Bonus Short: Moth and Wyn Visit a City

or: Moth and Wyn Ransack an Adult Store and Go Home to their Respective Partners Agreeing to Never Speak of it Again

An entirely indulgent and gratuitous short about Moth and Wyn taking a “bro trip” to a city, ransacking a sex shop and returning to the camp for Moth to be absolutely wrecked by Charlie.

This is 14.6k words of stabby monster bonding and pure smut. The longest of the shorts so far. I don’t know why I always end up having so much to say about Charlie and Moth. They’re just so dang cute!

As always, please do check the content and spoiler warnings.


Content warnings: Explicit sexual content, 18+ only, use of sex toys, restraint, blindfold, overstimulation and forced orgasm, mentions of death and violence, Wyn and Moth discussing their stabby agendas

Spoiler warning: Set after the events of Moth (Monstrous: Book Five).


“Hey, uh… Wyn?” I resisted the urge to call him Mr Eater as I approached the ghoulish, hooded figure and his human lover on the camp wall.

They were sitting side by side on the edge of the wall, Danny’s legs dangling while Wyn had his crossed as he hunched over, picking at the seam of his pants. They both looked up, and Danny leaned back on his hands as he smiled up at me.


“Hey.” I gave him a hesitant smile back.

I still felt kind of awkward around Danny, and I had no idea why. Maybe it was because he’d had the courage, at some point, to start a romantic relationship with the fucking Soul Eater. I wasn’t entirely sure of the circumstances in which they’d met, but even if I’d been attracted to Wyn, I absolutely could not imagine being brave enough to… approach him like that.

“Everything alright, mutt?” Wyn drawled, flicking a bug off his knee.

“Um, yeah, I was just—I was thinking about heading to a city to get some supplies for the camp.” And for mine and Charlie’s place. My face was hot as I continued. “I was wondering if, um, if you wanted to come with me.”

Danny’s face brightened instantly, mouth dropping open with a delighted smile. He turned his head to look at Wyn, expression hopeful.

“Hmm.” Wyn uncurled one leg and let it fall over the lip of the wall, knocking the heel of his boot into the metal. “I suppose I should go and do some parasite clean-up in the cities.”

Danny froze. Then he poked Wyn in the thigh. “Have you been neglecting the cities?”

“Eh.” Wyn shrugged a shoulder carelessly.


He hissed, poking Danny back with a long, blackened finger. “You’re the one making us stay in this sad little camp. And besides, I decided to take some personal time.” He sniffed haughtily, turning his hood away.

I shifted awkwardly on my feet as Danny huffed in exasperation. I didn’t really want to witness an argument between them, but he hadn’t answered me yet.

“Alright, mutt,” Wyn said at length with a long-suffering sigh. He stood up gracefully, the toes of his boots touching the very edge of the wall. Danny made a worried sound and gripped the Soul Eater’s calf, as if that would prevent him from falling.

I blinked. “Oh. Uh, awesome. Um, when do you want to—”

“I’ll make sure Danny has everything he needs first,” Wyn interrupted, helping Danny stand up. “I’ll meet you at the camp entrance shortly.”

Aware that Wyn had somehow already managed to take charge of this outing, I nodded and turned to walk quickly back to the hatch. I was already kind of dreading Charlie’s reaction when I told him I’d be going with the Soul Eater, and my suspicions were confirmed when I found him in our room.

“Why can’t I go with you?” he asked sadly, grey eyes big as he stared at me. My gut clenched with guilt, and I leaned in to kiss him.

“It’s not safe.”

Charlie spluttered indignantly as I stepped away to start loading up my backpack. “Excuse me? I’ve survived for twelve years out here. I am perfectly capable of—”

“I know you are,” I said patiently, stuffing clean clothes into my bag. “But I don’t want you going into a city.”

“Why not?” Charlie said immediately.

“Uh, because you were recently almost infected by a parasite and killed by a monster in one.”

“Yeah, but I wasn’t,” he grumbled, crossing the room to throw himself dramatically onto the bed. He watched me in silence for a few moments as I packed my bag, then sulkily said, “So you’re going on a bro trip with the Soul Eater.”

I snorted, turning my head to raise a brow at him.

“Well that’s what it is!” he insisted, gesturing at the door. “He’s probably gonna suggest that you… have a competition to see how many body parts you can cut off of people you come across, or something.”

I shook my head, zipping up my bag and standing. “You’re kind of unfair to him. He did save you.”

“Oh my god, you would say that,” Charlie muttered, staring up at the ceiling. “Fine. Go have your bro trip with the Soul Eater. I’ll wait here for you. Alone.”

I snorted again, crossing the room to lean over him on the bed. “You’re such a baby. You won’t be alone. You have Chuck. And Edin and Hunter. And all the raiders.”

“Yeah, but they’re not you.” He reached up and fiddled with the end of my braid hanging over my shoulder. I tried not to melt as he looked at me and sighed. “I’ll miss you.”

Leaning down, I pressed my lips to his. “I’ll miss you too. We’ll be quick.”

Charlie struggled upright as I sat back on the edge of the bed. Cupping my face, he kissed me again. “Please be careful. I know I shouldn’t encourage it, but maybe… maybe just kill anyone who looks at you funny. Don’t give them a chance to start anything.”

I rolled my eyes. “Everyone looks at me funny.”

“Well everyone’s an asshole. They can all go fuck themselves.” Face growing serious, he slid his hands back to grip my nape. “Seriously, Moth, please be safe. Please just… be careful.”

“I will,” I promised, stroking his thigh.

Charlie pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight, pressing his nose and mouth to my shoulder. I heard him inhale deeply. “I love you.”

I couldn’t stop myself from squeezing him tighter, burying my face in his neck. “I love you too.”

After pulling back to give him one more kiss, I stood up from the bed and went to grab my backpack. “Want me to bring anything back?”

“No, you’re already gonna be weighed down by the stuff for the camp.” Charlie was chewing on his thumbnail anxiously as he got up off the bed. “How much have they asked you to get? Are you gonna be able to run if you need to?”

I chuckled. “Yes, I’ll be able to run. They haven’t asked for all that much, but it’s important stuff they’re running out of.”

“Okay.” He still sounded worried. “Make the Soul Eater carry it.”

I laughed. “I’m not gonna make him carry it.” Patting my bag before sliding the straps over my shoulders, I added, “It’ll all fit in here.”

“Hold on.” Going over to his own bag, he dug something out of it. “Take this for anything you need.”

I realised it was the wad of leftover cash he’d withdrawn in New York. I let him tuck it into the side pocket of my backpack, already planning on buying something for him with it even though he’d said he didn’t want anything.

Tangling my fingers through his, I led us to the door. “We won’t be long.”

Except we would be a while, even if we could travel faster without a human slowing us down. My insides tightened up miserably at the thought of being without Charlie for so long, but at least he’d be here, safe, surrounded by other people. By monsters who would protect him.

I’d already got the goods to trade for the camp from Anchor, so we walked to the entrance where Wyn was already waiting with Danny.

“Stay with Edin,” I heard him say as we approached. “Do not go near the rycke. Or his mate.”

Danny rolled his eyes. “I’m not going to avoid Ghost. I like him. And Aury. Aury’s a sweetheart.”

Wyn snarled. “He is an unstoppable eldritch horror lurking beneath an unassuming form.”

“Sure he is, baby,” Danny said, patting Wyn’s chest before he noticed us and grinned. “I’ll hang out with Charlie while you’re gone.”

Charlie grinned, shooting Wyn a sly look that made me tense with nerves over what he might say.

“Sure,” he drawled, clapping Danny on the shoulder. “You can tell me all of the Soul Eater’s embarrassing secrets.”

Wyn hissed. “Don’t think I won’t gut you, human.”

I tensed again, fingers twitching for my sword. I don’t know if Wyn noticed, but he huffed and crossed his arms.

“As if Danny would tell you anything, soldier.”

“Not a soldier anymore, grandpa,” Charlie replied easily, looking completely unfazed.

Wyn silently fumed for a few seconds before letting out a strangled sound.

“Why is no one fucking afraid of me anymore.” He grabbed Danny’s face and pulled him into a brutal kiss within his hood. “This is your fault.”

Danny burst out laughing, shoving Wyn’s shoulder as he turned to stomp into the container entrance. “Be safe, old man. I love you!”

“I love you too,” I heard Wyn grumble, his distorted voice echoing.

I quickly hugged Charlie and gave him a final kiss before hurrying after Wyn, catching up with him as he strode away from the camp wall.

We walked in silence for a few minutes, until Wyn huffed and asked, “So why isn’t your human Charlie coming with you?”

I cringed. Charlie hadn’t been happy about not coming. But I didn’t want him going into a city again—not if I could help it. There was always the risk that someone in the military could recognise him, and I never wanted to put him in a situation again where a parasite outbreak was taking place all around us. It had been sheer luck that neither of us got infected in Chicago.

