Bonus Short: The Adventures of Danny and Wyn – Part 3

Here we have an 8k word short to celebrate Soul Eater hitting 3,000 ratings on Amazon! And because we all need more Danny and Wyn. Always.

Wyn has the great idea for them to re-enact their first meetings at the military base with, you guessed it, sexy results. As ever, this is basically 8k words of pure smut, with Wyn being a bit of a bastard, and Danny loving it.

Content warnings: Explicit sexual content, 18+ only, consensual dubcon and power dynamics as part of roleplay, mild degradation/humiliation, edging, light spanking, monster junk, graphic descriptions of death and violence, Wyn pushing his stabby agenda in his own head – a lot.

Spoiler warning: Set during the events of Moth (Monstrous: Book Five) but best read after finishing Moth, to not spoil anything.


“Feels good to get out of that fucking camp,” I couldn’t help but mutter as I held open the door so Danny could step inside the old police station.

I’d already been inside to make sure it was empty and safe. I didn’t see why we were looking in here—it wasn’t like there’d be anything good to scavenge—but Danny wanted to poke around. He was still annoyingly—endearingly—interested in every-fucking-thing.

He snorted, nudging me in the gut with the end of his baseball bat. “Grump. They’re nice.”

“They’re annoying. All of them. Too fucking loud. Too… sociable.” I shuddered. “All working together to make their little camp bearable. As if they’re not living surrounded by a wall made of junk in the middle of a depressing wasteland.”

“Hey.” Danny frowned at me. “Don’t be such an asshole. It’s not like people have many options these days.”

I grunted, kicking aside an old bench as we walked deeper into the building. I glanced at Danny out of the corner of my eye, wondering if he was actually angry at me.

“And half of them are fucking monsters,” I muttered. “I loathe having to listen to it every night.”

“Uh, okay, hypocrite much?” Danny spun to face me, frowning up at me. “Seriously, what’s your problem today?”

“I don’t have a problem. I just…” I shrugged a shoulder stiffly. “Hate people.”

He snorted, shaking his head as he turned to carry on walking. “Got any other shocking revelations for me, old man?”

Pushing open a set of double doors for him to walk through, I said, “I just don’t understand why we’re staying there.”

We had left that stupid camp temporarily to go scavenging. Danny had offered us up to do it before I could say no, because he had grown friendly with the meek little raider who usually did it and wanted to “give him a break”.

My lip curled at the thought of us helping the rycke’s mate. It was bad enough having Danny near that creature as he lurked around the camp, even though Edin had assured us he wasn’t a threat. I still watched him constantly. I had seen ryckes in their true form before. It was only a matter of time before something triggered him and he indiscriminately slaughtered everyone he deemed a threat to what was his.

I had nothing against indiscriminate slaughtering, but the rycke was one of the few things alive that could actually kill a telyth. I’d rather not come to a humiliating, agonising end in front of a bunch of human raiders, and I would sooner murder that rycke and his mate in their sleep if it meant preventing any risk to Danny.

Being there with that creature, despite how mild-mannered and… un-rycke-like he seemed, was putting me on edge.

“Because Edin and Hunter are there, and I want to spend time with them,” Danny answered me in a firm voice. “And Charlie will surely be back soon. I’d like to get to know him. I didn’t really get to meet him properly before, and he seemed nice.”

I side-eyed Danny but said nothing. The oaf’s friend had been a dazed mess, barely aware of his surroundings after I rescued him from that prison. He hadn’t seemed anything. But then, humans never did to me. Their plain faces all blended together, pathetically weak and painfully dull.

Except Danny. Danny was perfect. Danny was nothing like the rest of them.

“Besides,” he continued as we walked down a long, narrow corridor lined with flimsy doors. “I want to meet that half monster dude. He sounds cool. Rig said he has a sword.”

I grunted. I could have a sword if I wanted to. But my dagger was more effective, and allowed me to get up close and personal when I chose to use it. Like when I had carved slowly and painstakingly into the flabby skin of Danny’s former superior.

I smiled a little to myself at the memory of it, the sweet echo of his desperate, blood-curdling screams drifting through my head. The feel of his blood pumping hot and thick over my fingers. Those weak, watery eyes going flat and dull as the life finally left him.

There had never been a more satisfying kill in my long life, and I hadn’t even tortured him for as long as I would have done if Danny hadn’t been there witnessing it. I hadn’t wanted to traumatise him anymore, but I still hadn’t been able to stop myself from drawing it out. From making it hurt.

Snapping myself out of the warm memory, I considered Danny’s words. I could begrudgingly admit only to myself that I was also… curious about the half monster who the raiders at the camp had spoken about. I hadn’t ever met one, as far as I was aware.

Letting out a long-suffering sigh, I reached over and smoothed my hand down the back of Danny’s head. His helmet was hanging off the side of his backpack. “Then we will wait there for you to meet them both, my sweet.”

