Human Index

Note: There are spoilers within the human character descriptions, so read at your own risk if you are not up to date with the series.

Anchor (real name: unknown): Co-leader (currently sole leader) of the Nebraska raider camp. Anchor has been out in the Wastes ever since the monster apocalypse—she found Cat when she was just a teenager, and together (with a certain shy winged monster) they built their camp. Good at keeping things fair among the raiders. In charge of provisions. A bit of a taskmaster. She sees herself as a mother to a lot of the raiders, so tends to come across as stern or harsh when she’s worried about them. Egyptian.

Appearance: Dark, curly hair typically worn up in a ponytail. Dark eyes and bushy eyebrows. Average height and slim, rangy build.

Cat (real name: unknown – kind of): Co-leader (but currently MIA) of the Nebraska raider camp. Cat was found alone by Anchor in the Wastes when they were just teenagers, and together they built the raider camp. A calm, protective leader who most of the raiders look up to. Loves to read—his room at the camp is stuffed with books he’s scavenged. African American.

Currently Cat is holed up in New York with an “unknown” (not so unknown now) beastie after being held at the fighting prison to the north. He declined the chance to escape the prison with Hunter and Charlie, claiming there was someone there he couldn’t leave behind. Something happened at the prison which resulted in it being abandoned.

Appearance: Dark hair, very dark eyes and a beard. Tall and solidly built. A scar on his left temple.

Charlie: Soldier and Hunter’s best friend. Charlie is more easygoing and less grumpy than Hunter. He tends to hum the Mamas and the Papas or talk a lot when he’s nervous. Very patient and compassionate. Grew up on a farm before the monster apocalypse. Addiction to sugar he is not even remotely interested in kicking. Irish American.

Charlie was captured by kolebs and behamots to be their human fighter in the fighting prison further north. He meets Cat at the prison, as they share a cell for the one night he is there before Hunter, Wyn, Edin and Danny rescue him.

Appearance: Dark hair and grey eyes. Fairly tall, and slim but muscular build.

Danny: Wyn’s human and former (terrible) soldier. A total sweetheart. Danny joined the military after his mother died, because he had nothing else, but quickly realised he wasn’t cut out to be a soldier. Luckily, he met Wyn. Fairly insecure, but easygoing. Somewhat clumsy but would never admit it. Loves to tease Wyn. Loves Wyn full stop. Irish American.

Appearance: Dark hair, bright blue eyes and golden skin. Fairly tall, with a slim but muscular build. His nose is crooked, thanks to being broken by Mallory, and he has a tiny scar on his chin that he got as a kid while being clumsy. He is missing the little toe on his left foot. He is a beautiful little sugar muffin.

Ghost (real name: Gage): Aury’s human and raider who lives at the Nebraska camp. Ghost is the camp’s scout and main scavenger—meaning he has to go out into the Wastes alone a lot, and it terrifies him. (Although not anymore—now he has a big terrifying beastie to protect him.) Good at sewing. Has quite severe anxiety, and just a touch of imposter syndrome. Loves to read, and loves to listen to Aury reading to him. American.

Appearance: Pale with brown hair and blue eyes. If he’s not in his room, he religiously wears his gas mask, which covers the lower half of his face. Slightly below average height and slim build.

Hunter: Edin’s human and former soldier (he gave it all up for that big purple bastard). Grump and a hardass. Bad at talking about emotions. Impatient and can be reckless when he wants to get stuff done. He lives at the homestead with Edin (but is currently staying at the Nebraska camp). American.

Appearance: A big hunk of muscle. Light brown hair and golden-brown eyes. He has a scar running from his left temple, over his cheek and mouth to his chin, which pulls the side of his upper lip into an adorable little snarl. He’s missing his left leg from below the knee, and wears a prosthesis. Very tall—six-foot-five—and a thick, muscular build.

