Bonus Short: Orlith Tries to Seduce Wyn (Again)

Another little 1.3k word interaction between Wyn and Orlith, set waaay in the past! Orlith is continuing in his mission to get railed by (or to rail) Wyn as often as possible. Why, Orlith? Wyn is a grumpy old man, he’s kinda gross (you know his hygiene standards are way below Danny’s) and he is not impressed by your enormous collection of stolen human trinkets.

There are no details or descriptions of Wyn and Orlith actually doing the deed here (I guess this could be classed as fade-to-black) but if you really can’t stand the thought of Wyn having a sex life before Danny, maybe don’t read it. Because he does give in this time. He cannot resist Orlith. Or at least, he couldn’t back then.

There is also some gorgeous artwork of Orlith, drawn specifically for this short by the wonderful Marmarris. It’ll be on my Twitter, but it’s also at the end of the short below. Enjoy!

Content warnings: Adult themes, bad language, Orlith, Wyn’s anarchist agenda, Wyn gives in but don’t worry there are no details, Look, Wyn has complicated feelings about humans okay?

Spoiler warning: Set way before the events of any of the books, but probably best read after the novella Wyn, when Orlith is introduced

Around 450 years ago…

Why the fuck am I doing this?

I had returned to our world after a dull year or so of hunting parasites among the humans. The moment I slipped through the tear and back into my valley, I had been contacted by Orlith before I could hide away in my nest and sleep.

His grating voice had rung in my head the moment I crossed through, as if he had just been waiting, prodding the air with his mind until he felt me—like those irritating little insects in the human world that let out a high-pitched whine right by your ear, impossible to swat away no matter how much you tried.

You need to come here, Orlith had said, his irritating voice buzzing at the base of my skull. It’s important.

I’d considered ignoring him, but I could still feel the press of him in my head, his bratty presence waiting for me to obey. He wouldn’t leave me alone until he got his way.

What’s so important? I’d snapped back, hesitating at the tiny entrance to my nest.

There’s something in my nest you have to see.

Tension rolled through me. Had something got into Orlith’s nest? He was an annoying little fuck, but that didn’t mean I… wanted bad things to happen to him. Not that I would ever, ever tell him that.

Fine. I’d begun crossing the distance between our nests. His was further southwest, closer to where we had all grown up as youths. Not that I had grown up with him—I had been long gone from my parents’ nest by the time he was born. He’d sought me out when he reached adulthood for “advice” on how to eliminate parasites—as if it wasn’t instinct for our kind.

Things had… escalated after his fourth visit.

His nest appeared up ahead after I had travelled over hills, great lakes, the vast Amaranthine forest with its enormous mushrooms and hovering crystals. I knew he’d be able to feel me approaching, so I didn’t bother to announce my arrival. I slunk through the tiny gap in the rock to the first chamber of his nest, hidden deep within the side of a mountain.

My nest had only two chambers—one for hibernating and one to store my hoard. All telyths hoarded, collecting things over their long lives. Mine was mainly leftover bones from my enemies, precious jewels from this world, preserved plants and herbs that held powers. I might have had some skulls in there somewhere.

Orlith’s nest had eight chambers, all of them filled with ridiculous human crap. I solidified in his sleeping chamber, which had a fucking four poster bed draped in rich forest green fabric, mounds of silk and fur and velvet piled on top. Jewellery was strewn over it, as if he rolled around in it before hibernating. My lip curled.

“Where are you then?” I rasped, knowing he’d be able to hear me from wherever he was in here.

“Third chamber,” he called back, his voice languid and careless as if he hadn’t ordered me to come here. As if he hadn’t been waiting for me.

I grunted in irritation. He didn’t sound like he was in any danger, but I stomped past his ridiculous bed to the next chamber, which was filled with piles of clothing. Cloaks, coats, dresses, shirts, several coats of armour. A huge gilded mirror leaned against one stone wall, countless gold and silver necklaces draped over its corners.

When I entered the next chamber, I stopped dead. My eye twitched, insides twisting into a heated knot.

“Well?” Orlith drawled from where he was sitting on a gigantic, ornate throne. Completely naked.

His legs were spread wide, but one black-stained hand was cupped between his thighs in some laughable semblance of modesty, as if this wasn’t a ridiculous attempt to seduce me.

It is not working, I told myself obstinately.

The throne had a high back and was upholstered with rich burgundy fabric, its back and arms forming elaborate swirls in gold. My lip curled at the gaudy display of wealth.

Fuck the monarchy. All monarchies.

His other elbow was propped on the armrest, and dangling loosely from his long fingers was a stupid gold crown. He was wearing something, I realised too late—a cloak, but it didn’t conceal any inch of his body, and while the hood was up, his face was still visible.

He was smirking at me.

Clearing my throat, I crossed my arms and lifted my chin. “Well what?”

“Well, what do you think?” He gestured vaguely at the throne with the hand holding the crown, the gold winking from the firelight burning in a few lanterns in here.

“I don’t think anything,” I said flatly. “It is a throne that humans who think they’re better than others sit on to feel important.”

“Yes, I stole it from the French king,” Orlith said airily. “And this crown was just laying around, so I thought it would be nice to add to my collection.”

“Why did you make me come here to see this, Orlith?” I asked through gritted teeth, forcing my eyes to stay on his infuriatingly perfect face and not the hand elegantly draped between his legs.

“Because the throne looks good in my nest.” He smirked at me, twirling the crown in his fingers. “And I thought I’d offer you the opportunity to be fucked on it.”

I snorted, trying to relax my tense shoulders. I didn’t want him to see how much he was affecting me. “Exactly how long have you been sitting here waiting for me?”

He scowled. “Not long.”

“There’s a scurig web attached to the back of your hood. They take at least a few hours to spin their webs. And this one stretches all the way to the wall—”

“Shut up,” he snapped, before visibly forcing himself to relax back in the throne.

Lifting a long leg, he draped it over the armrest, still keeping his hand between his legs but showing me the curve of his backside. My fingers curled into tight fists, stuffed in my armpits.

“So you’re really saying you don’t want to fuck?” he drawled, smirking at me again.

“I told you last time that we can’t keep fucking.”

He rolled his eyes. “And why not? Because you’re determined to stay as miserable as possible?”

“No, because you won’t fucking leave me alone,” I gritted out. “I don’t want a mate, Orlith. I don’t want young.”

He narrowed his eyes at me before sweeping his gaze down my frame. “Who said anything about young? I just offered a fuck.”

I tried to tell him no. Tried to turn and leave. But my jaw stayed clamped shut, teeth grinding and cutting into my gums. Fucking Orlith, sitting there naked in his gaudy human throne with his legs spread and that infuriating smirk on his face, as if he thought he was getting to me.

It is not working, I told myself again.

“I also stole a sceptre,” he told me slyly. “It has a very intriguing ball on the end that I could use to—”

“This is the last time,” I snapped, striding forward.

His mismatched eyes flared as he sat up straight, foot thumping back onto the floor. “We’ll see.”

“It is,” I grated, thudding to my knees in front of the stupid throne.

He smirked down at me, hurriedly placing the ridiculous crown on his head before reaching out to feather his fingertips over one of my horns. I shuddered, then grabbed his knees and forced them open as wide as possible.

“Maybe this time you can pretend to be the human,” he rasped, sharp teeth flashing in a grin as he shoved my hood back. “I know how much you like that. You can be the doting human worshipping his king on his throne.”

“Shut up,” I gritted out, yanking him closer to the edge of the seat.

Artist: Marmarris

Copyright 2022 by Lily Mayne

All rights reserved.