Seeming to move on from his less than favourable reaction to my earlier words, he smiled and leaned into me as we walked, allowing me to wrap my arm around his shoulders. “Thanks, baby. I know you don’t like a lot of people around—or, um, anyone—but they’re really great. I like them.”

Glancing over at him, I stiffly asked, “Do you want to stay there… permanently?”

“No way,” Danny said immediately, easing the tension in my muscles. He looked up at me with a tiny smile. “You’re gonna build me that big house in the monster world, remember? Near our own private hot spring.”

I huffed. “I remember. And I will.”

“Not for a while though,” Danny added cheerfully as we rounded a corner, and a row of cells lined with metal bars came into view.

“Old holding cells,” he commented as we slowly walked past the first. It was empty save for a disgusting looking latrine and benches lining the walls. Tiny windows let in the sunlight from outside.

I snorted in derision, curling my lip within my hood. “This was what they locked humans away in? My cell at the military base was nicer than this.”

“Yeah, well, they weren’t meant to be nice,” Danny said grimly, peering into one through its open door. “But yeah, I don’t think prisoners were kept in great conditions. And god knows what it’s like now in the cities that actually have prisons and don’t just dump people out into the Wastes if they commit a crime.”

“Any crime?” I asked mildly. “Even tiny frivolous ones?” Like… removing an eyeball. That still left most people with one.

“Think so.” Danny stepped back, shoulders hunched. “That’s what they did in New Louisiana at least. Just shoved people out into the Wastes to fend for themselves. Even kids who got caught stealing a pack of gum.”

His voice was tight and uncomfortable. I didn’t want him to be sad remembering what it was like living in the squalor of one of the coastal cities. Glancing at him, I stepped away to wander into one of the cells. The bench along this one’s back wall had been removed at some point, most likely taken by raiders who scavenged anything they could find to repurpose. I hated to admit it, but humans were annoyingly adaptable.

“Do you remember when we met, Danny?” I asked casually, turning in the centre of the cell to face him.

He snorted, hovering at the open cell door. “Yes, surprisingly.”

“I don’t mean when I was captured.” I used that word lightly. “I mean in my cell, when we met properly. When you came to question me.”

He smiled, expression growing affectionate as he leaned a shoulder against the cell door. “Yeah, I remember.”

“Asking me all those questions that your weak little superiors were too afraid to ask me themselves.”

His brows twitched. “They said you were asking specifically for me.”

I shrugged lightly. “I was. But they still threw you into that cell without knowing why or what I had planned for you.”

His mouth turned down at the corners, eyes dimming. “Yeah. I guess.”

Within my hood, my mouth twisted into a devious smile. I wanted to replace the bleak memories he had of that time with better ones.

Much better ones.

“Let’s do it again now,” I said innocently, backing up to the far wall.

Danny cocked his head, eyeing me. “Do what again?”

“Our first meetings. Our question-and-answer deal.” I sat down with my back to the wall, directly opposite where he was standing in the open doorway. “Let’s pretend we are back there, in that cell, with your superior officers watching gormlessly in the room behind it.”

Danny looked around slowly, then gave me an odd look. “Uh… why?”

I shrugged. “Why not?”

After a pause, he chuckled. “What, so I’m meant to pretend you’re the big bad Soul Eater and I’m terrified you’re going to kill me?”

“Yes,” I said simply, making him freeze. “And you are just the nameless soldier they sent in at my whim. At my command.” Nodding at the headgear strapped to the side of his backpack, I added, “Put that on.”

He rolled his eyes, but started fumbling to untie the strap with his gloved fingers. “Why exactly are we doing this?”

“Because I want to.” Once he’d shoved all his headgear on, I jerked my chin toward the holding cell opposite this one. “Sit back there.”

My lips quirked at the muffled, exasperated sigh from within his helmet. He backed up and set down his backpack and baseball bat before easing down to sit cross legged with his back against the bars, mirroring my pose.

My mouth stretched into a wide, rabid grin, hidden within the depths of my hood. “Excellent.”


Fidgeting against the hard floor under my ass, I looked over at Wyn directly opposite me, way back against the wall in the holding cell I was facing.

I had no idea why we were doing this, and I felt kind of silly. Did he really expect me to act like I was still in the military, in his cell at the base, with my superior officers watching our every move from a room behind us?

I resisted the urge to reach up and fiddle with my helmet. I didn’t wear it all that often anymore, except when Wyn made me to keep me safe, and it was kind of uncomfortable.

“So,” Wyn drawled, his voice low and smooth like thick black smoke. “Soldier five-seven-six-nine-seven.”

I grinned. “Aww, you remember my soldier number? That’s so sweet.”

“Focus,” he barked, his voice reverberating all around me, making me jump. “You’re here to ask me some questions on behalf of your coward superiors?”

I nodded, trying to make it look like I was taking this seriously even as I bit my lip under my helmet to fend off laughter. “Yes. That’s right.”

