle-legged fucker’.”

“Bah.” Edin stepped back and waved a hand. “You’d manage. You’re big and strong. And it’ll rip off one at the most before I destroy it, and only if I am careless.”

“Okay, well let’s aim for none getting ripped off,” I said tightly as we started walking again. “Should I wait out here?”

Edin paused, glancing behind us, eyes shrewd as they scanned the horizon. “It is safer if you come in, josdo. Just in case.”

“Alright. And I can’t use my gun, right?” I added with an eyeroll.

“No. It’s my kill,” Edin said stubbornly. Glancing over with a tiny smile, he added, “You can use your gun if I’m two limbs down.”

“One limb.”

“Eh, fine,” he muttered, before we both fell silent as we stepped into the building through the already open doors.

It looked much like it had when Charlie and I came here before, except now there was a lot of… black goo-like substance smeared over the walls and floor.

And blood. More blood. A few unidentifiable chunks of meat, some bones, several of which looked big enough to have originally been inside some large wild animals.

The building was silent, our bootsteps echoing as we crunched over grit and tiny shards of glass. Edin’s loose, ambling gait was gone, his body tense and ready as we walked down the long wide hallway.

I wanted to ask him if he was okay, but knew it wasn’t a good idea to speak. We reached the end of the hall and looked both ways. To our right was another hallway lined with doors, most open or smashed down. On our left, we could see the gloom of the doorway that led to the staircase, a huge metal structure that burrowed deep down into the depths of the building.

There was a lot more black goo and blood smeared around the entrance.

Edin jerked his chin toward it, then grabbed my hand and led me the other way. He took me into one of the rooms, and I spotted a plaque on the door reading Cpt. Hamish. The office inside was largely intact, though the desk drawers had been ransacked at some point, all of them hanging open and mostly empty.

“Wait here,” Edin whispered, smoothing his palm over the back of my head. “I will lead it the other way. Preferably outside.”

“No,” I hissed, grabbing his arm. “I want to stay with you. You might need my—”

“Hunter.” Edin gripped the back of my neck, his eyes hard as he stared at me. “Stay here. You will only distract me. Promise me.”

I exhaled, a muscle ticking in my jaw. At length, I nodded stiffly. “Fine. But if it sounds like you need—”

“I will call for you if I need help.” Edin briefly tugged down my mask to give me a firm kiss. “I swear.”

“Okay.” I swallowed nervously and clutched at his kilt. “Be careful.”

Edin chuckled at that, which did not lessen my nerves in the slightest. With a gentle pat to my cheek, he turned and ambled out of the office.

I’d said I’d stay in here, but fuck that. I wasn’t leaving him to face that thing alone. I was already striding to the door to follow him when a deafening crash made me jump out of my skin, fear for Edin sending chills to my blood.

But then I heard him shout, “Come on then, you slimy fuckface.”

For fuck’s sake, Edin. A tiny part of my brain recognised that Charlie would be pleased to know Edin was making use of all the human curse words he’d taught him over our time at the homestead, but the rest of me was already pissed off. I gritted my teeth and reached for the door, but a hideous screech echoing up from floors below us made me freeze.

Edin let out a booming laugh. “Hungry, you tentacle-legged fucker?”

“You just said the other one got to you because you taunted it,” I shouted through the door, feeling my blood pressure rise. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Shush, Hunter!” I balked at being shushed, but before I could rip the door open, I heard the terrifyingly fast, slapping footsteps of something big and wet thundering up the metal staircase.

“Oh ho ho, you’re a big one,” Edin said, sounding delighted.

I clenched my jaw so hard I thought my teeth would crack, but it was the only way to stop myself from yelling again. Edin was right—I couldn’t distract him, but that didn’t mean I didn’t hate the fact I was stuck in this room.

The thing let out another hideous screech, and I heard something metal and heavy slide across the floor. There was a dull, wet thud, followed by another. When I heard Edin grunt, my vision whited out briefly.

Moving silently but quickly, I eased open the door and aimed my gun as I poked my head out into the hallway. My lips parted on a little stunned puff of air as I took in the sight in front of me.

Edin was standing over a flailing, screeching thing with one boot pressing its bulbous mantle into the floor. Its skin was a deep mottled blueish purple, and its eyes were bulging, but I didn’t know if that was because its head was about to pop under Edin’s weight.

