Out May 19th 2023: A Collection of Monstrous Short Stories

OUT MAY 19TH 2023

A Collection of Monstrous Short Stories (Volume 1 – because we all know there will undoubtedly be a second) is now available for pre-order and will be out on May 19th 2023!

As ever, it will be on KU, and the paperback will be available on the day of release.

The collection features:

  • 16 Monstrous short stores (including two brand-new, exclusive ones!)
  • A series of letters from Orlith to Wyn throughout history
  • More Orlith content!
  • A 20k-word novella featuring a brand-new Monstrous couple! A super adorable one! And you HAVE actually kind of, very briefly, sort of met one of them before… or a part of them, at least.

This GORGEOUS cover was designed by grandmechantlapin and it is just… so perfect. I keep staring at it. The details are just so, so good. Can you pick out everyone’s symbols?