And then there had been the military’s twisted response to that outbreak, when Charlie had come terrifyingly close to being caught by a monster.

“He’s safer here,” I answered Wyn, who grunted.

“Humans are very fragile,” he commented, and I couldn’t help but bristle in Charlie’s defence.

“Charlie can handle himself. He’s tough. He’s not fragile.”

“He is compared to us. They all are.”

I couldn’t really argue with that. Instead, I hesitantly asked, “I was wondering… Can a salyik be infected by a parasite?”

Wyn’s hood cocked. “Salyik are interesting. You know, we come from the same ancestor. A very long time ago.”

I stared over at him, almost tripping on a rock. “Really?”

He nodded. “We share some similarities anatomically. We breed the same, though salyik don’t lay eggs. Their young are born in amniotic sacs.”

Wyn’s kind… laid eggs? Once I’d quickly processed that fact, the rest of what he’d said pinged in my brain. Before I could stop it, my gaze darted down to his crotch and back up again.

“But to answer your question, yes. Salyik can be infected, which is what makes them interesting. Telyths can’t be, obviously. But at some point in time, salyik evolved in a way that made them susceptible to the parasites. Some believe that there is actually a human far back in your evolutionary history.” His hood tilted, and I could feel him looking at me. “Which would explain things. Like how you can even exist.”

I struggled to process all of that. “But—but how would a human and salyik have mated that long before the tear opened—”

“The tear has always existed,” Wyn said easily. “Many tears have, in fact. Creatures have been crossing over long before humans discovered us. There is always a chance a couple of them made their way into our world in the past.”

“Well, yeah,” I croaked. “My progenitor came here before the tear got bigger. I was born five years before the monster apocalypse.”

“Salyik are the closest in appearance to humans, at least facially.” Wyn mused. “Your kind used to be much more powerful in our world. Masters of crafting fine jewellery and metalwork. They still are, but most creatures won’t buy from them anymore.”

“Why not?”

Wyn waved a hand. “Another telyth who is a nosy little fuck told me something about it a long time ago. I wasn’t listening. Something about the salyik population being shunned because one of their leaders mated to an unknown creature. Maybe that was the human,” he added thoughtfully.

“They shunned an entire race because of one mating?” I stared at Wyn as we walked. “That seems a little… overkill.”

He shrugged. “All creatures fear what they don’t know or understand. Not just humans. Those from our world are the same. Though we are far more advanced in many ways.”

“Really?” I tried not to sound so eager to hear more about the world I partly came from, one I’d never visited. “Like, there are built-up cities and stuff there? Technology?”

Wyn grunted. “I didn’t mean technologically advanced, not that I see what the humans have done to this place as any kind of advancement. If those from our world hadn’t crossed over, they would have destroyed their entire world soon anyway. They still are, just much more slowly now. I meant that our world is more advanced morally. Ethically. In the way we treat those who live in it.”

I side-eyed him, swallowing nervously. “Don’t you, uh… Don’t you just kind of kill whoever you feel like?”

I could sense Wyn’s smirk as he looked back at me. “And you don’t?”

“I mean…” I bobbed my head from side to side. “I don’t just randomly murder people who haven’t done anything to me.” Unless they’d done something to other defenceless humans. Or monsters. Or animals.

“Neither do I,” Wyn said airily. “Most of the time.”

I couldn’t stop the laugh that bubbled up my throat, and Wyn let out a huff of amusement.

“Our moral code may not be exactly the same as humanity’s, but I still believe we are better. If you ignore the way salyik are treated, perhaps,” he added in a mutter, then stopped dead and looked around. “You know, we’d get there much faster if you let me carry you.”

I froze, eyes darting around nervously. Carry me? What, like… in his arms?

“Uh…” I shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t think—”

“I can still carry you if I dissipate. I can travel great distances very fast that way. Or I suppose I could travel to the nearest military base—the nearest intact one, anyway,” he added with a smirk in his voice, “and steal a vehicle to bring back here.”

I fiddled with the strap of my backpack. “I, uh, I don’t know how to drive.”

Wyn paused, then grunted. “Neither do I. Carrying it is.”

“Wait,” I blurted as he reached for me with a black-stained hand. “I—uh—How does it—So you’re gonna turn to smoke and… carry me?”


“But… how?”

“Inanimate objects, I can absorb. Living creatures, I can’t.” He shrugged, as if that was a solid explanation. “So, I’ll carry you.”

“But how can smoke carry something?” I was getting a little frustrated. “It’s smoke.”

Wyn huffed, crossing his arms. “Really, mutt, of all the things you have lived through, all the things you have seen, and this is what you struggle to understand?”

My face went pink. “I just—”


Wyn vanished in an instant, oily black smoke curling up from where he’d just been standing. I watched as it swirled lazily through the air toward the old carcass of a car, most of its parts stripped by raiders over the years.

I blinked rapidly when a tendril of smoke curled over the roof before the entire car disappeared. It was just… gone. The swirling cloud of smoke rose higher into the air then hovered for a few moments.

I jumped when the car reappeared, sailing through the air as Wyn hurled it an impossible distance. The crash as it hit the ground long seconds later was faint, and it was followed by a long, shrill creak as the crumpled car tipped onto its side and settled.

I was so distracted that I didn’t notice the smoke cloud drifting closer. Not until something unseen grabbed the back of my coat collar and hefted me into the air. I yelled out in shock, legs kicking fruitlessly.

I heard an amused huff that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once. “See?”

I was set back on my feet, boots touching the ground with a thud, before Wyn reappeared in front of me a second later. I tried to steady my trembling knees, clearing my throat and shoving my hair back from my face.

“Don’t worry, mutt. I won’t drop you.” Wyn’s voice was slyly amused. “But we can walk it if you’re scared.”

My face flushed. I raised my chin defiantly. “I’m not scared. Fine. We’ll—You can carry me that way. Will we get there quicker?”

“Yes, much,” Wyn drawled, inspecting his fingernails. “I don’t think those little humans at the camp really grasp how much of an asset I am. Or can be, if I want to be. Which I don’t.”

Dropping his hand, he cocked his hood. “So, are you ready?”

“I—” I quickly checked that my bag was zipped, my sword secure. “Uh, yeah, I guess.”

Wyn grunted, taking a step closer. “You might pass out.”

I froze. “What?”

“You might pass out from the speed. I won’t go so fast that it kills you, but I want to make good time.”

Dread settled in my belly, but I forced myself to scoff. “I’m not going to pass ou—”

My words cut off with a choked breath as Wyn vanished and I was suddenly lifted back off the ground, intangible smoke somehow keeping me aloft. I let out a small sound of alarm as we shot forward, speeding through the air.

Gradually, my heartrate slowed. We weren’t all that high off the ground, and once I started to loosen up, the adrenaline rush made my mouth stretch into a grin. I peered down, watching trees and old houses and rusted out cars flash past beneath us.

But then Wyn started lifting me higher, and I gripped the straps of my backpack tightly. We picked up speed, the cold air numbing my face as it streamed past.

My stomach plummeted when Wyn let go. I dropped like a stone, legs kicking, too stunned to even make a sound, before a sharp tug on the back of my shirt made me grunt as I was jerked back up.

“Oops,” Wyn said from above me, his tone unconvincingly innocent.

“Asshole,” I blurted breathlessly before I could stop myself, heart pounding. Then I stiffened up in fear. “I mean—Sorry—”

Wyn cut me off with an amused huff. “You’re not wrong, mutt.”

Okay, so maybe he wasn’t going to kill me for calling him an asshole. Still trembling, my stomach in knots, I tried to take slow, calming breaths.

But then Wyn started picking up speed again. My vision went a little spotty as everything raced past too fast for my brain to catch up.

“Going faster now,” Wyn commented casually, propelling us forward even faster. And faster. My eyes rolled back before I shook my head hard to stop them. I was… I was feeling a little dizzy.

“Now’s when you might pass out, mutt.”

I managed to get in one more weak scoff, even as my eyes started drifting back again. “I’m not gonna—”

I was out cold.

“Time to wake up, mutt.”

I snorted as I came to, brows pinching as a cold hand gave my cheek another gentle slap. Blinking open my eyes, I stared up at the night sky above me. No stars were visible, the sky a murky purple instead of solid black. Which meant we were near a city, its light pollution spilling up behind its tall wall.

I blinked again when the sky was suddenly blocked out by something darker. Wyn’s hooded head loomed above me as he crouched next to my prone form, the ground hard against my back.

Suddenly, the inky blackness began to melt away within the depths of his hood. I stared in utter disbelief as Wyn’s pale face became visible. One eye solid black, one white with a pinprick pupil. A flat, bridgeless nose. Raised ridges over his forehead and cheekbones. And a mouth stretched into a wide grin, revealing two rows of sharp, pointed white teeth.

