Bonus Short: The Adventures of Danny and Wyn – Part 2

This is a short 5.3k-word story to celebrate a year since the release of Soul Eater! It features a hypothetical conversation about hotdogs, a visit to an abandoned mall, and Danny in lingerie and a crop top. So. There’s that. Wyn enjoys himself.

Content warnings: Explicit sexual content, 18+ only, lingerie, crop top, Wyn is too busy to push his stabby agenda

Spoiler warning: Set sometime after the novella Wyn (Monstrous: 3.5) and before Moth (Monstrous: Book Five)


“Okay, what about hotdogs for fingers or hotdogs for, like… legs?”

My right eye twitched within the depths of my hood. This was something Danny often did when we had been walking for a long time and he started getting bored.

The questions. The ridiculous, pointless, nonsensical questions.

I loved him more than anything, but in moments like these, I often thought back fondly to the time when humans were all terrified and ran screaming in the opposite direction at the mere sight of me.

“I don’t understand, sweet,” I said—my response eighty percent of the time.

Danny huffed and rolled his eyes. “It’s just hypothetical. If you had to pick one, which would you pick?”

“But why would I have to pick one?”

“Just because. It’s funny to think about.”

“Is it?”

His cheeks went pink as he glared at me. My mouth twitched, and I felt a touch of guilt for embarrassing him, but before I could apologise, he yanked his hand free from mine. I hissed in irritation, fingers flexing.

“You’re lucky you’re so hot,” he muttered, clutching the straps of his backpack so I couldn’t snag his hand again. “Such a fucking grump.”

I rolled my eyes, and Danny shot me a suspicious look as if he knew, even though my hood was up. Letting out a silent, exasperated breath, I woodenly said, “Fingers.”

“What?” he asked, examining his nails, trying very hard to sound like he didn’t care.

“I’d pick hotdogs for fingers,” I elaborated, unable to keep the disdain out of my voice.

“Really?” His mouth twitched, like he was fighting the urge to smile. “Why?”

For fuck’s sake. Now I had to give a reason for my answer?

“Well, wouldn’t your legs just snap the moment you tried to walk? Hotdogs don’t bend.” I despised myself, just a little, for actually putting some thought into my answer.

“Hmm.” Danny’s head cocked like he was thinking deeply about it, as if we were discussing something actually important. “That’s true, but so would hotdog fingers.”

“Yes, but I can just do this.”

I stopped, which made Danny come to a halt too. He turned to face me, eyeing me warily as I raised my hands. They dissolved into smoke up to my wrists, and I moulded that oily black smoke into the vague outline of palms and fingers. Long, wispy fingers that trailed black fog as I wiggled them to try and make Danny smile.

It worked. His mouth twitched, then stretched into a wide grin. “Okay, smoke boy, neat trick. But I can’t do that.”

My hands resolidified, and I took a step closer to slide them round Danny’s waist. “What would you pick, then?”

“Legs. I wouldn’t be able to touch you properly with hotdog fingers, and I wouldn’t be able to feel you because, duh, hotdogs don’t have nerves.”

My eye twitched again.

“But you’d have to carry me everywhere,” Danny continued, palms resting on my chest as he grinned up at me. “Like you said, my hotdog legs would snap if I tried to walk on them.”

For a brief moment, I thought about how much Edin would probably enjoy this fucking ridiculous conversation.

“Of course I would carry you if you had hotdog legs, Danny,” I told him solemnly.

His hands slid up until he wrapped his arms around my neck. Rising up, he tilted his chin, silently asking for a kiss. “I know you would, old man.”

I dipped my head to kiss him, tightening my grip on his waist when his tongue brushed softly against mine. Danny let out a muffled sound when I thrust my tongue into his mouth aggressively, one hand rising to fist his hair and hold his head in place.

The other hand slowly slid down, over the swell of his backside. My lips curved into a sharp grin as I squeezed, jerking his hips closer, and he grunted in surprise into my mouth. But just as I was about to hoist him into my arms and carry him into the nearest house, he ruined it.

“Mmm.” After one final kiss, Danny moved back and cupped the sides of my neck. His beautiful face was entirely serious as he asked, “What about tiny hotdogs for teeth or a hotdog for a tongue?”

The further north we travelled across the Wastes, the colder it got. I didn’t feel it much, but I grew concerned for Danny.

“Shall we stay further south during the winter?” I asked him as we made our way down a highway littered with old vehicles, the clouds heavy and grey in the sky above.