He looked entirely unconcerned. His hands were even on his hips in a wholly casual pose as his tail curled around the karik’s many tentacles, one at a time, and ripped them free with a wet sucking sound that made my gorge rise. The creature shrieked as each one got torn from its body, the rest of it flailing, but it couldn’t lift itself from the ground.

Edin glanced up and frowned when he noticed me standing there gawping. “I told you to stay in there.”

The karik sensed the brief moment of distraction. It wrapped a tentacle around Edin’s boot, causing him to glance down and step back to try and shake it off. Then the creature was slithering away from him, and I went pale when I realised its bulbous eyes were fixed on me.

It lurched up from the ground, limping on its remaining tentacles, but still moving shockingly fast as it hurtled toward me.

Now can I shoot it?” I yelled, already raising my gun and firing off several rounds.

I didn’t know if it was running on adrenaline, but the bullets didn’t slow it down. I stumbled back into the office as it advanced, catching a last glimpse of Edin’s tense face as he raced toward us.

The karik screeched as it burst into the office after me, black goo pouring from its half-ruined body. I shot it again, which made it jerk back, and its movements appeared weaker as it skidded forward, half of its remaining tentacles slipping out from under it.

Edin filled the doorway, his tail whipping round to embed its spike deep in the creature’s eye. I guess I’d never realised just how much strength he had in that tail, because he used it to fling the creature back against the far wall.

His tail wound around its neck, cinching tighter and tighter. Its eyes really were bulging now, its mantle seeming to swell from the pressure. In a sickening gush of black goo, its mantle separated from the rest of its body and deflated, all the contents pouring out onto the floor. Its tentacles flopped limply to the ground, a couple continuing to twitch in the ensuing silence.

My heart was pounding, my brow beaded with sweat. I slowly placed my gun on the ground beside me and swallowed.

“S-sorry,” I mumbled, feeling like shit for doing the one thing he’d asked me not to. I kind of had a habit of that.

Edin waved an easy hand, breathing faster than normal from exertion. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay put.”

I huffed a brief laugh, my body tingling with adrenaline in the aftermath of that brief but disgusting fight. What was with all the black goo?

I realised that my breathing had sped up as I’d watched Edin destroy this hideous screeching monster, my gut bottoming out with a lurch of excitement, mingling with the brief bolt of fear. Which was… an interesting reaction to have?

Edin and I stared at each other, our hard breaths loud in the room. He eventually broke the loaded look to glance down disdainfully at the dead karik.

His lip curled, and he booted the creature in the side, causing its body to roll over with a wet slap. And for some strange reason, my cock gave a hearty twitch in my pants.

Edin’s intense eyes snapped back to me when my breath hitched. His tail lashed wildly, biceps bulging as he flexed his fingers. When his head cocked, eyes narrowing as he assessed me, my cheeks got hot. A tiny smile curled one corner of his lips, a short fat fang peeking out.

“Scratch,” I croaked, heart pounding as my breathing sped up.

His deep purple eyes flashed a split second before he strode forward. I had just enough time to rip my mask down before he reached me and crushed his mouth to mine. My legs snapped around his waist when he hefted me into his arms, and his horns dislodged my baseball cap until it got knocked off my head and fell to the floor.

I clasped his craggy face in my hands as we kissed frantically, tongues thrusting together aggressively. I still liked to make him work for it at first, but when Edin growled against my mouth and nipped sharply at my lip with his fangs, I jolted with a grunt before melting completely. Shivering with pleasure, I let him invade my mouth, taking over the kiss as he strode forward with me in his arms.

My ass hit a hard wooden surface. Hamish’s old desk. The former soldier in me—the dude who had obediently followed orders for over a decade—couldn’t quite believe that we were clearly about to fuck on a superior officer’s desk.

Mainly, though, the idea made my cock really hard.

I let out a dazed groan as Edin broke the kiss to rip my shirt over my head. His hot mouth and tongue attacked my neck as long fingers deftly unbuttoned my pants.

Edin chuckled against my neck as I clutched at his long hair with anxious fingers, already panting, much to my embarrassment.

“So hard already, josdo,” he rumbled, curling strong fingers around my dick through the fabric of my boxer briefs.

I jolted with a groan, teeth clenched. My cock bucked in his unyielding grip. Edin’s nose trailed up the side of my neck before he grazed my earlobe with his fangs, making me shudder.