“Told you you’d pass out.” After one more none-too-gentle pat on the cheek, he straightened as shadows flooded his hood again, hiding his face from the world. Holding out a black-stained hand to help me up, he added, “Need a few minutes?”

“N-no,” I said instantly, accepting his hand and letting him tug me upright so fast a wave of vertigo hit. I wobbled for just a second, Wyn gripping my shoulder to steady me.

“No,” I repeated, reaching up to try and pat down my wild hair. Realising I had to cover my ears anyway, I tugged the tie free and undid my messy braid. “I’m good.”

Wyn grunted, watching me arrange my hair so it covered the pointed tips of my ears. “Do the humans notice that you’re different when you come to the cities?”

I stiffened slightly. “Everyone looks at me weird anyway. It’s no different here. But no, no one’s ever accused me of being a monster. I think most of them live in blissful ignorance that anything can get in from the Wastes.”

“Humans do love living in blissful ignorance,” Wyn drawled, turning to look up at the wall looming above us. “I watched for a while until I saw someone use the hidden entrance so I could deposit you there.”

I realised we were indeed standing a short distance from the barely perceptible door in the wall, just a narrow rectangle cut into the metal.

I’d already figured Wyn wouldn’t be coming in with me in his corporeal form. Even with the hood up and his face concealed, everything about him screamed monster.

I nodded, listening to the faint sounds of the city drifting up from within. “Can you sense any parasites in there?”

“Yes.” Wyn let out a low hum of disdain. “I suppose I better deal with them.”

“So shall we meet back here?” I asked hurriedly before he could vanish. “When we’re both done? I don’t think I’ll be too long.”

“Alright.” Wyn looked at me. “Be safe in there, mutt.”

I grinned at him, feeling far looser and more relaxed in his presence now, especially as the disorientation from being unconscious was fading quickly. “I’m always fine.”

He grunted, clapping me once on the shoulder before turning to smoke and twisting up into the air. I watched as it trailed up the side of the wall before vanishing over the top.

Before going in, I slid my sword into the long bag I’d brought to conceal it, then crouched by the hidden entrance to listen carefully in case anyone was using it from the other side. There was no camaraderie among those who slipped in and out of the cities. Most were likely to gut you for whatever you’d just picked up inside. I’d almost been stabbed once by a trader who’d been waiting just outside the entrance of a city to do just that.

Luckily, I was quick, so I stabbed him first.

As I emerged into the dirty alleyway within the city, I wrinkled my nose at the putrid scent that rose with the steam wafting from a nearby grate. Strolling casually out of the alley, I realised it was late. Most shops were closed, only the lights above the bars, twenty-four-hour convenience stores and diners still lit.

I had no idea which city Wyn had brought us to. They all looked largely the same in the worst areas, just tall, poorly made buildings crammed together, dirty sidewalks and the overpowering stink of far too many humans crushed into far too small an area.

Buying supplies was a process in the cities, but there were some things that were really hard to get even from the traders who slipped in and out of the Wastes. First you had to find a pawn shop or black market dealer to trade whatever half-decent stuff you found in the Wastes for cash, then you went to the stores to spend that cash on the good stuff or, as I did sometimes, to steal.

Small, independent stores I always bought from. But the bigger chains that had been established in the years since the monster apocalypse—the ones that helped to fund the military? Those I stole from.

Charlie had given me the rest of his cash from New York, but I wasn’t going to spend that on the camp. I was going to spend that on stuff for us. For our home. I still struggled to fully grasp that Charlie wanted to be with me, to stay with me in my safehouse. That he loved me.

That someone loved me.

I was gonna get him the best shit I could find here. Not that it would be great, but still. I wanted to give him whatever he wanted. He hadn’t asked for me to bring anything back, worried that I’d already be overloaded by the stuff I was getting for the camp.

But now I knew that we wouldn’t be walking back, I was going to buy as much stuff as I possibly could for him. With that thought in mind, I strode to the nearest convenience store to buy the biggest bag they sold, which turned out to be a pretty expansive duffle. I dumped it in the cart, then started shopping.

Iced tea. Cans of soda. Bags of potato chips and salted peanuts. At least three of each type of candy bar available. Packets of ramen, jars of pickles and sauerkraut, canned peaches and tomatoes, oats, honey, a bag of sugar, salt, crackers for Chuck, coffee, ketchup, mayonnaise, hot sauce. It was kind of addictive once I let myself start grabbing anything I wanted, knowing I wouldn’t have to drag it all back across the Wastes, knowing I had the money for it. Was this what it had been like before? Humans just able to have anything they wanted within reach? It was a hard thing to truly imagine.

I stopped at the refrigerators to pick up a gross-looking chicken salad for me to eat once I was done, my belly rumbling with hunger. I had no idea how long I’d been unconscious—how long it had actually taken us to get here. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know just how fast Wyn had travelled as he carried my limp body across the Wastes.

I hesitated when I saw the big boxes of donuts. I didn’t know if they’d be stale by the time we got back to camp, but then again, I didn’t think Charlie would care. After setting the box carefully in the cart, I made my way over to the toiletries section to start grabbing shampoo, soap, medical supplies, toilet paper.

As I pushed the stuffed cart over to the register, I averted my eyes to avoid the wary look the cashier was giving me. She said nothing as I fished out the duffle bag and set it on the counter so she could scan it first, and then I proceeded to fill it with everything she scanned and shoved across the counter toward me, standing close to the register like she didn’t want to be near me.

Neither of us spoke until she told me the eyewatering total, but I had enough cash from Charlie to cover it. Heaving the duffle onto my shoulder, trying not to squash the box of donuts, I pushed the cart back over to the entrance and left without a word.

Now to find someone who’d be willing to trade with the stuff I’d brought from the Wastes. It took me a while, and I walked down the street keeping my eyes peeled for the little symbol carved into a door or the side of a market stall—the one that subtly told those in the know that a trader was willing to deal in “black market” goods. While I wandered, I pictured Wyn’s face.

Why had he shown me? What did that mean? I didn’t know of anyone who had seen the Soul Eater’s face—except Danny, of course. Hunter had told me about the time he and Edin spent with Danny and Wyn when they were going to rescue Charlie from the prison, and even he hadn’t seen it despite being in Wyn’s company for a while.

Did he consider us friends now? It made me feel kind of pathetic to realise that Wyn was my first actual friend. Platonic friend. Charlie was my best friend—the one person in the world I could tell anything to, who I could be completely open with—but I was also in love with him, so I didn’t think that really counted. We weren’t buddies.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m friends with the Soul Eater, the guy you’re all freaking terrified of, I projected at the few people who were still out at this late hour, stragglers stumbling out of bars, people doing shady deals in alleyways.

I wondered where Wyn was in the city. How many infected people were here. I’d ask him when we met back up at the hidden entrance.

I eventually found a trader, sitting in a shadowed corner at the back of a dingy bar. He tried to play it cool, but when I showed him the seeds Anchor had given me, his eyes flared with interest before he could mask the reaction.

Fruit and vegetable seeds were like gold in the cities. The chance to grow and eat fresh produce? Not many people had that luxury anymore. You could buy them in stores, but they were extortionately priced, a luxury item that was grown in small stretches of military-controlled farmland out in the Wastes, surrounded by high fencing and barbed wire and armed guards.

So the chance to grow your own, and have a free, long-lasting source? People went wild for it.

Anchor had also given me a hunting knife to trade in case the seeds weren’t enough, but I didn’t have to show it to him in the end. He gave me enough cash to buy what I needed for the camp in exchange for the seeds, and then I was heading back to the convenience store.

The cashier eyed me in alarm as I walked back in. I ignored her, grabbing a basket this time and methodically loading it up with the items Anchor had dictated to me. Medical supplies, salt, rice, coffee, instant yeast. Once I’d grabbed everything, I made my way to the register and dumped the basket on the counter.

“Forgot a few things,” I said shortly, stuffing my hands in my coat pockets as I waited for her to ring it all up.

I asked her to put it all in a bag so it wouldn’t get mixed in with what I’d bought for me and Charlie, already fiercely protective over my purchases just for us. As she shoved everything into the plastic bag hurriedly, I let my eyes wander over the newspapers stacked to the side of the counter.

Charlie had been teaching me to read. I was getting better, but it was an infuriatingly slow process. Charlie had endless patience for me, and he never made any mean comments whenever I got too frustrated and refused to continue, feeling stupid. Even on those days, he’d shower me with praise, telling me how proud he was of me, how well I was doing, until my anger faded.

He’d also said that eventually, when I was further along in learning, he’d give me an orgasm for every page I read out loud to him from a book. It was pretty good incentive to keep trying.

I realised I’d been silently sounding out the letters, trying to form the shape of them with my mouth, when the cashier told me my total in a stilted voice. Head jerking up, I saw her giving me an odd look. My face flushing with embarrassment, and I quickly thrust the money from the trader at her before snatching up the plastic bag. After she gave me my change, I left the store without looking back, shoving my hands in my coat pockets and keeping my head bent as I walked down the street.