“No, Wyn!” Danny nudged me with his elbow. “We have to find Edin and Hunter to tell them about the time place.”

My lip curled. “Do we?”

He laughed, slipping his arm under my coat and around my waist as I tugged him closer. “Yes. We need to make sure Hunter is your brother-in-law for thousands of years. And don’t you want to see Edin?”

Of course I wanted to see Edin. Aside from Danny, Edin was the only other being alive who I gave a fuck about, even if he annoyed the shit out of me most of the time. But I did not want to see his oafish human—assuming the soldier had even stayed out here, which I doubted. He had probably abandoned Edin the moment he had his little friend back.

I grunted in response to Danny’s question, which made him laugh again just as fat drops of rain started falling from the thick clouds above.

I tightened my grip around his shoulders, pulling him closer. “We need to find shelter.”

Danny chuckled. “So dramatic. It’s just rain.”

“You might get sick.” I quickened my steps, tugging him along with me.

“Tethered to an almost indestructible, ancient monster man, remember?”

I grunted. “You could still get a cold.”

“Wait.” Danny stopped, making me hiss with irritation. He turned to face me, a fat raindrop landing on the tip of his nose. I reached up to wipe it away. “You get colds?”

“What?” I scowled irritably, wiping away another drop that landed on his cheek. “I didn’t say that.”

“But you just said I can still get a cold, which surely means you can too, right? For you to know that?”

My eye twitched. My jaw clenched. Both reactions were hidden by my hood, but Danny always seemed to know anyway. His lips curled into an amused smirk.

“Very rarely,” I muttered, my fingers twitching with the urge to grab Danny’s headgear and force him to put it on. “Sweet, why don’t you put on your—”

“You get colds?” Danny spluttered with laughter, stepping closer and reaching into my hood to cup my face.

I scowled and snapped, “Why is that funny?”

“It’s not! It’s… I don’t know. Really cute.” He leaned up and kissed me. “I promise to look after you whenever you get the sniffles.”

My scowl deepened until I knew he could feel the iciness of my glare. “I do not sniffle.

“Well.” Danny smirked, irritating me further. “I guess we’ll find out one day, won’t we?”

I flailed for something to say, feeling heat rise in my cheeks, which infuriated me. “This is ridiculous. We need to get out of the rain. Let’s go.”

Danny just laughed as I grabbed his hand and marched forward, toward the big sprawling building coming off the highway. It sat behind a huge stretch of concrete, cracked and weed-strewn, with countless cars left rusting and abandoned. An old parking lot.

“Oh cool, a mall.” Danny let me tug him off the highway, winding between old cars. “We can scavenge for stuff.”

“What stuff?” I asked immediately, glaring up at the sky when it started raining harder.

“I dunno. Maybe some clothes?”

“I can get you clothes,” I countered. “New ones. From the cities. Just tell me what you need.”

Danny chuckled. “I know you can, but if we’re going to wait in there until it stops raining, it’ll be fun to look around the old stores anyway.”

I grunted, leading him to the glass doors of the building. One was smashed, and the interior was already littered with dirt, dead leaves and old trash. I reached out with my senses and could detect no one else within—no other humans or creatures in the building.

We made our way inside. The front entrance opened up into the main shopping area, several floors stretching above us. Old stores lined the edges either side of us, several with smashed front windows, clothing rails and mannequins strewn from doorways. Human raiders had hit this place many times over the years, it seemed. The stores were ransacked, most shelves empty and tipped over, only useless items left behind.

“You ever hang out in malls in your smoke form before the world turned to shit?” Danny asked, looking around with interest.

I huffed. “Obviously not.”

“You’re so boring, baby.” The kiss he placed on my cheek took the sting out of his words, but I still scowled. “If I could turn to smoke, I’d mess with people all the time.”

My mouth stretched into a wide, sharp grin. “I do mess with people. I just never bothered fucking with pathetic little teenagers moping around these places.”

Danny snorted and muttered, “You would’ve fit right in.”


“Nothing, baby.” He squeezed my hand. “Let’s go look around.”

I grunted. “I suppose we could see if there are any clothes left. You need dry ones.”

“Sure,” he said absently, pulling me toward the lifeless escalators in the centre of the mall.

Glass, grit and dead leaves crunched under our boots, the only sound echoing around the vast empty space. We skirted round an old fountain, dry and the base discoloured a dark brown. Big, empty pots sat beside peeling benches, some still containing the dried, shrivelled twigs of whatever plants used to thrive in them.

