OUT NOW: Wyn (A Monstrous Novella)

“Wyn?” Danny wrapped his arms around my neck and tugged gently at my hair. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” I gave him a kiss, then another, unable to stop myself. “I just love you.”

I said it to make him smile, and it worked. Danny grinned up at me as he clasped my face between his hands, thumbs absently tracing the thin, raised ridges across my cheekbones. I shuddered at the feeling. I was sensitive there.

“I love you too, Soul Eater.”

Wyn’s novella is out now! (Paperbook coming soon.) It was so much fun revisiting these two. It’s made me want to write a sickeningly cute series of Wyn and Danny adventures where they just get up to stuff and wallow in their love for each other. For… a really long time.

For those interested: it clocks in at around 50k words.

I will say this: please don’t read this until you have read at least books one and two of the Monstrous series, otherwise you’re going to give yourself major spoilers.

The Monster Index at the back of the book has been updated, and there are some other little additional info bits back there that will make sense once you’ve read the book.

I very much hope you enjoy it, and reading about how Wyn is secretly a complete puddle of smitten, heart-eyed goo when it comes to his sweet human.

What’s next?

Next up is Book Four in the Monstrous series. It’s our naïve, glass-half-full boy Rig from the Nebraska raider camp, off trying to free the big cage-headed dude and the other monsters being held by Collector Mary. There is some overlap here with Book Three, so we’ll get to see a little of Aury and Ghost’s burgeoning relationship through Rig’s eyes. Cute!

Also, I know you guys want to see Danny and Wyn interacting with other characters in this world. Don’t worry—they will be. I’m just not telling you when.

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