Wyn leaned forward, strands of inky hair slipping out from under his hood. “The last officer they sent in here to question me, I drove him mad. Does that make you nervous?”

I swallowed, sobering up a little. Wyn had done that. I forgot about what he was, and what he could do, a lot of the time. I forgot about what it had felt like standing in that field, surrounded by the dead bodies of my fellow soldiers. The hooded Soul Eater stalking towards me, face in shadows, black fingers twitching like he was barely suppressing the urge to murder me as well.

It was kind of hard to remember just how terrifying he could be to everyone else when I saw the other side of him. When he held me close while I slept, cool fingers drawing absent patterns on my skin. When he crooned soothing words in my ear every time I woke up from another traumatic nightmare, which were thankfully far less frequent now.

When his long fingers cupped my face with infinite care as he kissed me, cool shadows slipping over my skin. When he kissed the bump on my crooked nose or nuzzled the brand on my chest. When he told me he loved me.

I almost got up and crossed the gap between us to hug him, to convey just how grateful I was to have him, but his hard voice cracked through the room again, making me jump.

“Answer me, soldier, or I won’t cooperate with this farce.”

Right. Roleplay. Big scary Soul Eater. Clearing my throat and straightening my spine, I stared into the dark depths of his hood. “Yes. I’m nervous.”

Because I actually kind of was. I hadn’t seen this side of Wyn in a while—not directed toward me, at least—and I’d forgotten just how… intimidating he could be. The instinct to be scared of a creature like this—so powerful, so inhuman—began to creep in, blocking out all my soft feelings for him.

But my cock still twitched in my pants, already anticipating where this could lead, even though I had no idea what Wyn had planned.

Wyn huffed in amusement, sitting back against the wall. “Best get started then. Ask your first question, soldier, and I will ask one in return. That’s our deal.”

“O-okay.” I shifted, trying to remember the list of questions I’d had to memorise to ask him before.

Once I started, they came back to me easily, as did all the emotions I’d felt every time I interacted with Wyn. The terror, at first. The sense of his presence just being too much. And then the confusion when that fear faded, and a strange sense of comfort began to wash over me every time I stepped foot in that holding cell and saw him sitting there, a dark shadowy figure alone in a bright white room.

I cleared my throat. “Is there a method to how you select your victims?”

Wyn answered just as bluntly as he had all that time ago. “Yes.” I could hear the smirk in his voice when he added, “Now my question. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to fuck a monster, human?”

I choked on a breath, caught entirely off guard. Trying to remember the act I was meant to be playing—that of a young, naïve and downtrodden soldier, I shakily said, “N-no.”

Because that had been true—then at least. I hadn’t ever thought about fucking a monster. I hadn’t ever really thought about fucking anyone.

Wyn huffed in amusement and watched me for a long moment. I started to squirm. He was just… a lot when he was being like this.

“Ask your next question, soldier,” he said, his voice eerily soft in the way that still sent shivers down my spine.

“Um,” I stammered, trying to remember another one. “Wh-why the three-year cycle?”

“Because that’s how often I feel like doing it,” Wyn said shortly, a slightly different answer to his original before. I could tell he was impatient to get to his own question, and anticipation made my gut clench with a confusing blend of nerves and arousal. “Have you ever had your dick sucked, soldier?”

Okay, geez, were all his questions going to be like this? My cheeks heated behind my helmet and mask. Trying to stay in the role I was meant to be playing, I rolled my shoulders back and glared at him. “I don’t think that’s pertinent, or appropriate. My superiors are listening in. Watching.”

Wyn huffed in amusement as his black-stained fingers tapped against his knee. “Yes, they are. Then I suppose it might be inappropriate of me to demand you do something in exchange for my answers. I don’t need to ask you any more questions.”

“That depends on what it is,” I shot back, remembering when he’d told me to remove my helmet and show him my face for the first time. “Why don’t you need to ask me any more questions? You’re not curious about me—about humans? About the military?”

Wyn’s head cocked, and he slowly leaned forward. “I already know everything I need to about you, human. Young. Naïve. Already sick of this life you’re living, following the orders of weak men.” His voice turned sly as he added, “Already so hungry for monster cock, even if you don’t know it yet. For my cock.”

I spluttered with indignation, my throat and face burning. “I am not!”

But my dick was already firming up in my pants, and I was pretty sure Wyn knew it.

Rather than call me out on the blatant lie, he huffed again and sat back, picking at a loose thread on the seam of his pants. “Ask your next question, soldier, and we will get to my demand.”

Oh god. I licked my lips nervously, tongue touching the warm fabric of my mask. Maybe… maybe he’d just ask me to remove my helmet, like he had before. Maybe that was why he’d made me put it on.

But I doubted it.

My voice was unsteady when I asked the next question. “H-how many people do you kill during each three-year cycle?”

“Many.” Wyn uncrossed his legs and placed his boots flat on the floor, forearms draping over his spread knees. His hood jerked in a nod. Toward my lower half. “Take your cock out.”