I sat down at a wooden table outside of a closed Mexican restaurant to eat my crappy salad. My eyes wandered as I chewed on limp lettuce and rubbery chicken, subtly watching the people who walked past, scanning the row of shops opposite without much interest.

Until my gaze landed on one that was closed, its neon sign dark above the store front and metal shutters covering the windows. My enhanced vision to could still make out the store sign, and I froze with a forkful of salad halfway to my mouth.

I couldn’t read the full name, but there was one part of it that wasn’t a word. Just three letters, all the same.


Licking my lips, I glanced around nervously. I knew what that meant.

Charlie had found a stash of vintage porno mags in Cat’s room, which was basically being used as a library for the camp while he was away. He’d thought it would be fun to teach me to read from one of them—not that they contained all that many words. But we’d quickly grown distracted once we’d started flicking through it anyway, the mag falling from my hands when Charlie swept my hair back and began kissing my neck, his hand sliding between my legs.

I finished my salad and stood up to put the container in the trash. Then I stood frozen, staring at that store.

What did they sell in there? Porn? Sex toys? I’d come across plenty of sex toys while scavenging houses out in the Wastes, tucked in bedside drawers and bathroom cabinets. Suction cup dildos stuck to shower walls. Something that I’d thought was a flashlight when I picked it up, only to realise it did not have a bulb at the end. I’d even come across what I was pretty sure had been whole sex rooms in houses before, my mind struggling to figure out how some of the contraptions worked.

Maybe I could just… take a look. It was closed, so no one would be in there to see me. There was an alley down the side of the store, which was empty. Hardly anyone was walking down the street.

Insides jittery with nerves, I walked as casually as possible across the street, pausing for a second to make sure no one was around before slipping down the alley. Retrieving the tools I kept handy for lockpicking from a side pocket of my backpack, I knelt at the back entrance of the shop on slightly shaky legs. I wasn’t a thief—okay, I was—but plenty of people had locked up their homes before fleeing when the monsters came. It just made sense to keep lockpicking tools handy.

I heard the lock click. Straightening up, I tucked the tools away and cast a final look around before pushing on the handle and slipping into the shop. It was dark, but I could see I was in a back office of some kind. Stomach weirdly wobbly with nervous excitement, I slowly made my way to the front room of the store.

Holy crap. There were dicks everywhere. All different colours and sizes, packaged away in boxes with clear plastic fronts to display the goods within. I felt myself go pale when I spotted one thicker than my forearm.

I started making my way slowly round the store. Riding crops, whips, paddles. A wall of leather harnesses that looked suspiciously similar to the one Gloam wore. Handcuffs, rope, chains. Boxes with unnerving blow up dolls displayed on the front. Damn, humans were creative when it came to sex.

I saw more of those flashlight things, and I found myself coming to a stop in front of them. Glancing around as if someone was in here with me, I hesitantly picked one up and stared down at it. It was… I mean, it was pretty weird. The picture on the box just showed a butthole at the end of a flashlight.

But then before I could stop it, I was imagining Charlie sprawled out naked on our bed, working it over the tip of his cock. Or maybe he’d let me do it. Let me use it on him.

My gut clenched with arousal, body stirring. Okay, maybe I could… maybe I’d just take this. Just… to see if Charlie would like it. Face burning even though I was alone, I slipped the box into the duffle bag. Then I stood there clutching the bag straps and staring at the shelves around me.

Before I even knew what I was doing, I was grabbing more stuff. A clear, silicone tube thing with little bumps and nodules on the inside. A coiled length of soft, bright red rope. Something I was pretty sure was a butt plug. One of the dildos—not a terrifyingly thick one. Then another, this one curved and slender, with a little symbol on the corner of the box showing two batteries.

Some stuff I didn’t even look at. Just shoved in the bag. I recognised the tubes of lube from the one Charlie had bought in Chicago, so I grabbed ten. Then my eyes snagged on a row of something in particular, and I went hot all over as I stared at them. I was sweaty and out of breath for some reason, my heart thumping. I grabbed one of the boxes and shoved it in the bag, then hurried to the back of the shop as if someone was going to catch me in here.

As I passed the register, I stopped to clear several rows of batteries. Not just because of the item I’d picked up that was clearly battery-operated. Batteries were useful for lots of things.

Spotting a curtained off doorway next to the back office, I couldn’t help myself. I slipped past the curtain, and my eyes almost bulged out of my head as I took in the room. Mounted crosses, long leather benches with cuffs dangling from a metal bar. A swing. Were those stocks?

I couldn’t even picture how half of this stuff was used, but arousal made my breaths quicken as I slowly walked around the space, which smelled like lemon disinfectant and leather. Loud, rambunctious voices from the street made me jump, and I looked around nervously. I needed to leave. There was no fucking way I was meeting back up with Wyn when I was this horny. He’d know somehow. I had to calm myself down before I made my way back to the hidden entrance.

I froze when I started zipping the duffle bag up, staring down at all the boxes stuffed inside. Oh shit, what if Wyn wanted to see what I’d got? What if he looked in the bag?

Crouching down, I pulled both my bags off my back and started hurriedly transferring the sex stuff into my backpack, stuffing it in and praying I’d be able to zip it up. Standing up, I spotted another door tucked into the corner so I headed toward it, hoping it would lead me back to the office.

It did. Breathing a sigh of relief, I shoved my hair back from my flushed face and made my way toward the door leading to outside. But just as I was about to slip back out into the alley, a sound came from the main room of the store.

Freezing in place, I strained my ears. Another sound, like the rustle of cardboard. My eyes darted to the door. Had someone else just crept in while I was distracted by all the intimidating contraptions?

I already felt kind of guilty for stealing a bunch of sex toys. I couldn’t let the whole shop get ransacked because I’d broken in. Slowly unzipping the long bag on my back, I silently pulled out my sword and palmed the hilt, creeping back toward the front of the shop. I’d just… scare them off. I wasn’t going to hurt them.

My eyes swept over the store as I made it to the door of the back office, but I couldn’t see anyone. I could still hear something though. Someone moving stuff around, grabbing shit from the shelves.

When I took another step, they must have heard me, because the noises suddenly stopped. I tensed, gripping the hilt of my sword, before a figure popped up at the other end of the store.

A figure wearing a hood. With horns.

Wyn and I stared at each other in agonising silence for an endless minute. My eyes slowly drifted down to the pile of stuff on the floor in front of him, widening when I caught sight of a few of the things he’d gathered.

Before I could react, he vanished. Thick black smoke shot through the air toward me before he reappeared, hood looming inches from my face.

“We speak of this to no one,” he grated, fingers twitching at his sides. “Agreed?”

“Agreed,” I croaked immediately, my face burning even though the stuff I’d taken was tucked away in my bag, hidden.

We still both knew what we’d been in here for.

Wyn cleared his throat and turned to saunter back to the pile on the floor, clearly trying to act like he didn’t give a shit that I’d caught him ransacking a sex shop. “I’ll meet you outside the hidden entrance.”

“Yep, sounds good,” I said before he’d even finished speaking, turning to speedwalk into the back office.

After slipping out of the back entrance and closing the door softly behind me, I walked in a daze down the street. It wasn’t until I was ducking through the hidden entrance that the heat finally began to leave my face.

It flared back up the moment the Soul Eater appeared out of nowhere beside me. My gaze dropped to his bulging satchel before I could stop it, and I quickly looked back up at the sky as I coughed awkwardly.

Wyn cleared his throat, the sound like nails grating over a chalkboard, and brushed invisible lint off his ragged coat. “Ready to go, mutt?”

I swallowed, feeling myself go pale. “Am I gonna pass out again?”

He shrugged a shoulder loosely. “Probably. Might not though, if you’re more used to it now. Probably will though.”

He clapped the back of my neck, squeezing almost too tight for a second.

“At least you’ll get back to your human quicker. And you can—” He cut himself off, snatching his hand back. We both shifted awkwardly on our feet, all too aware of the contents of our bags.

“Let’s go,” he grated instead.

I managed to stay conscious for longer on the way back, but I was still out cold by the time we made it back to camp.

Struggling up with Wyn’s help, I swayed on my feet for a few moments and reached up to shove back my windswept hair.

“You can withstand much greater speeds than a human,” Wyn commented, a hint of approval in his distorted voice. “Didn’t even come close to dying.”

Well that was… comforting, I guess.

He let out a disgusted sigh, turning to look at the camp wall. “I suppose it’s time to go back in. Amongst all the”—he shuddered—“humans.”

I snorted, picking up the duffle Wyn had left on the ground beside me. He’d absorbed it into his smoke thing on the way back.

“You’re with a human.”

He hissed, making me freeze up for a second. “Danny is different.”

I side-eyed him, choosing to stay silent. I didn’t really see how Danny was different—he seemed like a pretty normal guy.

