Monstrous: Book Seven

My role as Moric—ruler of a small and prosperous fiefdom in a quiet corner of the world—has always been painfully dull and stifling.

Until a beautiful, otherworldly creature with pink skin and a mane of golden hair falls through a strange void that has appeared in my guestroom.

And I am instantly captivated by him.

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Soul Eater (Monstrous: Book One) is coming out on audiobook!

I can now officially announce that the Monstrous series is coming to audiobook! Courtesy of Podium Audio and narrated by Michael Lesley. Soul Eater will be out on February 7th 2023, and the preorder is now live! So happy and grateful to be working with Podium and Michael on this.

What’s Lily doing in 2023?

Here is my vague schedule for 2023! My anxiety doesn’t allow me to give firm dates or promises until all my ducks are in a row for each book. I also tend to jump between projects depending on my mood and once I’m deep in the zone I hyperfixate and can think of nothing else…