Wh-what?” I spluttered, glancing anxiously behind me as if there really was a roomful of officers watching this exchange. “They’re… they’re watching,” I added in a whisper, my cock jerking in my pants.

It was like I really could feel the eyes of people on my back, witnessing this. My nuts tingled. Shit, maybe I was more into this than I’d first thought.

“Yes, they are. But if you want my cooperation, that’s my demand.” Wyn nodded at my crotch again. “Show me your cock. Prove you’re not affected. Prove to me that you’re not already imagining what my tongue would feel like sliding over it.”

Oh god, now that was all I could imagine. I bit my lip hard, resisting the urge to reach down and grip the length now throbbing in my pants.

“My teeth are sharp,” Wyn continued in a demure tone. “Very sharp. Does that scare you, or excite you more? Do you think you’d like the hint of danger, human?”

I shuddered, fingers curling into fists on my thighs. “I—I—”

“Show me your cock, human,” Wyn rasped again, his distorted voice drugging me into complacency.

I found myself reaching for my fly, my fingers clumsy in my gloves. My face burned as I fumbled to pull my cock out, already undeniably stiff. Clutching the base in my gloved hand, I swallowed and lifted my head to look at Wyn.

Why was this so embarrassing? Why did I feel so… exposed, with just my hard cock out, flushed but still pale against the black of my clothes? Wyn had seen my cock a million times.

But in this scenario—the scenario we were playing—he was still an unknown, inhuman thing whose motives and actions made no sense to my human brain.

“You don’t look unaffected, human.” Wyn’s voice was slyly amused, making my cheeks burn even more. “Stroke it.”

My fingers tightened their grip around my length, which pulsed in reaction to his order. Licking my lips, I stammered, “B-but I—I haven’t asked my next question—”

“Ask it while you stroke it,” he interrupted, “and we’ll consider this round even. You want to keep me happy, don’t you soldier? Keep me complacent. Your superiors are watching. They wouldn’t want you to squander this opportunity while I’m in such a giving mood.”

“I—” Looking down, I watched as my gloved hand gave my cock a slow stroke. The leather was firmer than my bare fingers, the texture slightly rougher but almost slippery at the same time. I shuddered as my thighs twitched.

“Good,” Wyn purred. “So obedient. Now ask your question.”

I let out a strangled sound. How was I supposed to think of any more questions while he was making me jerk myself off?

“I—Y-you—” My fist still slowly moving up and down my straining dick, I swallowed around my dry throat. Rather than ask him a question from the pre-approved list, I heard myself say, “Wh-why are you making me do this?”

Wyn snarled, the sound so inhuman and—in this moment—unnerving that I shivered from the confusing tangle of arousal and fear.

“Because I can,” he hissed. “Because you obey me now. I am in control here. Not your precious military. I always was.”

I shivered again, eyes widening as I stared at Wyn across from me, his long fingers twitching as they dangled from his knees. He was right. He had been in control when the military captured him, because they hadn’t even really captured him. He’d let them.

And he’d dictated everything that happened after. He’d manipulated them into doing exactly what he’d wanted.

And then he’d set all the other monsters free and destroyed the entire base.

His frame relaxing back against the wall, he cocked his hood and watched me as I fought not to jerk at the sensation of leather sliding over my stiff length.

“I doubt the watching officers will be happy that you wasted a question,” he purred. “My turn. I want you to stroke yourself in front of me until you’re just about to come. Then stop.”

My breath caught, cock pulsing in my fist.

“If you come, my cooperation ends. They’re watching, human,” he added in a low voice. “You need to be an obedient little soldier, or they might punish you when you leave.”

“F-fuck.” Why was the idea of people watching Wyn control me so completely turning me on so much? I should have been mortified even by the thought of my former superior officers watching me masturbate. In front of a monster. For a monster.

But instead, I was stroking my dick faster. Obeying him. My chest started rising faster with my quick breaths, the harsh panting sounds loud in my helmet. Pleasure lashed up my length, making me uncross my trembling legs and spread them, mirroring Wyn’s position opposite me. It wasn’t long before my knees fell open wide, hips jerking into my hand.

“You haven’t asked your question yet, human.” Wyn’s voice was faintly amused and infuriatingly calm. Like the sight of me doing this in front of him didn’t affect him at all. Like this was all just a game to him—just seeing how much he could make me do.

Why did that make my cock even harder?

“I—I—” I licked my dry lips, my face hot and damp with perspiration under my helmet. “Wh-why—nngh—A-are you in contact with the others like you?”

Wyn huffed in amusement. “Yes. Our minds are all connected, human. I could tell them all what you are doing for me in this very instant, if I wanted. I could even give them a mental image of it. Show them all the sight of you furiously stroking your cock because you are so desperate for mine. For a monster.”

Oh my god, could he actually do that?

Breaking character for a second, I stared at him and said through panting breaths, “You haven’t actually ever done that though, right?”