Wyn cocked his head toward the entrance in a silent question, so I followed behind him. Before we entered the metal container, I glanced up at the sky. It was gone dusk, slowly getting dark.

“How long were we gone?” I asked Wyn.

He shrugged, ducking his head so his horns didn’t bang into the top of the door as he made his way through. “A couple of days. I did stop both ways and make you eat and drink something.”

“What?” I stared at the back of him. My voice echoed in the container. “I don’t remember that.”

He huffed. “You weren’t very lucid. I practically had the stuff the food down your throat.”

“Oh.” I cleared my throat awkwardly. “Well, uh, thanks.”

He grunted in response as we stepped into the camp. I noticed he was gripping his bulging satchel tightly, and I realised why a second later when Edin spotted us as he made his way across the camp, Chuck riding on his shoulders. She squeaked in excitement at the sight of me as Edin bounded over.

“You’re back. What did you get? Anything good?” He reached for Wyn’s bag, chuckling when the Soul Eater snarled and jerked it back.

“None of your business, boor.”

Chuck clambered down Edin’s back and raced over, curling her little hands into my jeans. Grinning, I bent down to scoop her up, letting her settle on my shoulder as I looked around for Charlie. I spotted him already scrambling up from where he’d been sitting with Hunter near the crops that Lilac oversaw. My grin widened as he strode over, Hunter slower getting to his feet behind him.

“How are you back already?” Charlie demanded as he approached, gaze tracking over me worriedly. “Did something happen? Did you have to turn back?”

I chuckled, shaking my head. “No, we just travelled really fast.”

“How? Did you get a car?” Charlie paused his rapid-fire questioning to give me a kiss, then tugged the duffle bag off my shoulder. His arm immediately jerked down. “Jesus, that’s heavy.”

Hunter had joined us, and after clapping me on the shoulder in greeting, he held out a hand. “Let me feel.”

He took the bag from Charlie. Even though I could see his big bicep bulging from the weight, he shot Charlie a smirk and did a few curls with the bag. “Not too bad.”

“Yeah, well, we can’t all be giant mountain men,” Charlie muttered.

Then Edin piped up. “Now me. Let me feel.”

The duffle was passed to Edin, as if this was some ritual—like everyone had to try and show off about how much weight they could lift.

He blinked down at the bag, lifting it easily with the straps hooked just around the tips of his fingers, and burst out laughing.

“It is like carrying a bag of feathers. Eh, Moth?” He elbowed me jovially, the side of the bag knocking into my gut.

I was just beyond relieved that I’d moved all the sex stuff into my own backpack so I didn’t have to stand here watching it all get passed around with the threat of something falling out ever present. But still, the contents of my backpack felt like a live grenade. Like any second, someone was gonna point at me and shout, ‘He has sex toys in his bag!’

Or, shit, Chuck could unzip it and start poking around in there. I hurriedly gathered her into my arms and set her on the ground. She scurried over to Wyn to bump his knuckles with her flat snout, and he gave her chin a brief scratch. Then he went still as Danny appeared from the shower stalls, roughly rubbing at his wet hair with a towel.

Wyn vanished, black smoke shooting through the air until he reappeared directly in front of Danny, who jumped in shock before bursting out laughing. Wyn cupped his face, leaning down until his hood masked their kiss from view. Then he dipped his head to Danny’s ear.

After a few seconds, Danny’s face flamed bright red. He glanced around sheepishly, and then he was grabbing Wyn’s hand and dragging him toward the motel block.

I cleared my throat, looking away quickly and taking the duffle back from Edin. “I better go give the stuff to Anchor.”

Edin gave my shoulder a brief squeeze as Hunter smiled at me and said, “Good to have you back, Moth.”

Chuck chirped as if in agreement, then clicked excitedly when Lilac appeared from the camp entrance behind us. I heard him let out a tiny sigh as she raced over and scrabbled up his leg, clinging onto his thigh. He gave us a brief nod as he passed us, dragging Chuck along with him.

Tangling my fingers with Charlie’s, we started walking toward the diner.

“Have you eaten?” Charlie asked. “There’ll be some dinner left. I can ask Daisy or Bo while you talk to Anchor—”

“I brought some stuff back for us,” I told him with a grin, and Charlie’s eyes perked up before they dropped to the duffle bag.

“Yeah? It looks like a lot.”

“It is, but I knew I wouldn’t have to carry it back so I just bought loads.” I swallowed nervously, glancing at Charlie. “I kind of, um, spent most of the money you gave me on stuff for us, but I can replace it—”

“You don’t have to replace anything. Next time you go to a city—assuming I’m not allowed to go with you again—I’ll give you my soldier ID number so you can withdraw whatever you want. It’s all just sitting there.” Frowning over at me, he asked, “So how did you get there and back so quick?”

We stopped outside the diner. I could see Anchor hunched over the counter inside, brow furrowed as she consulted her clipboard.

“Wyn carried me. As his…” I shrugged and wiggled my fingers. “Smoke form thing.”

Charlie went pale as he stared at me, grey eyes wide with shock. “He… he carried you? What, through the air?”

Spinning around as if he was going to find the Soul Eater and pick a fight with him, he grated, “He could have dropped you!”

I rolled my eyes, grabbing Charlie’s hand again to turn him to face me. “But he didn’t.”

Except he had for just a second to fuck with me. I decided not to tell Charlie that.

Anchor’s head had popped up at Charlie’s outburst, so I nodded at her and pulled open the diner door. “Come on, I want to get back to our room so I can show you what I got us.”

But my gut clenched with nerves at my words. Oh god, I’d have to show him the sex stuff. Suddenly, looting that adult store seemed like a terrible idea. What if Charlie laughed? Or was weirded out?

“You’re back already?” Anchor slid out of her seat as we stepped inside.

“Yeah.” I crouched to place the duffle bag on the floor, unzipping it to grab the plastic bag of camp stuff within. “Wyn—uh, the Soul Eater can travel really fast as his smoke thing. He carried me.”

As I straightened up with the bag, Anchor chuckled. “He went with you? I did notice the atmosphere in the camp seemed a little less oppressive the last few days. But did everything go okay? Any issues?”

“All fine.” I passed her the bag, plus the hunting knife I hadn’t had to trade, and her eyes brightened above her green mask as she peered in.

“Thank you so much, Moth.” She looked at both of us. “Any time you two want to come and stay here, you can. Doesn’t matter how long.”

I mean, I’d already been doing that, but I appreciated the sentiment. I gave her a nod. “Thanks.”

As we turned to leave, she blurted out, “Wait.”

Glancing back, I could see her forehead going ruddy. She rubbed it nervously.

“Did… uh, did you go to New York?” she asked in a small, painfully hopeful voice. “Did you… did you happen to see him again?”

She was talking about Cat. I shook my head and carefully said, “No, it wasn’t New York. Sorry.”

Anchor let out a long breath and nodded. “Okay. Thanks.”

“I feel bad for her,” Charlie murmured as we left the diner and started making our way to the motel block. “She seems real stressed.”

“Yeah.” I blew out a breath. “Well, Cat said he’d come back eventually. When he’s finished with whatever he’s doing.”

“What do you think that is?”

“I have no idea. Cat’s always been really protective over the raiders here. He’s kind of a father figure to some of them, I think.”

“Cat and Anchor aren’t a couple, right?”

“No.” I shook my head. “Never have been, as far as I’m aware. Um, Ghost told me once that she did have a partner. But it was before he joined the camp, so he never met her. Nun told him about it.”

Charlie winced as we made our way up the stairs to the upper floor of the motel. “Ah, and they split up? I guess that’s kinda awkward in this type of environment. Did she leave the camp?”

I grimaced, clearing my throat. “No, she, uh… she died.”

Charlie’s face fell as we reached our door. “Shit.”


“How?” he asked quietly as he unlocked the door.

“She got a tiny cut from something. They don’t even know what it was—brushing against a sharp bit of metal or maybe using a tool. Could have been anything. It turned septic.”

I saw Charlie shudder as I followed him into the room.

“Fuck, that’s awful. And terrifying.” He turned to face me after I shut the door, cupping the back of my neck. “I am so grateful you have super healing.”

I stared down at him, his words making me realise that… he didn’t. Something as simple as a cut could kill Charlie out here. Wyn had been right. Humans were fragile. Vulnerable. Even Charlie, who seemed pretty unstoppable sometimes.

Thank fuck I’d picked up a shitload of medical supplies in the city and hadn’t spent all our money just on candy and snacks.

I dumped all my bags and wrapped my arms around him, glad now more than ever that he’d stayed here, safe, and not come with me.

“I missed you,” I mumbled into his neck, pressing my lips to the warm skin there. My eyes slipped shut as I breathed in his scent.

Charlie chuckled, but he squeezed me back just as tight. “I missed you too, slayer.”

Pulling back, I kissed his stubbly cheek and gestured at the bag—the duffle bag. My insides twisted anxiously at the sight of the bulging backpack. “Want to see what I got us?”