“Watching me rip that creature to pieces made you want to fuck, hmm?”

My face burned. “Shut up.”

He rumbled in amusement, releasing my cock to cup my nuts through the fabric. An undignified sound left me when he squeezed, not being particularly gentle. Pre-cum beaded, sticking the tip of my dick to cotton.

Edin kissed me, winding his tongue around mine, before leaning back to give me a shit-eating grin.

“You don’t want to fuck, Hunter?” The tone of his deep voice was unconvincingly innocent. My breath caught when he hefted my sac lightly in his big palm. “These feel full and heavy. You don’t want me to empty them?”

Oh fuck. My breath shuddered out of me, cock jerking hungrily, trapped at an awkward angle in my boxers. I knew my face was flushed, brows pinched in desperation, but I still managed to glare at him.

“Okay, fine,” I snapped, though it came out far needier than I’d intended. “Yes. I wanna fuck.” I melted again, shivering when Edin stroked my nuts and dipped his head to kiss me. “Edin,” I mumbled against his mouth.

He chuckled, leaning back and finally removing his hand to start yanking down my pants and underwear. I lifted my hips to help him, biting down on my inner cheek when my cock bounced free against my thigh, getting harder and harder in a rush.

“You’re all anger and bluster until you want to get fucked, aren’t you?” Edin purred, dropping to his haunches to tug my right boot off so he could pull my pants free. He left them bunched around the ankle of my prosthetic leg, straightening back up.

My face burned hotter, but I couldn’t stop my fingers from curling around my cock and giving it a stroke. I lifted my chin and tried to shoot him another glare.

“I can stay angry if you want.”

Edin burst out laughing, stepping between my spread thighs and palming my sides. “You couldn’t if you tried, josdo. You get too needy.” He smirked at me, a fang peeking out. “Too desperate for my cock.”

“Not always,” I shot back, clutching the base of my dick as it throbbed from his words. “Sometimes I get desperate for your ass instead.”

It was barely a win, but I’d take what I could get when it came to verbally sparring with this monster.

“Mm.” Edin smirked again and burrowed his hands between my ass and the desk, easily lifting my hips.

I quickly leaned back to steady myself, letting go of my cock to place my palms on the wooden surface. My legs curled loosely around his waist, and I stared at the bulge of his hard cock lifting the fabric of his kilt, so close to my tightening sac and the heavy length of my dick twitching against my belly.

It always did something to me, being completely naked when he wasn’t—even though he was only ever half-dressed all the time. But watching the fabric of his kilt shift as his big cock rose, getting stiffer but still hidden from view, made my skin prickle with sweat. I felt vulnerable, naked and spread and exposed to his sharp gaze, and I fucking loved it.

I let out a surprised grunt as I was suddenly flipped over by big strong hands, landing on all fours on the desk with my knees spread wide and ass totally exposed. I stared down at the dusty surface, the wood polished to a high shine beneath the layer of grit, as my heart pounded in my chest.

My cock bucked, hanging heavy between my spread thighs. “Edin,” I rasped, craning my neck to look back at him over my shoulder. My breaths shuddered out of me.

I gritted my teeth hard when I realised he was already crouching behind me, only the tops of his horns visible beyond the swell of my ass. I jolted with a sharp moan when his hot mouth pressed a kiss to the back of my thigh.

“Fuck.” I looked back down at the desk, breathing hard, fingertips bleaching as I pressed my splayed fingers onto the wooden surface.

My cock bucked hungrily when Edin’s warm breath danced over the back of my sac. He placed a delicate kiss there, then another to the stretch of skin above, which, fuck, did things to me. I bit the inside of my cheek hard to suppress an embarrassingly needy whimper, and then my eyes were fluttering closed with a sigh of pure bliss as his tongue stroked over my hole.

My thighs quaked from just that soft lick, upper body sinking lower on the desk to push my ass higher, presenting myself to him even more. When Edin was unexpectedly gentle like this, it affected me more than I would ever be able to admit out loud—but he still knew. He knew me better than anyone, even Charlie. He was the one person in the universe who I could be this vulnerable with.

“My favourite morsel,” Edin rumbled, kissing the inner curve of one ass cheek before licking me again.

I huffed out a sharp breath, wanting to reach back and touch him. I settled for resting my hot forehead on my arms, my heart thudding hard in my chest.