“It’s empty in here, right?” Danny asked as we walked up the unmoving escalator, our boots loud on the metal steps.


There was no life within the building except for us. Outside, over the relentless pounding of the rain, I could sense the fast, thrumming heartbeat of a small creature from this world in some long grass. Nothing threatening.

I didn’t tell Danny, though, just in case it was another of those dogs that came with their own backpacks. He’d want to keep it.

Most of the stores had been ransacked already, shelves smashed and tipped over, clothing rails empty, useless items left behind to rot. We wandered along the store fronts, Danny occasionally pulling me inside a shop to have a look around while I waited near the entrance. I wasn’t interested in useless human crap. Old candles, plastic junk, hideously overpowering perfume sticks called ‘incense’ and little figurines of dragons and other mythical creatures that humans had previously wished were real.

Instead, they got me. My mouth stretched into a sharp grin as I set a little model of a half fish woman back on the shelf.

As we left that store and headed for the next one, Danny chuckled and squeezed my hand.

“You might like that store.” He jerked his chin toward a shop window.

I eyed it with disdain. The interior looked dark, and there were lots of stickers on the windows. It looked like it had been a clothing store, but most items had already been scavenged. What was left was mainly black. Or grey. Or bright colours in chequered patterns. I could see a wall of logos printed on fabric.

“Go take a look, old man.” Danny kissed my cheek and gave my backside a firm smack. I shot him an unimpressed look—not that he could see it. “I’ll be next door,” he added, tone absent.

I glanced over at the store next door, but couldn’t see much. The mannequins in the windows had been tipped over and stripped bare, but I could see that they were shaped into an impossible version of a female human body.

I couldn’t work out what the store had sold, but Danny was already wandering inside. I hesitated for a moment before reluctantly slinking into the dark store he’d told me to look at. I flicked the sleeve of a short black dress as I wandered between clothing rails, eyeing everything with disinterest.

I stopped in front of a display of long, brightly coloured striped socks, staring at them in mild horror. Why did Danny say I’d like this place?

I turned to stride back out, curling my lip at a display of pink backpacks with unicorns on them. An almost empty shelf contained a few rainbow-striped belts and others studded with metal. Just inside the entrance, there was a display of faded plush toys—ridiculous, brightly coloured creatures with big, stupid eyes and cutesy faces. I kicked it over before leaving the store.

My eyes narrowed when I stepped into the store Danny had entered. Old, faded posters of human women in their underwear lined the walls. A big pink light dominated the centre of the ceiling, the walls dark and floor smooth under the grit from years of neglect.

I spotted Danny at the back of the store, head bent as he fiddled with something on the shelf in front of him. His backpack rested on the top of the display.


He jumped, stuffing something into his backpack. “Yep.”

I approached slowly, eyeing him. “Are you done, sweet?”

“Yep, uh-huh.” He shoved something else into his bag before zipping it shut. His cheeks were pink when he turned to face me, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. “All done. Just browsing. I—um. So did you find anything?”

“What?” I huffed. “No. Was I meant to?”

Danny laughed and stepped forward to slip his arm around my waist under my coat. “Just thought you might like that store’s aesthetic.”

I grunted, tugging him toward the exit. “It was juvenile.”

“Uh-huh.” He rested his head on my shoulder as we wandered out of the store. “Is it still raining? Should we stay here tonight?”

I looked around the mall with disdain. There wouldn’t be a bed here, or a way for Danny to wash. It was also too big and open, with too many ways for creatures—or humans—to slip inside.

“No.” I slid a hand up Danny’s spine to scratch the back of his head affectionately. “We’ll wait for the rain to stop and find somewhere better to sleep.”


My heart was pounding as I opened the bathroom door, shivering at the rush of cooler air against my exposed stomach.

We’d found a big house after the rain stopped and we left the mall behind. The bed in the master bedroom was enormous, and Wyn was currently slouched back against the headboard in the centre of it. He was still wearing his boots, legs crossed at the ankles, and the hood was down on his coat. I smiled as my eyes met his mismatched ones, but nerves made it wobbly.

“Are you alright, sweet?” he asked, but his voice was already deeper and huskier, distracted as his gaze slid down to my exposed midriff.

I’d hacked a couple of old, baggy t-shirts in half to wear as crop tops to bed, and Wyn freaking loved them. Especially when it was the only thing I was wearing.