“Hell yes.” Charlie hurriedly lit a couple of lanterns before joining me as I sat cross legged on the floor. I pulled the duffle bag between us after tucking my backpack behind my back, my cheeks heating.

When I unzipped the duffle, Charlie’s eyes popped open wide with delight. My lips tipped up into a wry smile as I pulled out the lightly squashed box of donuts, holding it out to him.

“God, I am giving you the best blowjob later,” he said, already opening the box to take a donut.

I chuckled hoarsely, the backpack a conspicuous weight against my lower back. I showed him the rest of what I’d bought as he munched on his donut, and I snagged a candy bar for myself. I hadn’t eaten all that much junk food, honestly. It wasn’t very nutritious, so when I did have money, I tended to spend it on fresh vegetables while I could.

We shared some chips and an iced tea, Charlie sighing contentedly, before putting everything else back inside the bag to take back to the safehouse with us when we eventually left the camp.

“Good haul, slayer.” Charlie pushed the bag to the wall and leaned over on his hands to kiss me. “And I am so glad you weren’t gone for weeks.”

I smiled against his mouth as he kissed me again, his tongue brushing against my lip ring. Shivering, I opened my mouth to let him in, threading my fingers through his dark hair as our tongues glided together.

When Charlie groaned and started pushing me onto my back, the backpack behind me rustled, the sound of cardboard getting squished coming from within. My eyes popped open.

“Mmph.” I broke the kiss and licked my lips. “I actually, um—I got some other stuff as well.”

“Oh yeah?” Charlie sat back, watching as I slowly dragged the backpack between us.

I fiddled with the zipper, face getting hot. “So I just—I saw the store and it was closed so I decided to just go take a look, and I don’t know why but I just—I thought maybe… um…”

“Moth.” Charlie gave me a wry smile. “Just show me.”

“Okay,” I said quietly, before the slow drag of the zipper filled the room.

I couldn’t look at Charlie as I removed all the items—fuck, I’d taken a lot more than I’d thought—and set them on the floor between us. He was completely silent—we both were.

“H-holy crap,” Charlie eventually said, sounding shocked. “That was… not what I was expecting.”

I squirmed, rubbing my hot face as he picked up one of the boxes. The dark blue dildo, which, shit, suddenly looked way thicker than it had in the store. Then he picked up the thing that made me go so hot my vision wavered.

Charlie opened the box and reached in, pulling out a bright pink double ended dildo. Slowly, he looked up at me.

“This is like… the best Christmas of my life,” he said faintly, lifting the dildo, making it wobble in a way that sent more blood rushing to my face.

But my nerves lessened enough for me to chuckle hoarsely. “Isn’t that what you said about the diner in Chicago?”

“Yeah, but this is like… uber Christmas.” Charlie’s expression was awed as he picked up each item to have a look. “Okay, shit, what are we going to use tonight? How are we meant to pick?”

My belly jumped with nerves. I fiddled with the backpack zipper anxiously, excitement stirring my insides. “T-tonight?”

“Uh, yes.” Charlie put everything back down and stared at it all hard, like he was concentrating intensely on what to choose, like it was the most important decision ever.

Some of his military background started to show as he jumped up and placed his hands on his hips, staring down at me sternly.

“Okay, let’s get moving. Showers first.” When I didn’t move, he barked, “Up, Moth. Come on. Hop to it.”

I stared at him as I scrambled to my feet automatically, hot shivers dancing over my skin. I hadn’t realised I’d be… into that.

Maybe after we’d done his weird elf thing, I could ask if we could act out something where he played a stern, tightly wound soldier…

Charlie had already grabbed our towels and was pushing me toward the door impatiently. “Come on, Moth, speed it up!”

Okay!” I snapped, taking my towel and slipping out of the room. He crowded me from behind, smacking my ass to get me walking.

It felt like everyone knew what we were going to do as we used the bathrooms and showered separately. After redressing, I walked quickly back to our room and stared down at the pile of toys on the floor, fear and arousal both rising inside me.

What… what would Charlie want to use?

He walked into the room a couple of minutes later, lugging in a clean bucket of water. I eyed it in alarm. Was this a part of it I didn’t know about?

“What, uh… what’s that for?”

“Best to wash before first use.” Charlie snickered as he set the bucket down and laid out a clean towel on the floor.

After a minute of watching him, fidgeting nervously, I knelt beside him to help. I stared at the double ended dildo as I picked it up, giving it a tentative squeeze. The texture was smooth, firm but still with a hint of give. It didn’t feel anything like skin, but my gut clenched with arousal as I imagined… stuff.

Once everything was laid out neatly on the towel, we sat back on our heels and stared at it all in silence.

As if he could sense how nervous I was, Charlie rubbed my thigh soothingly and asked in a gentle voice, “Was there anything in particular that caught your eye, baby?”

Before I could stop it, my gaze darted to that double ended dildo again. I flushed and looked away just as fast. “Um, I—I don’t know.”

Charlie squeezed my thigh before reaching over and picking up the coil of rope. I stared at his strong hands as he rubbed his thumb along the smooth material.

“Well, what did you imagine when you were picking it?” he asked calmly. “Tying me up, or me tying you up?”

Oh my god. I cleared my throat and struggled to answer. Either sounded amazing and terrifying.

“I don’t, um—I don’t know,” I mumbled again, feeling kind of pathetic.

But Charlie just put the rope down and shifted to face me, cupping the side of my neck.

“We don’t have to use any of it, Moth. If you’ve changed your mind—”

“No,” I blurted, reaching up to grip his wrist. “I want to. It’s—it’s just kind of…” My eyes drifted over to the toys, and I swallowed. “Intimidating.”

He nodded, thumb stroking along my jaw. “I get that. Well, why don’t I talk you through—”

“Maybe—maybe you just pick,” I said desperately, my fingers tightening on his wrist.

Charlie frowned, looking like he didn’t really like that suggestion. “It shouldn’t just be me—”

“No, really, I think I—I think I need you to just pick. For you to… decide.”

He watched me silently for a few moments, searching my eyes. I forced myself to stare back at him.

Eventually, he nodded and dropped his hand from my neck. “You want me to be in control?”

Lust bloomed in my belly, chasing away some of the nerves. I nodded quickly. “Yes. Please.”

“Okay. I can do that.” He leaned in and kissed me, then stood. I scrambled up after him, hands clenching into fists repeatedly.

Charlie nodded at my clothes. “Strip.”

I froze for a second. Oh my god, this was actually happening. When he raised a stern brow at me, I swallowed and hurriedly started shedding my clothes.

Charlie didn’t move, watching me strip down until I was completely naked. I resisted the urge to cup my hands over my groin, my tail lashing with agitated arousal. My face was on fire.

“Get on the bed, Moth.”


My cock was already throbbing as I watched Moth pull back the covers, climb onto the bed and settle back against the headboard. I grinned, bending down to pick up the rope. Perfect.

His eyes were wide as he watched me approach, and I could see the nerves in them. His cock wasn’t out yet, but his slit was already flushed and slick. His clawed toes flexed anxiously.

I took hold of one of his arms, pressing a kiss to his inner wrist as I drew it to the corner post of the headboard.

“You’re going to pick a safeword,” I told him calmly as I tied his wrist to the bedpost. Moth’s head turned to watch me, his expression one of mild disbelief that this was happening. My chest warmed with the idea that I could help Moth discover more about himself in this way—what he liked and didn’t like.

His choices in sex toys certainly revealed plenty.

“S-safeword?” he repeated, throat bobbing.

I nodded, rounding the bed to tie his other wrist. “Something you wouldn’t normally say in this situation. Something short. It’ll tell me that you want everything to stop—that you’ve had enough or there’s something happening that you realise you don’t like.”

“Oh.” He looked a little relieved. “Um… anything?”

“Not stop.” I finished tying his wrist.

“Why not?”

Grinning, I leaned down to kiss him. “Because you might say stop and not really mean it.”

His eyes widened as he stared up at me. “Oh.”

I chuckled, straightening up. “Can be anything else. That you wouldn’t normally say while we’re having sex.”

“Um…” His forehead wrinkled. “Like… potato?”

I snorted with laughter. “Sure, that works. Okay, if you want me to stop, or you just need a break, say potato. Okay?”

He swallowed, nodding. “Potato. Okay.”

“And if your mouth’s busy…” I shot him a sly grin. “Knock three times on the headboard.”

He swallowed again, but his eyes flared with intrigue. “Got it. Knock three times.”

I patted his chest before stepping away from the bed. “Okay. Close your eyes.”

“What? But I—”

“Close your eyes, Moth.” I made my voice commanding, watching him sternly until he let out a shaky breath and obeyed. “Don’t open them ‘til I say.”

I stopped in front of the toys, looking down at them as I chewed on my lip. I already knew one thing I’d pick. I’d seen Moth staring at it repeatedly.