A broken groan escaped me when Edin’s tongue swirled around my hole. He moaned, a low rumble that vibrated my skin and made my cock jerk, dripping pre-cum onto the desk.

My eyes flashed open when I was suddenly, unexpectedly yanked back, Edin’s strong arms banded around my waist as he set me on my feet and spun me around. I blinked up at him, dazed, jarred too quickly out of the lulling pleasure of his tongue.

Fangs flashed in a wicked grin as he cupped my face. “I will savour you later, josdo,” he told me, his other hand dipping between us to heft my sac in his palm. I grunted when he gave it a less-than-gentle squeeze. “But right now, you want to please me, don’t you? To show me how hungry you got watching me kill that karik.”

My fingers clenched into fists. “Yes,” I whispered, trying to temper the pleading expression I knew was painting my features.

Edin watched me for a second longer, before patting my cheek and sliding his hand lower to grip my shoulder. “Good boy.”

Oh fuck. There was absolutely no resistance from me when he applied firm pressure to my shoulder, forcing me onto my knees. At the same time, he was rucking up his kilt until his hard cock finally emerged, swaying and so heavy that it pointed right at me even though it was stiff with blood.

When it brushed my cheek, I moaned and reached up to grip his thighs, steadying myself. I turned my cheek, mouth seeking out the dripping head of his cock, but before I could, Edin palmed the back of my neck in an unyielding grip.

I lifted my eyes to his, gratified to see the lust twisting his inhuman features. His big eyes flashed, top lip peeled back in one corner in a little snarl. His jaw clenched before he shot me a smile.

“Hands behind your back, josdo.”

I swallowed, slowly dropping my hands from his thick thighs. “Okay.”

I drew my arms back, and the moment my wrists brushed together at the small of my back, I felt the sinuous length of Edin’s tail cinch them tight, locking them together. My cock bucked, hole clenching and balls drawing up.

Edin’s big hands framed my face, directing my mouth to his straining dick. “Now be a good boy and suck my cock.”

Holy crap. I shuddered hard, parting my lips immediately to take the smooth, hot head inside. We both moaned as I worshipped Edin’s cockhead, licking up the pre-cum as soon as it emerged, flicking my tongue, alternating between hard and soft sucks.

When I tried to take more into my mouth, his firm grip on my head stopped me.

“You want more?” His voice was deeper, snarlier, his big chest heaving with his fast breaths.

“Mmm!” I gazed up at him pleadingly, feeling the scar on my cheek pull tight from my sucking draws.

He loomed over me, lavender skin gleaming in the bright sunlight coming in through the windows. The big windows. It was highly unlikely anyone would approach the base, but if they did, they’d get an unimpeded view of me on my knees, naked, sucking this big monster’s cock. My hips twitched involuntarily at the idea of it.

Edin shot me a sly grin, thumb stroking over my scarred cheekbone. “Think you can take all of it, josdo?” he rumbled, even though he knew I could.

We both knew this wasn’t the best angle for it, but it always filled me with a certain kind of blissed out pride every time my nose met the smooth skin of his pelvis, his entire cock lodged down my throat, cutting off my air and choking me.

I glared up at him impatiently in answer, and he chuckled before drawing my head closer, filling my mouth slowly. My heart pounded, fingers clenching and unclenching repeatedly where they were restrained by his tail behind my back. My eyes slid shut as I forced my throat to open up, relax, breathing fast through my nose until Edin’s cockhead popped through and cut off my air.

I shuddered as he let out a snarling groan, fingers tightening on my head. “Good boy.”

Holy fuck, he had to stop calling me that or I was going to come. I coughed a little when he pulled back, allowing me to suck in shuddery breaths, and then he was surging forward again, setting a brutal pace that had my eyes instantly watering.

He pulled my head forward to meet every thrust of his hips, making me go hot and cold all over, my scalp tingling where he gripped my head even tighter. I was making desperate, garbled sounds around his cock, gagging, my chest heaving, and when it suddenly felt like I was going to hurl he pulled back, wrenching a choked cough from my throat.

“Suck, Hunter,” he ordered, giving me only a second to recover. I obeyed instantly, my trembling lips tightening around his shaft so my mouth could take deep draws.

Edin sighed in pleasure above me, thrusting his hips slower and gentler now, fingers dancing over my scalp and caressing my short hair. His tail was still cinching my wrists tight, but I felt the sharp tip trail lightly up the sensitive skin of my inner forearm, making me shiver.