Right now, though, I was still wearing my pants, and when I remembered why, my gut lurched with nervous anticipation. The carpet was threadbare but thankfully pretty clean under my bare feet, and I set down my backpack before slowly approaching the bed.

I licked my lips. “Um—I, um, have something to show you.”

I could already feel the splotchy heat rising up my throat. But at the same time, my cock was already twitching, brushing against soft fabric that felt so foreign and… weird. But hot. Really hot.

But Wyn might not like it. I was pretty sure he would, but… still. He might not.


I could tell Wyn wasn’t really concentrating on my words, mainly because he was still running his gaze over my midriff, his eyes heated.

“Wyn!” My face was hot now, but I forced myself to lower my hands to my fly. “Focus!”

“What?” His gaze jerked up, then immediately dropped back down to follow my fingers as I fumbled with the button on my pants.

A sharp-toothed grin stretched Wyn’s mouth. He began slowly unbuttoning his shirt as he watched me, but he froze the moment I got my pants undone and tugged them down just a little.

Revealing the bright pink lace panties I was wearing.

My face and throat were splotchy with heat, but I forced myself to take my pants off and straighten up with my hands on my hips, now wearing nothing but the crop top and panties. Wyn still hadn’t moved, long blackened fingers poised over a button on his shirt. He was like a statue.

I cleared my throat. “Um, so, what…” I gave him a hesitant smile. “What do you think?”

Fiddling with the lacy edge, I glanced down and felt my face go bright red at how obscene my dick looked in this underwear. Despite my nerves, it was already rock hard and trapped at an awkward angle, threatening to poke out the side of the left leg hole.

Wyn hadn’t spoken yet. Or moved. I chewed on the inside of my cheek as I looked at him uncertainly. His mismatched eyes were locked on my groin, but I couldn’t tell if he hated or loved what he saw.

After another ten seconds of silence, the humiliation threatened to overwhelm me.

“Okay, I’m taking them off.” I spun around to speed-walk back into the bathroom, my face on fire, and heard Wyn let out a distorted, choked sound from the bed.

Cringing, I remembered too late that the back of this underwear was… smaller than the front. Not quite a thong, but pretty damn close.

Before I could take another step, arms looped around my middle and yanked me back. I squawked in shock, the sound turning into a grunt as my back hit the mattress, bouncing once.

Wyn loomed over me, already naked somehow. I blinked, staring up at him in disbelief. “How did you—”

He cut me off with a bruising kiss, roughly shoving my thighs apart to nestle his hips between them. My throat got hot again because I was pretty sure one of my nuts had popped out the side of these panties, and the head of my dick was definitely poking up past the waistband. They weren’t exactly designed to fit all my junk in.

Wyn hadn’t seemed to notice, at least. He was too busy shoving his tongue in my mouth, so I quickly wriggled my hand between us and readjusted my goods, my breath hitching when my fingers brushed over my straining erection through the lace.

Wyn tore his mouth free to trail his lips down my neck, sharp teeth scraping my throat and making me shiver. He sat up, eyes wild as he stared down at the bright pink panties. My thighs twitched when long, black-stained fingers trailed lightly up and down the sensitive inner skin.

He cleared his throat, but his voice was still more distorted and gravelly than normal when he asked, “Did you take more than one pair?”

My heart was thundering in my chest, breaths already escaping fast, but my mouth quirked up into a crooked smile. “Yeah.”

Wyn’s breath shuddered out of him. “Good.”

My smile turned into a smirk. “You like them then?”

I could already guess the answer, judging by Wyn’s enormous erection and the pre-cum dripping from the head of his cock. His slit was flushed and wet, and my mouth watered with the urge to taste him, but he was already leaning down to kiss me.

“We are going back to that place so you can get more,” he rasped against my mouth before kissing his way down my neck.

I tilted my head to give him more room, grinning widely. “I grabbed plenty, baby, don’t worry.”

He let out a little growly sound, hips rocking to rub his cock against the soft lace covering my junk. He used his flat nose to nudge my crop top up until he could reach a nipple, swirling his tongue around it. My hips jerked as I gasped, threading my fingers through his dark hair. He gave my other nipple a soft lick before kissing his way down my stomach, dipping his tongue briefly into my navel.

“Wyn,” I mumbled shakily, tilting my head on the bed so I could keep watching him.

His eyes met mine as he mouthed at my cock through the thin, lacy fabric. His hands framed my hips, thumbs slipping under the sides of my underwear to stroke my bare skin, making me shudder with sensitivity.