I shed my clothes as I mentally made some choices, giving my stiff cock a stroke before I knelt to gather up the items. Carrying them over to the bed, I grinned when I saw Moth’s eyes still closed, his brow furrowed. After tucking everything under the covers, out of sight, I slid my hands up Moth’s scaly calves as I knelt at the end of the bed.

His legs jerked, brows pinching tighter. “Can I open my eyes ye—”

“No.” Reaching under the covers for my first item of the night, I quickly lubed it up before sitting back on my ass and draping my legs over Moth’s spread thighs.

Leaning back on one hand, I licked my lips and said, “Okay, if you want to watch me shove this butt plug up my ass, you can open your eyes.”

They’d already flown open, and they flared as they locked onto my spread thighs. Moth licked his lips, legs twitching either side of me as I grinned at him and tilted my hips further. The lube on the plug was cold as I trailed it under my balls, pressing it to the tight pucker of my hole.

“F-fuck.” Moth stared as I slowly pressed it inside, my hole taking a few seconds to relax enough.

I winced as it grew wider, stretching me, but my dick jerked when I worked in the thickest part and my hole snapped closed above the flared base.

“Damn.” When I shifted to kneel between Moth’s thighs, the toy pressed into my prostate, causing a low hum of pleasure to start building.

I grinned up at him as I leaned down to kiss the inside of his knee, sliding my hands up his outer thighs. “Okay, eyes closed.”

Once he’d obeyed, I reached for the next toy and set it on the bed. Then I gently clasped the backs of Moth’s knees, spreading his thighs wide.

His breath hitched, then a low gasp escaped him when I leaned down to lick his wet slit. I could tell he was still nervous, but he was excited too. After a few seconds, he relaxed a little, sinking into the bed and his knees falling open wider. This was territory he knew, because I did it to him as often as possible. Moaning, I sank my tongue inside him and licked the head of his cock, which jerked before it started sliding free.

His head tipped back against the headboard, hips lifting off the bed as I ran my tongue down the length of his cock. Sinking my mouth over the head with a moan, I patted over the mattress until my fingers curled around the toy.

It was a vibrator designed for prostate stimulation. I teased his entrance with the tip of it as I sucked, and Moth groaned. The sound turned into a sharp gasp when I started sliding the toy inside and he realised it wasn’t my finger.

I pushed it in and out a few times, slowly and carefully. Moth’s thighs trembled, his breaths growing shaky as he got used to the feel. I lifted my mouth off his cock so I could watch his face as my thumb felt around the base of the vibrator until I found the switch.

Grinning, I switched it on to its lowest setting. Moth choked on a breath, hips jerking as his eyes popped open to stare down at the toy buried inside him.

I clicked my tongue disapprovingly. “You were doing so well.”

Leaving the toy inside him, I sat up and reached under the covers again, this time for the blindfold he’d brought back. Leaning up over his body, I settled the elastic over the back of his head and made sure his eyes were covered. I didn’t tell him that the one he’d grabbed said ‘Daddy’s Boy’ on the front.

Moth bit his lip, fingers flexing in the restraints. His face was already flushed pink from the vibrator still inside him, and his hips jerked when I gently patted his cheek and said, “There. Now you don’t have to worry.”

“I—” His mouth trembled, head tipping back. “It—it f-feels…”

“Good?” I smirked, moving back down and clicking the vibrator over to the next speed.

He gasped, thighs twitching. The vibrator was glistening when I slid it in and out a little, my fingers getting soaked. Moth’s cock bucked, clear fluid pulsing from the long slit along the head. His chest began to heave with his panting breaths as his fingers curled in the restraints, and when I sucked his cock back into my mouth, he let out a ragged moan.

I clicked the toy to the highest setting, the muffled vibration filling the room alongside Moth’s shocked shout. His hips started to writhe, sinking his cock deeper into my mouth.

“Oh god—Charlie—” His arms jerked in their restraints, ass lifting off the bed, his whole body shaking. “I’m—I’m gonna—”

He cut off with another yelp when I pushed my finger inside him next to the toy. I moaned around his cock when he clamped down on it, impossibly tight. But I managed to pull my slick finger free to trail it down to his hole, giving him a second before sinking it inside.

Ah!” Moth’s hips bucked wildly, almost dislodging my finger and the toy. But a second later, he locked up and started to shake before his cock flooded my mouth.

I moaned hoarsely, my own cock reeling between my legs, my hole clenching hungrily around the plug. I sucked him through his orgasm but didn’t swallow, and the moment he sagged back onto the mattress, I slid the toy free and pushed it into his ass.

Moth shouted in shock a second before I lunged up and kissed him, muffling the sound and shoving my cum-coated tongue inside.

Mmmph!” His hips were jerking wildly beneath me from the vibe in his ass, but he kissed me back with frantic desperation.

Not giving him time to think or calm down, I moved back down his body and reached under the covers again.

His head tipped back as he panted up at the ceiling, chest pumping fast. I watched him twitch madly from the vibrator up his ass as I lubed up the toy in my hand.

When I smacked it against my palm, Moth went still. “Wh-what’s that.”

“You’ll find out,” I purred as I lowered it and teased one end against his slit. It was much bigger than the vibrator, but I knew he’d love it.

He let out a long, trembling moan as I slid it in. I gently pulled the vibrator free, then curved the other end of the double ended dildo round to press against his hole. Moth jerked, whimpering as his body slowly accepted the intrusion.

“Oh sh-sh-shit.” He was shaking hard again, mouth trembling as he was stuffed full. He licked his lips and shook his head weakly. “It’s—It’s too much—”

“Say your safeword if it’s too much,” I said calmly, because despite his words, his hips had begun rocking, helping me work the other end of the dildo inside him.

Once it was fully seated, I sat back and stroked my dripping cock, staring down at him. Holy fuck.

“Look at you,” I rasped, slicking my pre-cum over the head of my dick with my thumb. “Both holes stuffed. Bet you feel full, huh?”

Nnngh.” Moth trembled on the bed, arms stretched to the corner posts. His face was pink, skin flushed.

“You love it, don’t you?” I slid my hands down his thighs, keeping them pinned wide. I groaned when he clenched around the dildo, cock jerking in the air. “Being so fucking full you feel like you might break. God, you look so good like this.”

“Charlie,” he whimpered, making my chest ache.

Grabbing the cock sleeve from under the covers, I squirted lube onto the inner ring. Moth gasped when I carefully gripped the curve of the dildo, beginning to work both ends in and out of him as I slid the sleeve over his straining length.

“Fuck,” Moth cried, the tendons in his neck straining as he craned it back. His arms jerked in the restraints again, rattling the headboard.

“Does it feel good, baby?” I asked slyly, stilling both my hands just so I could watch him writhe, hips moving to work his cock through the sleeve.

“Y-y-yeah,” Moth got out through clenched teeth, hands fisting by the bedposts. “F-fuck. Yes. Yes. Charlie—”

I yanked the sleeve off before he could come, but it was still close. His cock jerked into the air, pre-cum pulsing out and trickling down his length. He was panting hard, chest heaving and thighs twitching, but he kept them obediently spread wide. So I decided to reward him.

Reaching between my legs, I slowly eased the plug free. Then I clambered up to straddle his waist, reaching back to grip his cock. It was like an iron bar in my fist, pulsing rhythmically as Moth cried out and bucked. Glancing back to make sure he hadn’t pushed either end of the dildo out, I slowly sank down onto his cock.

Unnghh sshhit.” He gritted his teeth, neck straining, hands clenching into shaking fists by the bedposts. His hips jerked, shoving all of him inside me and making me bounce on his lap.

I groaned through a breathless laugh, clenching around his base. “Still feeling good, slayer?”

“I w-want to see you,” he gritted out, voice tight. “Pl-please.”

Chest warming, I reached up and tugged the blindfold off, cupping his flushed cheek as he blinked blearily up at me. Gripping the headboard behind him, I leaned down to give him a brief kiss. His lips clung to me, unwilling to let go.

“You’re doing so well, Moth. Taking two dicks while you give me yours.”

He whimpered, gazing up at me with pleading eyes. I started riding him slowly, breath hitching from the pleasure. Moth’s eyelids fluttered, a gasp escaping him.

“Tell me how it feels.” My voice was gravelly. “Tell me.”

“F-full,” Moth burst out, panting against my mouth.

I gave him another soft kiss. “Yeah, I bet. I love seeing you like this, baby. Makes me need to come so bad. You’re perfect.”

“Charlie,” he whispered, cock jerking inside me. “C-can I touch you? Please.”

“Not this time.” I kissed along his cheek to his jaw. “You just lie there and let me do the work. You gonna let me ride your dick, Moth? It always feels so good.”

He gasped for breath, vibrating against me. “Y-yeah. Yeah, please. I w-want to see you come.”

I grinned, giving his neck one more kiss. “Oh, you will.”