My jaw ached, stretched wide around his thick shaft. He allowed me to pull back enough to wind my tongue around his cockhead before plunging my mouth deep again with a needy grunt.

“Watch the teeth, josdo,” he rumbled with a chuckle. My eyes popped open to glare up at him.

He laughed again as he pulled his hips back and lifted me onto my feet. My knees were trembling, and my cock was throbbing so hard I was pretty sure a single touch would bring me off.

Edin cupped my jaw, thumb wiping away the spit that was all over my chin. I sucked in trembling breaths, hands still restrained behind my back by his tail.

“Why—why’d you make me stop?” I panted, unable to stop my hips arching forward, trying to rub my cock against him.

“Because you’re going to make me come a different way, Hunter.” He leaned in and kissed the corner of my mouth as his tail finally let go of my wrists.

“Jesus, Edin,” I snapped, unfulfilled lust making me tense. “We’re not shooting a porno here. We don’t need to get through ten different positions before we can come.”

He chuckled, lifting me easily back onto the desk. “Just one more, josdo.”

When he spread my thighs and stepped between them, I shivered, hands clutching at his hips. “Are you gonna fuck me now?” I asked in what I hoped was a sultry voice. Pretty sure it came out more impatient than anything, though.

“In a way.” He smirked at me as he unfastened his kilt and let it drop to the floor.

I spluttered indignantly. “What does that—”

I cut off with a grunt when he stepped back and grasped my legs in one quick movement, pinning them together with a thick arm banded around my thighs and forcing me to lean back on my elbows so I didn’t completely lose my balance. My pants were still dangling from one ankle, caught on my boot.

I licked my lips. “Wh-what—”

He propped my legs up on his shoulder, keeping them tight together, and my breath caught when I felt the hot, blunt head of his cock prodding between my pinned thighs.

Edin grinned at me, showing off his short fangs, before turning his head to kiss my calf. “I’m going to fuck these thick thighs of yours, josdo.”

“Oh fuck.” My voice wavered, and my head bobbed in a desperate nod. “Yeah. Okay. Do it.”

He chuckled. “I wasn’t asking for permission.”

That made my fingers twitch with the urge to reach down and grab my throbbing cock. Despite his words, I knew he’d stop the instant I told him to, or he sensed that I wanted him to. That was what made it so different with him. He gave me the freedom to give up control, something I struggled with in all aspects of my life. He made me feel safe enough to be vulnerable.

I quickly realised these were kind of mushy thoughts to be having when Edin was about to fuck my thighs, so I grinned up at him and tensed my thighs when I felt the hard, heavy length of him sliding between them. The smile fled when the flushed, deep purple head of his dick emerged, sliding over my sac, making me gasp.

I stared in fascination as he began thrusting. The way his body was moving imitated the act of him fucking me, but I got to see the head of his cock vanishing and reappearing between my clenched thighs. It was flushed and leaking heavily, his pre-cum smoothing over my balls as his cock rubbed against them. I could feel my inner thighs getting slick with it, easing his way.

My ass squeezed around nothing, body intimately familiar with the pounding thrusts of Edin’s hips, aching to be filled by him. It was like the best kind of torture, keeping me on the edge for way longer than I would have lasted if he’d been fucking my ass. All I could feel was the rub of his cock against my sac, a muted kind of pleasure that shouldn’t have been enough to get me off, but it felt like it could. The idea of it was turning me on so much that my own cock was leaking all over my belly, so stiff and sensitive that just the rasp of the hair on my stomach may have been enough to make me come, if Edin kept up his heavy thrusts for long enough.

His head tipped back in pleasure as he groaned, long hair shifting over his shoulders and against my calf. His balls smacked against my ass with each thrust, making me grit my teeth to suppress a needy whimper.

“You always feel so good, josdo,” Edin purred, dipping his head to kiss my shin, eyes holding mine.

My chest got tight, and I almost blurted out a declaration of love before Edin’s free hand smoothed over my stomach, distracting me instantly. When he lightly thumbed the slick tip of my cock, my hips bucked.

“You want me to come all over you, Hunter?” he asked with a sly grin, adjusting his bruising grip on my thighs.