Wyn huffed in exasperation. “Of course I haven’t.”

Okay, that made me feel a little better. The thought of that weirdo Orlith—Wyn’s ex—getting an image of me stroking myself off or riding Wyn’s cock or with my mouth between his legs was… disconcerting. Even though a vicious part of me almost wanted it. Wanted to lay claim to Wyn, to show that other telyth that he was mine.

My nuts pulled up tight, and I slouched lower against the bars as I pumped my fist faster. My hips strained, ass lifting clear off the floor as I started humping my hand in desperation. I was so close. Wyn just watched from across the room, barely moving, but I could feel his eyes on me.

Remembering his order, I let go just as the orgasm started rising up the length of my cock. I tensed my thigh muscles to push it back, panting weakly as my helmet tipped back against hard metal bars, giving a solid thunk.

“F-fuck,” I panted, hips twitching fruitlessly.

“You asked your question, so it’s my turn,” I heard Wyn said from across the room. Lifting my head, I glared at him even though he couldn’t see it through my helmet.

“That one didn’t count!”

“Yes it did,” he rasped, letting his knees drop to the sides. “Come here, soldier.”

My stomach clenched with anticipation. Glancing behind me again as if someone was really there, watching, I said, “I’m not—I’m not supposed to go in there with you.”

“I’m sure they won’t care in the slightest.” I could hear the disdain in Wyn’s voice. “After all, you’re expendable, aren’t you? Or they wouldn’t have sent you out there to capture me. They wouldn’t have sent you in here when I’ve already killed one soldier without leaving this cell and driven another mad.”

A stab of hurt pierced my chest from his words. He was right. All I’d ever been to the military was a body. A faceless, nameless grunt whose life was theirs to control. A nobody.

With Wyn, I was someone important, because I was important to him. I didn’t need to be important to anyone else.

My legs were shaky when I slowly stood up. I went hot all over as I crossed the distance between us with my cock jutting out from my fly. I gripped it tight in my gloved fist, knees unsteady as I came to a stop just a few feet in front of him.

Wyn tipped his head back against the wall to look up at me from the black, impenetrable depths of his hood. “Closer.”

Swallowing, I took a hesitant step closer. And another, until Wyn’s spread knees were framing my legs. My cock jerked in my fist from how close it was to his hood. His mouth.

Long fingers palmed my calves and slid up, over the sensitive backs of my knees to my thighs.

“Do you want a reward for being so obedient, soldier?” he murmured, and I let out a shaky rush of air in my helmet, heating the fabric of my mask. “They can’t see exactly what we’re doing from here. They’ll never know if you actually let a monster put its mouth around your hard cock.”

Biting down hard on my lip, I nodded. Wyn huffed.

“You want me to suck you even though you can’t see my face? I could look like anything under here. I could be hideous.”

My chest ached when I detected the faint, bitter edge to his words. Resisting the urge to crouch and lean in to kiss him within his hood, I croaked, “You’re not hideous.”

“How do you know?” Wyn’s hands slid off my legs. “You’ve never seen my face. No human has.”

“I’m—I just know you aren’t.” I cleared my throat, trying to get back into the role I was playing. “Besides, you can’t see my face either. I could be hideous too.”

I said the last part with a tiny smile on my face, hoping he’d be able to hear it in my voice. After a pause, Wyn huffed in amusement and nodded at my erect cock, still clutched in my fist.

“Bring it to me.”

Oh god. Breath hitching, I shuffled closer until my ankles were pressed against the backs of Wyn’s spread thighs. In a lightly trembling hand, I tilted the hard length of my cock down until it pointed at his hood.

Wyn was tall enough that even while sitting, all he had to do was straighten from the wall and tilt his head a little farther. The action caused his hood to slip back, just enough to reveal his pale chin and grinning mouth filled with sharp teeth. Then the length of his tongue emerged to lick slowly over the head of my cock.

Guh.” My face burned at the embarrassing sound that left me, and I clutched my pulsing cock tighter in my fist, trying to stave off the orgasm already churning.

Wyn licked again, circling his tongue around the head, lapping up the pre-cum that spilled. I pressed my forearm against the wall behind him, leaning further over him as my chest heaved, trying to get closer.

But he drew back, pressing a soft kiss to the very tip of my cock before letting the sensitive V on the underside rub against his lower lip.

“I didn’t know humans tasted so good,” he purred, and the sight of his sharp teeth as he spoke, just millimetres from the painfully vulnerable tip of my cock, made my balls clench. “Is it all humans, soldier?” he added demurely. “Or just you?”

“I—I don’t know,” I got out through gritted teeth, trying not to buck my hips to get his mouth back on me. “I’ve n-never—never tasted anyone else.”

“Hmm.” He enveloped the very tip of my cock in a brief, sucking kiss before leaning back. “Do you want to taste me?” he asked in a low, raspy voice.

“Y-yes,” I whispered.