Lilac (real name: Jesse): Raider and resident killer of the Nebraska camp. Closed off, very quiet and hard to read. Keeps his emotions (and everything else) to himself, but he is very loyal to those he cares about—namely Ghost and Rig. A plant lover who oversees the crop-growing at the camp. He also enjoys whittling. Was previously in a casual arrangement with Rusty, another raider at the camp. Maybe, secretly a softie—he would never admit that he loves Ghost’s laying hens. He has a machete. Japanese American.

Appearance: Very dark hair always worn in a high ponytail and vivid green eyes. Missing a tooth. Has a few piercings—navel, tongue and prince albert. Below average height and compact, toned build.

Luke Buckley: Former soldier who the military used as Test Subject 01 (Seraph) for Project Divinity, a top secret military project that aims to create bioweapons using monster DNA.

Former appearance: Closely cropped dark hair and dark eyes. Narrow jaw. Tall. Mixed race.

More details on Seraph’s monster characteristics can be found in the Monster Index.

Michael “Jugs” Pyne: Sweet, unwitting human who tumbles through a second, unknown tear that forms in a guestroom within Moric Lor’s hyll about ten years before the main tear expands. Friendly, adventurous and initially starved of affection thanks to his very distant parents. An affinity for wearing shorts and crop tops. American.

Appearance: A beautiful dark blond mullet and bright blue eyes. A big nose, ears that stick out far and a hoop through his left lobe. Big, strong build. About 6’1.

Moth (full name: Malimoth): Half-human, half-salyik nomad who sticks close to the Nebraska camp area. Arrogant, kind of feral and prickly, but secretly a total vulnerable marshmallow who needs all the love. Follows his own moral compass, which tends to lead to him cutting off the heads or other body parts of people he doesn’t like. Has a sword. Is very good with sword.

Appearance: Long, silvery-white hair and very pale blue eyes with filmy pupils. Tall and rangy muscular build. Covered in weird tattoos from his neck to his fingertips. Several hoops in his ears, which are tapered, and three through his lips: one through the centre of the lower, and two either side of his cupid’s bow. He is almost unnaturally beautiful.

More details on Moth’s monster characteristics can be found in the Monster Index.

Rig (real name: Adam): Gloam’s human and raider who lives at the Nebraska camp. Camp fixer and general ‘handyman’—good with his hands. (Gloam would say he is very good with his hands.) He is eager to please, wants to help everyone and secretly feels kind of worthless (until Gloam makes him see how amazing he is). Compassionate and fiercely loyal to those he cares about, and will go to the ends of the earth for them. Tries to stay optimistic. Has a cobbled together pipe gun that is definitely not safe to shoot. Mexican American.

Appearance: Golden brown skin, deep brown eyes and brown hair. Biggish nose and kind, honest face. Often wears a leather mask with metal studs, and a fringed western jacket that was his pride and joy. Average height and build.

Nebraska Raider Camp

(Other raiders mentioned by name)

Apollo: Raider and camp medic. Laidback and compassionate. Dutch American. Long blond hair often worn in a messy bun, brown eyes. Slim build.

Bishop: Raider. Kind of lazy and a bit useless. Leaves the camp with Tank and Tipley after the confrontation in Book Six.

Bo: Raider and camp cook (alongside Daisy). Very kind and gentle. Friendly to everyone. Really into the idea of having a perpetual stew going at the camp, but no one else is interested. Big, solid build. Native American.

Daisy: Raider and camp cook (alongside Bo). Mother figure to a lot of the raiders—wants to look after them. She is kind but fierce—she is absolutely not afraid of Wyn and he hates it. Korean. Small and slim.

Dino: Raider. Tall, slim and quiet. Keeps to herself.

Huck: Raider. Lilac describes him as “mediocre”.

Keen: Raider. Blond hair. Wears a blue mask. Is scared of Lilac, but doesn’t mind the beasties. American.

Nun: Raider and camp badass-with-a-crossbow. Swedish. Tall with a solid build. Blonde hair and blue eyes.