His lips trailed along the length of my stiff shaft through the lace. A guttural groan left him when he reached the head and felt the wet patch from the pre-cum seeping through the fabric. My hips jerked when he sucked, eyes flaring with heat.

He licked his way back down before nuzzling my lace-covered sac. My hips shifted restlessly, a tremor running through my frame as my hard cock rubbed against soft, wet lace. It was an entirely novel experience, almost overwhelming in intensity, making my hands shoot down to grab Wyn’s horns and ensure he stayed down there.

Wyn snarled, his body shuddering between my legs. I was already panting, skin flushed and prickling with pleasure, but I had enough sense left to slide my fists up and down the sensitive base of Wyn’s horns as he mouthed at my cock again through the lace.

“Danny,” he rasped, sounding almost feral, which made my heart leap and my cock buck with excitement—until I felt a tug on the delicate lace panties.

My head shot up from the bed. “Don’t rip them with your teeth!”

Wyn huffed and rolled his eyes, lifting his head. “It’s the quickest way to get them off—”

“They’ll be ruined if you do that.” I let go of a horn to give his head an affectionate shove, which made him bare his sharp teeth at me in a snarl. “Just take them off normally. Or maybe…” I shrugged, trying to look like I didn’t care one way or another, but I could feel the splotchiness on my chest and throat. “Maybe just leave them on.”

Wyn stared up at me, before his mouth slowly spread into a wide, wicked grin. I shivered. I knew that evil smile well.

“Do you want me to leave them on, sweet?” he asked in a low, whispery voice between kisses to my lace-covered cock. The delicate fabric was completely soaked through at the tip, and the sensation of it sliding against my cockhead was making my mind go blank as I trembled with pleasure.

“I—” I let out a shuddering breath. “I—If you want to—”

My words cut off with a gasp when Wyn peeled back the lace to give the tip of my cock a single lick. He settled the fabric back in place and slid his hands to my hips, dropping kisses over my belly just above the edge of the underwear.

I melted into the bed with a tiny groan, knees falling open wide. Wyn groaned as I stroked my thumbs over the base of his horns. His fingers tightened on my hips, and I felt his muscles tighten with purpose.

I let out an embarrassing squawk as I was suddenly flipped onto my stomach. Before I could even react, my knees were shoved open wide and my ass yanked up. My cock jerked, the head pushing out from the panties’ waistband.

“Oh fuck,” I croaked, staring at the ugly pattern on the bedspread as Wyn’s big hands landed hard on my ass, making me jump as a jolt of pleasure rushed up the length of my cock. He squeezed tight with a little snarl, spreading me wide.

I held my breath as I felt his thumb slide down the thin strip of lace nestled between my cheeks. He rubbed over my covered hole with unerring accuracy, making me bite back a groan as my fingers curled around the comforter.

Cool lips pressed against my ass cheek, simultaneously tightening my chest with emotion and making my cock buck hungrily, still trapped in lace. I bit the inside of my cheek to hold back a whimper as Wyn’s sharp teeth sank gently into the meat of my ass before his tongue trailed slowly inward.

Long fingers hooked under the lace and pulled it to one side, just enough for a warm tongue to lap at my hole.

Hhhnnngg.” I made a real undignified noise as my fingers scrabbled over the sheets. “F-f-fuck.”

Wyn moaned against me, a low rabid sound. He licked again, then drilled his tongue inside with no preamble. My entire body jerked as I let out a shocked shout, pressing my cheek against the mattress. My thighs trembled wildly, ass trying to clench, but Wyn’s fingers dug in like claws and kept me spread wide, his thumb still hooked around the panties to keep them out of his way.

My lips parted on a gasp when I felt the rasp of his sharp teeth against the most vulnerable part of me. It only made my cock harder, nuts tightening, the brush of lace against my junk making my head spin.

Wyn’s tongue vanished as he sat up. My heart was pounding, and my breath caught when I felt the slick heat of his cockhead notch against my hole. He gave me a few seconds to prepare for the invasion, and I tipped my forehead into the mattress as I bore down. Wyn’s hiss of pleasure accompanied my tight groan as he slipped inside.

Since we’d tethered our lives, Wyn was less concerned about hurting me during sex. Which meant he was rougher. Which was freaking amazing. My mouth stretched into a wide grin as he clenched his fingers hard into my backside, keeping my panties out of his way and my ass tilted up to take him. His other hand found the middle of my back and pushed down, pinning me to the bed.