I could just about make out the feral, satisfied grin that stretched his mouth, revealing all those sharp teeth again.

“Of course you do,” he cooed, grasping my hips and urging me down until I was kneeling between his spread thighs. “You’ve been dying for this, haven’t you? Is that the only reason you joined the military, soldier? So you could come out here to this wasteland and get fucked by a monster?”

“N-no,” I stammered, my belly clenching with hot anticipation.

Wyn gestured carelessly at the fly of his pants. “Undo them.”

My breath hitched, and I glanced behind us once again as if I really thought people were watching.

“I’m—I’ll get in trouble,” I said, wondering if he could see my eyes through the helmet when I looked back at him. “I’m supposed to be questioning you.”

“Then question me while you do it.”

Wyn tugged his shirt up and out of the way, revealing the pale, greyish-white skin of his lower belly and the long, jagged scar that cut from hip to hip. I wanted to lean down and press kisses to it, but his hard, cold voice stopped me from moving.

“I’m getting impatient, soldier.”

Swallowing, I finally released my cock and reached out to undo his fly with trembling fingers. My hands were sweaty under the gloves, and my face was hot and flushed in my mask and helmet, but I didn’t take either off because he hadn’t told me to. Because I was supposed to be faceless. Nameless. Anonymous. Just another soldier following orders.

Wyn lifted his hips and let me tug his pants down just enough to reveal all of him. His slit was flushed and wet, revealing just how affected he really was despite his calm, almost cold demeanour. His cock slid out the moment it had room to, slick with his natural lubrication. My dick jerked in the air at the sight of it, my mouth watering to taste him. He’d said I could taste him, right?

Even though I was still wearing my head gear, I started leaning down automatically, but Wyn palmed the front of my helmet and pushed my head back as he huffed in amusement.

“So eager. No, human. Not like that.” Curling his blackened fingers around my gloved hand, he drew it down between his legs.

I huffed out a hard breath and stared as my middle finger slid inside him. I couldn’t feel much through the glove, except how tight he was, but when I drew it back out the leather glistened, slick all over.

“Oh fuck,” I croaked, plunging it back in, making Wyn hiss as his hips jerked.

I watched myself finger him in fascination, almost like I’d never done this before. Almost like he really was just a terrifying, otherworldly figure who I didn’t know, who I instinctively feared, but one who was letting me do this to him. Who had somehow coerced me into doing this to him. With him.

“Ask your question, soldier.” Wyn’s voice was tighter now, less controlled. His hips jerked again when I slid my finger free and returned with two.

“I—” I couldn’t think of a single question from the list I’d been given before. “Have you—have you ever been with a human?” I heard myself ask softly.

“No,” Wyn sneered, even as he grasped my wrist and forced my fingers to plunge deeper, his head tipping back against the wall. “You’re all primitive. Weak. Self-serving and greedy. But you… you, my sweet human, I find myself taking an interest in.”

“Why me?” I whispered, trying to stop my hips from humping the air in time with my thrusting fingers.

“Because to me, you are different from all of them.” I felt Wyn’s gaze lift from where I had my fingers buried to fix on my hidden face. “You are everything.”

I bit my lip, wanting to rip my headgear off so I could kiss him desperately. But Wyn was already reaching up to tug my helmet off, then my goggles and mask. I blinked in the brighter light, knowing my face was flushed and pink, my hair damp with sweat and curling at my temples.

“Such a pretty face,” he crooned, trailing cool fingers down my cheek before thumbing my lower lip. “I knew it.”

“C-can I see yours?” I asked as I plunged my fingers deep and stroked my thumb over the bottom of his shaft where it emerged from his body.

“No.” Wyn curled his hand back around my wrist and slid my fingers free. Then he let go, and I could hear the smirk in his voice as he sat back and said, “Taste it.”

Holding back a whimper, I brought my gloved hand to my mouth and trailed my tongue over the side of one finger. I shuddered at the taste of him, mingled with the musky bite of leather.

Wyn let out a low snarl. “All of it.”

My cheeks heated with embarrassment as I pushed my two fingers into my mouth and sucked the leather clean. When my eyelids fluttered and I couldn’t stop the tiny groan escaping me, Wyn let out another snarl from the back of his throat.

But he seemed to regain control of himself quickly. His voice was drawling, and I could hear the smirk in it when he said, “Such an obedient little soldier. They have you well-trained, don’t they? I can get you to do anything I want in exchange for what I know.”

I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to be asking him questions. Throat getting splotchy with embarrassment, I lowered my hand from my mouth and barely even noticed when it gripped Wyn’s thigh tight.

Clearing my throat, I tried to make my tone firm and authoritative when I said, “There is information you can give us that might be useful—”

“Yes,” Wyn interrupted impatiently. “I’m aware.”

He was slouched fully back against the wall now, legs splayed, his hard cock curving over his belly. He lowered his hand, and I couldn’t look away as his blackened fingertips lightly caressed his leaking tip.