Nun almost came to an untimely end after shooting Seraph in Book Six, which made Lilac *ahem* very angry. Is now in a relationship with Rusty.

Rusty: Raider. Trans woman. More scared of the monsters in the camp than she lets on. Irish American. Long, red hair worn in a braid. She wears a full-face mask—one of those blank masks you can get at craft stores. It’s creepy.

No longer having a casual thing with Lilac. She is now in a relationship with Nun, and she’s a little less scared of the monsters.

Spike: Raider.

Tank: Deceased. Killed by Lilac. Raider who doesn’t like monsters and really doesn’t like them living in the camp. Sided with Cutter during Book Three. He builds up an unhealthy loathing of Lilac during Book Six, and explodes when he discovers Seraph is out of his cage before leaving the camp. But he didn’t get far.

Tipley: Raider who leaves with Tank and Bishop after the confrontation with Lilac over Seraph. He flees when the trio are being attacked by an iphlim. Whereabouts currently unknown.

Villains and the Military

Captain Hamish: Deceased. Killed by Wyn. Oversaw the military’s specimen programme at the Nebraska base, until it was destroyed when Wyn set all the monsters free. Took part in Danny’s torture when the military shot Wyn and captured Danny, until Wyn was healed enough to kill him and rescue Danny.

Cutter: Deceased. Killed by Lilac. Former raider and camp asshole. Bigoted—he hates monsters with a passion. Doesn’t trust the military, hence why he lives in the Wastes despite his fervent hate for monsters. He was banished from the camp for pushing Ghost off the camp wall. He previously lost his hand when Mary’s pet shulc ate half of it, and Apollo had to amputate the rest.

After being kicked out of the camp in Book Three, Cutter’s whereabouts were unknown until Book Six, when he returned, having joined the Herald’s cult, to take Gloam back to the Herald with two other cult members. He fails, because Lilac and Seraph show up and eliminate the problem.

Lieutenant Mallory: Deceased. Killed by Wyn. Danny’s direct superior while he was in the military, and took part in his torture when they shot Wyn and captured Danny. He was also part of a small group of military officers involved in the fighting prison, until Wyn found him. He stole Wyn’s dagger when it was left behind at the Utah base. But Wyn got it back.

Major Bratton: Was working with Mary on her monster collection. He gave Seraph to her when the military didn’t want him anymore.

Mary: Deceased. Killed by Gloam. Monster collector who roamed the Wastes and had a menagerie of beautiful and interesting monsters in her mansion to the west. She was an avid follower of the Herald, and was trying to pull the military into the cult. Dark hair and watery blue eyes. Short and plump. She always had immaculate painted nails.

The Herald gifted Gloam to Mary to act as her protector while she carried out her missionary work. She had complete control over him and made him do everything for her, and treated him terribly. She also bought Seraph off the military for her collection, and continued to dose him as per the military’s orders. She made him fight the creatures she was no longer interested in keeping in her collection.

Ryker: Deceased. Killed by Aury. An opportunistic raider who killed the Topeka camp’s leaders, Wick and Vesta, and took over with his goons. Until one of them made the unfortunate error of punching Ghost when Aury was there.


Hall: Deceased. Killed by Aury. Topeka camp raider.

Pete: City dweller who works in a convenience store in New York. He tries to help Charlie and Moth find Cat by telling them about a bar where “new folk” tend to go. Is definitely into Charlie—Moth hates him on sight.

Samson: Unwilling member of the Herald’s cult. He saves Rig when Mary takes him there as the newest ‘coal’, but says he cannot leave because he has the mark of the Herald. He hates it. Bitterly calls himself a “true son of the Herald”. He was born in the cult. Pale blond hair shaved close to his head, brown eyes and freckles.

Sun: Deceased. Killed by Aury. Topeka camp raider.

Unknown: Very confused soldier who Wyn steals from his post at the tear for his test-run, to make sure the monster world is safe for Danny.

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