OUT NOW: The Rycke (Monstrous: Book Three)

His voice was as low and soft as I remembered. Gentle. I wanted to close my eyes and just listen to him speak.

“How’s your leg?” I asked instead. “You should be resting.”

“So should you,” he said quickly, making me want to smile. He hesitated, then asked, “Can I help you into your room?”

The ache in my throat had nothing to do with being sick in that moment. I nodded, swallowing, even though I wasn’t actually going to let him support my weight or take my bag. I pushed open my door and stepped inside, then held it open, waiting for him.

He limped in cautiously a moment later. Our eyes met when he stepped past me, and for a long moment neither of us seemed able to look away. He reluctantly averted his gaze as he made his way deeper into the room. I could hear the rasp of his wings dragging over the floor.

The Rycke is here! This sweet monster who everyone’s scared of, and his ball-of-anxiety human Ghost.

This book is set mainly in the Nebraska camp that we have heard about before, and features a whole host of new characters, many of whom are getting their own books, as well.

It was fun being able to flesh out how humans who aren’t in the military live out in the Wastes—how they’ve made their homes safe enough to stay alive out there, and what being a raider means. Which, in Ghost’s case, means doing the shitty jobs no one else wants because you’re a pushover and scared of pissing anyone off. Poor Ghost.

I hope you enjoy (or enjoyed, if you’re reading this after finishing it) The Rycke. He might be my favourite.

What’s next?

Next up, we are revisiting our original monster-human couple, Danny and Wyn, for a novella from Wyn’s perspective!

And… in this novella, I may be backtracking on some things I’ve said before. This backtracking may make you either love me or hate me. So many people said they wished Wyn and Danny’s time together wouldn’t be so short—as in, Danny’s-human-lifetime-short. Same with Edin and Hunter. So, okay. Let’s fix that. You want Wyn to be able to have some more time with his human? I have ideas to make it happen, so I’ll make it happen.

After Danny and Wyn’s novella (which I am already halfway through), it’s going to be Rig’s story, another raider who we meet in this book.

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