“What else will you do for me to get it, soldier?” he murmured, reaching out to stroke his fingers gently down the underside of my cock. I let out a strangled sound, hips jerking.

Hand fisting around my length, he drew my hips closer with his grip until the leaking tip of my cock brushed his opening. My mouth fell open with a shaky gasp, eyes locked on my cockhead as it dipped just inside and tight, wet heat teased me.

I tried to buck my hips, to sink deeper, but Wyn held my cock firmly in his grasp, preventing me from moving at all.

“What if I wanted you to fuck me?” he murmured, thumb tracing the thick vein on the underside of my shaft. “What if I wanted to know what a human cock feels like? Would you do it, soldier? With all of them watching?”

“Fuck,” I panted weakly. Trying to remember the game we were playing, I said, “If it—If it meant you’d be w-willing to give us more information—”

“What if I wanted to fuck you?” Wyn’s distorted voice was dark and sly as he tilted my cock up, away from his opening, before letting go. “What if I wanted you to ride my cock like you were desperate for it? Like the possibility of getting to do it was the only reason you ever agreed to come in here and speak to me?”

I choked on a breath, trying to focus on what he was saying even as my hips bucked, sliding the length of my dick against his. Wyn snarled and pinned our shafts together, halting my movements.

“I think I need more from you for my continued cooperation,” he rasped. “Climb onto my cock and ride me as best you can to prove what a good little soldier you are. To prove how far you’re willing to go to follow your superior officers’ orders.”

This was kind of a mindfuck, because I’d hated obeying them when I was in the military, hated following orders that had seemed cruel and pointless. But Wyn’s inhuman, seductive voice—so horrifying to everyone else—was sucking me in, making me want to do anything he said.

Making me want to be a good little soldier.

“I—” It was hard to get the words out, embarrassment making my throat closed up as I stared at him wide-eyed.

“You came in here to get something for them, but this way you’ll get something too.” Wyn lightly stroked our pinned shafts. “You can take something for yourself out of this. Don’t you want to know what it’s like, human?” he added in a low murmur. “To be with the monster everyone hates. The ghoul everyone fears.”

“I—” I tried to take a deep breath, sitting back on my heels to get some distance from him so I could think a little clearer. But then Wyn trailed his fingers down and sank two inside himself, making my brain blank with lust again. “If—If that’s what it’ll take to get you to keep cooperating, I… I guess I have to.”

“Yes,” Wyn rasped. “You do. Stand up.”

Licking my lips, I rose onto shaky legs. Wyn nodded at my pants, horns slashing through the air. “Take those off. Hurry up, soldier. They’re waiting.”

Hot and shivery all over, I fumbled to tug down my pants and underwear. Realising I still had my boots on, I went red as I bent down to quickly unlace them, my fingers clumsy in my leather gloves. After tugging them off, I gracelessly yanked my legs free from my pants and stood there in front of a still seated Wyn, naked from the waist down. If anyone had been watching us, they would’ve got a full view of my bare ass. God, how embarrassing.

“Good,” Wyn purred, sliding his fingers free to slick up his cock even more. “Now sit on my cock and show me how much you want me. How much you want what I can give you.”

Trembling, I stepped over Wyn’s splayed thighs and lowered myself until I was straddling him, my fingers curling into his shoulders and gripping tight. My cock rubbed over his shirt on my descent, leaving a trail of clear wetness against the dark fabric.

I probably could’ve done with some stretching first, but my body was better at acclimating ever since we’d tethered our lives, making me more impervious to injury. Besides, I couldn’t wait any longer. I reached back and curled my fingers around Wyn’s cock, tilting it until the slick tip brushed my hole.

He snarled, long fingers splaying over my ass and spreading me wider for the intrusion. “Hurry up, soldier. I’m done waiting.”

Bearing down, I winced when the head popped inside. The sting faded rapidly, but I could feel how tightly I was clenching around Wyn’s cock. His fingers dug in harder, but other than that, he didn’t move an inch.

He was going to make me do all the work. To prove that I was the one doing this—that I had agreed to do this. With the ghoulish monster who terrorised humans and instilled nothing but fear in everyone.

Everyone but me.


“More,” I demanded, voice tight and barely controlled. “Take all of it. You’ve got a lot to prove, soldier.”

“I’m—I’m trying,” Danny said shakily, rocking his hips to slide up and down my cock, taking more and more each time.

“That’s right,” I crooned, sliding a hand under his shirt until I reached a tiny pebbled nipple. He gasped when I pinched it between two fingers, hips jerking, making him slip further down my cock.

“This is all new to you, isn’t it?” I released his nipple to run my hand around to his back under his shirt, yanking him forward. Danny let out a pleasure-drenched shout as his ass slammed against my hips, seating me fully inside him. “Your first time is with a monster. Will you want a human after this, soldier? Or will they never be enough?”

“I—” Danny’s head tipped back as he finally started riding my cock, making my teeth clench. “I d-don’t w-want a human.”

