Monster World Locations

Note: There are spoilers here, so read at your own risk if you’re not up to date with the series.

Amaranthine Forest: A vast, sprawling forest that sits to the north of Moric Lor’s fiefdom, but spans several other fiefdoms, though the majority is located in the fiefdom of Ayivis. Edin’s people, the isdernuc, came from the Amaranthine Forest and resided here until the last tribe was wiped out by a rycke. It is extremely beautiful, with enormous trees, most of which are various shades of purple. Huge crystals, known as dawn-shards, can be found in the forest and are used as lighting across many fiefdoms. There are many rare and unique plants and creatures that can be found in the forest, including gigantic mushrooms and the beautiful bayhk beasts, whose pelts are prized treasures.

Ayivis: The neighbouring fiefdom to Moric Lor’s fiefdom, ruled by Moric Oril, who is an ashara. The Amaranthine Forest is located in the Ayivis fiefdom.

Barren Valley: Unofficially called Wyn’s Valley, by Wyn and no one else. Named the Barren Valley because most living creatures tend to avoid it because, well, Wyn. It is in a remote corner of the monster world, within Moric Lor’s fiefdom, in the wild lands. The main tear to the US—the one everyone knows about—is located here. The land around the valley is largely flat. The sharp peaks of the Arin Mountains are visible to the north. To the east is the Yawning Sea, where the Caen an Sin is located. North-east is the city of Thinir.

Caen an Sin: A huge fortress located in the Yawning Sea, in a remote part of the monster world where the land is very hilly, which people believe is it trying to escape the “thunderous anger” of the Mabs, who live there. Made of the blackest black stone that sucks up the light, with a reddish sheen, and is covered in ornate, ancient carvings of the old races.

Crepis Flats: An uninhabited part of Moric Lor’s fiefdom, previously occupied by the salyik before they were driven away when the remaining eyriads were imprisoned underground in the cave system beneath the flats. They are close to a stretch of stormy coast and span very far—Lor describes the area as “empty, desolate, dry ground littered with fissures that emitted strange sounds. Almost like dread-churning music, low and hollow at the same time.” The ruins of the former salyik settlements are located here.

Honra: A small city on the coast of the Ayivis fiefdom. It straddles the border of Lor’s fiefdom and was abandoned when the eyriads were driven beneath the Crepis Flats. This is the city Lor and Lyri choose to use to offer refuge to humans as part of Lyri’s extremely ambitious plan to attempt diplomacy with the human world.

Thinir: A port city located on the coast to the north of the Caen an Sin, and north-east of Wyn’s tear in the wild lands. A compact, affluent city where Moric Lor—the ruler—lives in a hyll, like a palace, at the very top. The city is located on a large ridge that overlooks the sea, so its streets are very steep and staggered. The dominant species that live here are vints and usho, with a repressed community of salyik living in the poorest parts near the port.

The layout of the city largely comprises stone steps, narrow walkways, and bridge networks, with stone buildings built on top of one another. It has an open-air market near the city gates to lure in tourists.

At the very top of the city is the Moric’s hyll and his public gardens, where he keeps a vast array of the deadliest plants in the monster world.

Zoli Basin: A great basin with a craggy ridge that descends into a sharp drop, filled with glowing blue-purple hot pools ringed in copper and red. Giant crystals emerge from the pool edges, as well as layth vines which become crystallised as they grow.

The basin is believed by some—not Wyn—to be the footprint from a race of ancient, god-like and gigantic creatures who are long extinct. The hot springs in the basin are a sacred place for most—but not Wyn—and are believed to bring health and vitality. The pools’ crystallised layth flowers are a black market product.

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