I moaned in bliss as he sank inside me in increments, using his last scrap of control to lessen the ache. It hurt way less now—I didn’t know if it was from me getting used to Wyn fucking me, like, all the time, or if it was because I was more impervious to injury. Either way, I wasn’t complaining.

I had only a second to enjoy the slick heat of him against me as his hips met my ass before he was pulling back out. His first thrust was hard enough to jolt my body on the bed, a surprised grunt leaving me. The next thrust shoved me up the mattress again, and I laughed breathlessly as I tried to brace myself.

Wyn growled in irritation. The hand pinning my lower back vanished before his long, black-stained fingers appeared in my periphery as he braced himself on the bed, clutching the sheets in his fist. He finally released his deathgrip on my ass to curl an arm between the bed and my stomach, holding me in place as his hips rocked again—and again, getting faster and faster.

Uuunngh.” I squeezed my eyes shut, shuddering as his tunnelling cock shot pleasure through every inch of me. My dick rubbed constantly against soft, damp lace, my nuts restricted by the underwear, which somehow made everything feel so much better.

The loud sound of Wyn’s hips smacking against my ass filled the room, accompanied by my increasingly desperate moans and his rabid snarls of pleasure. My hips jerked when sharp teeth clamped down on my shoulder through my shirt, Wyn’s soft black hair cascading forward and brushing my neck.

“Wyn,” I panted pleadingly, reaching up with a trembling hand.

My fingers curled around the base of his horn, holding on for dear life as he fucked me in hard, pounding thrusts.

“Fuck,” he bit out, shuddering as I rubbed my thumb over the rippled texture of his horn. “Danny.”

I tightened my grip, holding him in place, and lifted my head. His panting breaths hit my cheek before I craned my neck around so I could kiss him. It was messy and heated, and I could barely focus on anything but the relentless pounding of his cock in my ass. I moaned with every breath against Wyn’s mouth, and felt it stretch into a devilish grin.

The smile dropped from his face in an instant when I squeezed his horn. A low, broken moan escaped him as he shuddered.

My cock was leaking profusely against the sheets, painfully hard and mere seconds away from exploding as it rubbed over hot, damp fabric with every one of Wyn’s jarring thrusts. I couldn’t keep up our messy kiss anymore—I dropped my forehead back to the mattress, moaning on every heavy exhale and shaking wildly from the feel of Wyn’s cock grinding against my prostate.

I kept hold of his horn though, sliding my fist up and down so I could feel his body tremble at my back as he buried his face in my neck.

“Danny,” he bit out, his distorted voice unsteady. His hips sped up, pounding me harder, his arm looped around my middle pinning me against his body.

“Fuck,” I gasped as the pleasure mushroomed, my cock swelling and growing agonisingly stiff, my balls wrenching up. “Fuck,” I moaned again, trembling wildly, my voice muffled against the mattress. “Wyn—”

I seized up as the orgasm hit, accidentally yanking on Wyn’s horn and jerking his head closer to mine. He seemed to like the rough treatment, though, judging by the feral snarl that escaped him and the heavy throb of his cock inside me as he started to come. I could feel the base of him flexing as he pumped his cum inside me while my own cock spurted liquid heat against the mattress.

I felt the tension drain out of Wyn’s body as his orgasm came to an end, a sated groan vibrating against my neck, his hips still thrusting gently. I slowly uncurled my trembling fingers from around his horn, my arm flopping lifelessly onto the bed.

His nose nudged the loose neck of my crop top off my shoulder before cool lips pressed kisses over the exposed skin. I smiled contentedly, my eyes shut and cheek resting on the mattress. I clenched around Wyn’s cock just to hear him hiss with pleasure. His teeth scraped my shoulder as he carefully pulled out, both of us groaning at the feel.

Wyn collapsed onto his side with a deep, sated groan, slinging a leg over my ass. I turned my head to face him, smiling when his long fingers brushed my hair back from my sweat-damp face.

“You liked the panties then.” My voice was hoarse from my moans.

Wyn’s mismatched eyes flashed, his hand sliding down my spine to toy with the edge of the lacy underwear. They were still kind of pushed to one side, sitting uncomfortably on my ass, but I was too boneless to move. Even though I was lying in a giant wet patch.

“I liked the panties,” he confirmed, his voice hot and raspy.

I let my eyes slide shut as I grinned. “That’s good. I picked up some pairs for you to try on. In black.”

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