“No,” I purred, sliding both hands round to grip his waist. “You don’t, do you? This is what you wanted. Only I can give you what you want.”

“Ye-yes,” Danny breathed, brows pinched and lips parting with a gasp as he sank his hips back down and clenched around my base. I gritted my teeth to hold back my snarl, hips fighting to buck up into him. But I kept them still.

I slid my hand down his lower back to give his ass a hard smack. “Faster.”

Danny jolted with another gasp, tilting his head down to shoot me a look that was half wide-eyed shock, half glare. I smirked and did it again until he grunted and started moving his hips faster.

I let out a tight bark of laughter. “Faster. Ride my cock like you mean it.”

“Fuck,” Danny whimpered, but he obeyed.

His cock was rubbing against my shirt, making a mess. I wondered if it would be enough to let him finish. I certainly wasn’t going to help him get there. Not this time.

My orgasm was already tightening up my insides, liquid heat spilling from me and slicking Danny’s skin, but I held it back. He needed to work for it.

“You can do better than that, soldier,” I drawled, rubbing my palm over the tender, reddened skin of his backside. And then I gave him another smack, just to hear him gasp and feel him tighten up around me in reaction. “Your superiors are all watching, waiting for you to make me finish so I’ll give you what they want. You don’t want to disappoint them, do you?”

Danny whimpered and began grinding down onto my lap faster, even though I could feel the tremor in his thighs from the strain. The bone deep urge to help him, to ease him, rose up inside me, but I shoved it back down.

I leaned in to nip his throat, murmuring, “How does it feel, human?”

“I—I—” Danny clutched at my shoulders, the back of my hood, gloved hands moving restlessly. “I can’t—”

I smirked against his neck. “You couldn’t stop now even if you wanted to, could you? Even though they’re all watching you ride me like you’re in heat. It feels too good, doesn’t it?”

Leaning my head back against the wall, I looked at his flushed, beautiful face through eyes heavy with lust. “Tell me how good it feels, soldier.”

“It—It feels so good,” Danny gasped, his tone almost shocked as if this really was the first time we were doing this.

“Tell me how much you love my monster cock inside you,” I crooned, and a strained shout tore from Danny’s throat.

“Oh god.” He was still grinding feverishly onto my lap, even though he was trembling all over and I could feel his body going limp from the effort. “Oh fuck. I’m—I’m gonna come.”

“That wasn’t the deal, soldier.” My hips twitched despite my best efforts to stop them, everything clenching up inside me from how hot and tight he was. How perfect he felt. “You’re doing this for me, not you. You can come once I have.”

My control slipping, I gritted my teeth and smacked his firm backside again—hard. “Make me come,” I bit out. “Do your job, soldier.”

“I’m—I can’t—oh f-fuck.” He cried out, body stiffening above me. “I’m coming!”

Frantic fingers shoved my hood back, yanking on my hair and making me snarl. But then Danny was gripping my horns and wrenching my mouth to his, moaning mindlessly into it as his hips jerked and his cock started firing onto my shirt.

I kissed him back hungrily, grunting as he squeezed my cock impossibly tight in the throes of his orgasm. My hips bucked once, twice, and then I was coming so hard inside him that my mouth went slack against his, a long, shaky moan escaping me.

We were both breathing hard when his tongue dipped back inside my mouth, more languid now as his trembling body sagged against mine. His fingers released their tight grip on my horns to thread through my hair, mouth moving softly against mine with deep, relaxed kisses that went on for long moments.

The sensation of his soft tongue against mine made my hips jerk with an aftershock. Danny grunted, clenching around me before he relaxed again and lifted up to let my shaft slide free.

He wrapped his arms around my middle and buried his face into my neck, letting out a long sigh. “I forgot how scary you can be,” he mumbled.

I huffed a laugh, smoothing my palm over his sweat-damp hair.

“That was your mistake, human,” I rasped, but I knew he’d be able to detect the teasing edge to my words.

I felt his lips curve up into a smile against my throat. Then he pulled back to shoot me a weak glare, clearing his throat. “You got kinda mean, though. I’m not sure if I liked it.”

“You liked it,” I murmured, then cupped his chin to pull him back in for a kiss. “I love you, Danny. You are better than all of them. Everyone else. You are everything.”

His throat went splotchy as he let out a self-conscious chuckle. “I’m not everything,” he said with a tiny smile on his face. “I’m just a normal guy. Who, um, is in love with a monster. But even that doesn’t seem so weird now, after staying at that camp.”

My lip curled. “You’re not like them,” I said harshly, nuzzling the tiny scar on his chin. “My sweet human. You are everything. Everything to me.”

Danny’s eyes grew big and soft as he gazed at me. His throat bobbed. “Wyn.”

Holding me tighter, he nestled into my arms and pressed a kiss to my throat, resting his head on my shoulder.

“You’re everything to me too.”

Copyright 2022 by Lily Mayne

All rights reserved.