Sitting up, I started working my hips faster, slamming down onto his cock as he bucked up to meet me. He moaned, loudly, then moaned again when I palmed his chest and pushed him harder into the bed.

I chuckled breathlessly, clamping my other hand over Moth’s mouth. “You should’ve grabbed a gag while you were there.”

That made his eyes roll back in his head, his cheeks flushed and burning under my fingers. His hips bucked frantically, bouncing me on his cock, making my head tip back as I let out a guttural groan.

When Moth stiffened up completely, I stilled my hips so I could feel him throbbing inside me. I clenched around his cock as he cried out, the sound muffled against my palm. He tipped his head back and banged it against the headboard a couple of times as he came so hard his ass lifted clear off the bed, taking my whole weight with him. His eyes were squeezed tightly closed, a tear slipping from the corner of one to roll down his temple.

My chest tightened at the sight, and I reached up to gently wipe it away as he let out a shuddering breath against my palm, his body sagging back onto the mattress.

I slid my hand off his mouth to stroke his cheek with my thumb. “Are you okay, baby?”

His eyes slowly blinked open, soft and hazy and heavylidded. Tremors rolled through his body, and I could feel how soaked he was against my ass. My dick jerked, drooling onto his tense stomach.

Once he’d nodded and told me, “Y-yeah,” in a breathless, dazed voice, I gave him a few more seconds to recover before I started moving my hips again.

He had to be crazy sensitive by now, because he immediately shuddered and let out a curt shout. I chuckled, clamping my hand back over his mouth. Moth’s wide eyes were fixed on my ass sliding on and off his cock, before he lifted his gaze to stare at me with wild desperation. He whimpered against my palm, shaking his head.

I smirked and huffed out a breathless laugh. “Use your signal if you want me to stop.”

His hands curled into fists in their restraints, like he was considering it. Honestly, I was pretty sure he was strong enough to snap the ropes anyway—or the headboard. But he did none of those things, even as his hips twitched repeatedly from overstimulation.

“My turn to come now,” I told him with a breathless smirk. “But you might come again, huh?”

Leaning forward, I gripped the headboard behind him, rocking my hips back and forth.

“Think you got one more for me, Moth?” I asked in a low murmur, laughing when he immediately whimpered and shook his head frantically.

But then his hips started pounding up into me as his eyes rolled back again. Maybe he was just trying to get me to come as soon as possible because it was too much for him. But he hadn’t used his signal, so I didn’t stop.

Sitting back up, I fumbled with the discarded cock sleeve on the bed, groaning shakily as I worked it over the tip of my cock. It was still warm and slick from Moth, and the soft bumps on the inside felt unreal as I started pumping it over my length.

“F-f-fuck, that feels good,” I gasped, fingers tightening on Moth’s face as he moaned hoarsely against my palm, eyes locked on what I was doing. His cock bucked inside me, telling me that maybe he did have one more in him.

Maybe two.

My orgasm was rising up quickly, Moth’s cock tagging my prostate every now and then with his wild, jerky thrusts. He was moaning nonstop against my palm now, the sounds muffled but no less frantic, his eyes still locked on my hand and the sleeve flying over my cock.

“Oh shit.” My head tipped back, hips stuttering, thighs burning from how hard I was riding him.

The ache faded to nothing as pure bliss spread through my ass, tightening my nuts and racing up my cock. My hand jerked on the cock sleeve, hips bucking wildly until all my muscles locked up.

Ahhh fuuuck.” Pleasure coursed through every inch of me, making me hunch over and shake. Tingles raced over my scalp as my cock started firing cum, shooting so hard it reached Moth’s throat. My limbs went numb, asshole spasming around his length as I gasped through the mindnumbing orgasm.

Moth let out a strained shout against my palm, whole body shaking as he came again. His shoulders lifted off the bed, stretching his arms further and making the headboard creak ominously. Frantic, shuddering breaths escaped through his nose, heating the side of my finger. I felt his knees come up and press into my sides, like he was trying to curl inward as if it would help him escape the brutal pleasure coursing through his overworked body.

I was trembling as my body finally started to calm, and I winced through a chuckle when I slipped the cock sleeve off my sensitive length, dropping it onto the bed.

“Damn,” I said between panting breaths. “I think I had a full-body orgasm.”

Moth whimpered plaintively against my palm, still shaking uncontrollably, his hands hanging limply in their restraints as his chest heaved. I grinned at him before placing my hands on his tight, tense stomach to lift myself off his cock, knowing he could take my weight.

I chuckled again as I looked down, a ridiculous amount of cum seeping from me and getting all over him. Moth’s cock twitched, flushed a much deeper shade than I had ever seen it before. My grin turned sly as I moved down to between his legs.

When I gripped the double ended dildo and slid it out a few inches, Moth made a choked sound, knees clamping against my sides. It was obscenely slick, and I could see a wet patch on the sheet beneath him. His tail lashed in agitation between his legs.

I pushed the dildo back in and quickly stretched my arm up to cover Moth’s mouth again when he inhaled sharply.

“I think you’ve got one more in you,” I told him in a low voice. “You just love being stuffed so full you’re almost not sure you can take it, don’t you?”

Moth whimpered, then shook his head frantically when I grabbed the cock sleeve and worked it over his length.

“One more,” I told him sternly, pressing my knee against the dildo to keep it in place as I started pumping his cock so fast he had no time to really react.

He strained up off the bed, thighs quaking as they fell back open. His flush had spread down over his throat and chest, nipples tight little points and stomach muscles quivering. He was so overstimulated that it didn’t take long at all for him to reach his peak, but only a thin stream of cum trickled down his length when he came again, sobbing against my palm.

“Shit, I milked you dry.” I chuckled as I gently slid the cock sleeve off.

Moth was definitely done. His face was flushed, forehead shiny with sweat and hair a damp, wild mess. He was shaking wildly, but his body was limp and boneless on the bed. I carefully slid the dildo free, then stood up on unsteady legs to untie his wrists.

I rubbed his wrists and hands with my thumbs, dipping my head to kiss his palms as I untied each one. “You okay, baby?”

Moth let out a shaky breath and managed to lift his head, peering down at his prone body. His heaving chest was streaked with my cum, everything between his legs an absolute mess. His cheeks darkened again, throat bobbing.

“I’m—I—I need to clean up.”

“No, not yet,” I said firmly, climbing onto the bed and pulling him into my arms.

I knew he’d need a while to come down from the emotional high of being worked over so completely. I held him tightly, and he let out a shaky sigh, burying his face into my neck as he sprawled half on top of me.

His body finally started to calm, relaxing fully into me. I threaded my fingers through his damp hair, lightly rubbing the tips against his scalp in the way I knew he liked. I avoided the sensitive points of his ears, knowing he couldn’t take any more stimulation right now.

“Was it too much?” I murmured after a few minutes of peaceful silence, once Moth had finally stopped trembling.

“No,” he mumbled into my neck, voice drowsy. “And yes. It was… so good.”

I chuckled, pressing a kiss to his hair. “You can do it to me next time. Not that I can come that many times so fast.”

I felt Moth’s lips curve into a sleepy smile against my throat. He started to lift his head, then gave up and let it fall back onto the pillow with a groan.

“We should probably find something to use as a gag though,” I added thoughtfully. “You got pretty loud.”

“Oh god,” Moth groaned into my neck, burrowing closer.

I laughed. “Won’t matter when we’re back at the safehouse. You can be as loud as you want.”

“Still. Maybe I’ll just stay in here tomorrow so I don’t have to show my face.”

“That sounds great.” I shuffled down and turned to face him, wrapping my arm around his middle. “Let’s spend the day in bed. We can do some reading practise.”

Moth gave me a sleepy smile, eyes already drifting shut. “’Kay.”

I kissed his cheek gently before pulling back. “I’ll clean you up.”

“I can do it,” he slurred, sounding half asleep already. Ignoring him, I grabbed a clean towel and dipped it in the bucket of water then returned to the bed.

By the time I’d finished cleaning him up, Moth was out cold. After gathering up all the toys and cleaning those that needed it, I paused by the duffle bag and snagged myself another donut as a reward for a job well done. When I slipped back into bed, Moth half woke up and shuffled closer, resting his head on my chest.

I lowered the donut to his mouth. “Want a bite?”

He mumbled something and took a bite without opening his eyes, exhaling heavily as he chewed. He tucked himself tighter against my body, his breaths tickling my chest, and was asleep again within seconds. I smiled and finished the donut, sheepishly trying to brush powdered sugar out of Moth’s hair without waking him.

Then I settled down with a lazy sigh, drowsy eyes blinking up at the ceiling as I breathed in Moth’s scent. When I joined the military twelve years ago, I never could have predicted that this was where I would end up. A former soldier who had deserted the military, in love with a half monster, lying in his arms in a raider camp in the middle of this wasteland.

But life was good. Better now we had sex toys and donuts.

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All rights reserved.