“Holy shit, yes,” I moaned impatiently, staring down at where his cockhead appeared with every hard thrust. “Please. All over me. Edin—”

He snarled, thrusts growing erratic and jerky. His big hand curled around my cock in an unyielding grip, squeezing almost too tight, but I loved it. My thighs were quaking and felt weak, but he kept them in place with his brutal hold and cried out as his hips surged forward one last time.

Cum shot from his cock in heavy spurts, painting my stomach first, then his hand and my dick, then my nuts. His huge body quaked with the force of his orgasm, but his fist started pumping fiercely, slicking up my length with his release, and it took only a couple of strokes before I started to shake.

“F-f-fuck, Edin—” I cut myself off with a shout, my entire body tensing up as I started to come. My hips bucked, sliding his cock between my thighs, making him growl as he pressed his cheek to my leg.

I was positive I wouldn’t be able to stand unassisted when my orgasm ended. I felt dazed, blinking repeatedly as Edin finally released my legs with a final kiss to my calf. My feet dropped onto the floor, and I stared down at the mess all over my stomach and junk. My inner thighs were slick with Edin’s cum, the skin red and sensitive.

Edin let out a sated groan, stepping back and bending down to grab his kilt.

“Look at you, josdo.” He chuckled as he fastened it around his hips. “So handsome when I turn you into a mess like this.”

I attempted to glare at him, but it was half-hearted at best. I felt loose and boneless, wishing I could just collapse back on the desk and take a nap. Instead, I heaved myself up, grateful when Edin steadied me as my knees threatened to buckle.

Once he was sure I could stand on my own, he cupped my face and kissed me sweetly. “I love you, josdo.”

I sighed, a smile playing at the corners of my mouth as I nuzzled his cheek. “I love you too, scratch.”

As he went digging around the office for something I could clean up with, I collected up my clothes. Edin returned with an old shirt and wiped my front and between my thighs, and I couldn’t help but snort as I got dressed. Hope the military never came back here to collect their shit, unless they wanted a cum-crusted shirt back.

“Well.” Edin smacked my ass as I fastened my pants, then put his hands on his hips as he surveyed the room cheerfully. “A successful trip, I’d say.”

I rolled my eyes and collected my hat, shoving it on my head. “Vengeance and an orgasm. The ideal outcomes of any mission.”

“Exactly.” He strode over to the dead karik, and I grimaced a little at the realisation that we’d just had sex with it in the room. Probably not my finest moment.

“Shall we head off, scratch?” I put my mask back on, adjusting the fabric until it was comfortable.

“Mm.” Edin poked at the corpse with the toe of his boot. “Which bit shall I take back?”

I froze in the act of grabbing my gun, slowly turning my head to look at him. “Excuse me?”

“Wyn asked me to take a bit back so he could see it. I did tell you he wanted to come.”

I spluttered, unable to get words out for a few seconds. “Edin, we are not carrying a bit of carcass back with us.” I snatched up my backpack and thrust it out. “I’m the only one with a bag and I am not putting a fucking chunk of squid monster in it with the rest of my shit.”

“I never said you’d have to carry it.” Edin sniffed imperiously, lifting his chin. “My kilt has pockets.”

I let out an incredulous laugh. “What, so you’re going to walk back to camp with a goddamn tentacle sticking out of your pocket?”

“Maybe,” he shot back.

“It’ll start rotting! It’ll stink! It’s already”—I wrinkled my nose, looking at the dead monster—“wet. There’s a puddle of black mucus under it!”

Fine.” I saw Edin roll his eyes. “I won’t take a tentacle.”

I stared at him hard. “Or any other part of it?”



“Don’t forget your gun, josdo.” He waved a hand in my general direction, still staring down at the dead karik.

I didn’t move at first, watching him suspiciously. When he lifted his head and gazed innocently back, I narrowed my eyes before slowly turning to grab my gun.

The moment my back was turned, I heard a sickeningly wet sucking crunch. I spun back around in time to see Edin quickly straightening up from a crouch beside the dead karik.

“What did you just rip off?” I barked.

“Nothing,” he said quickly.


He huffed. “Fine.”

Opening his hand, he revealed the big, octopus-like beak of the creature, shiny white with smears of black goo on it. My mouth twisted with disgust.

“Not a tentacle, see?” he said with a beaming smile, then wiped the beak on his kilt before shoving it in his pocket. “And it fits right in my pocket.”

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