Where to find me on social media!

I’ve recently joined some more social media platforms, having only been on Facebook before. So I thought I’d list them below so you can find me on your favourites!

If it helps…

  • My Facebook Group is where I often post teasers for books and shorts, run polls to decide who I’ll write the next short about, etc. This will be the place to get to see stuff first, usually (if it doesn’t go to my newsletter subscribers first, that is)
  • My Facebook Page is for infrequent, official announcements about new book releases, etc
  • Twitter is where you’ll find NSFW, 18+ only artwork – both commissioned by myself and fan art drawn by wonderful readers
  • Instagram is most likely going to end up being for memes!
  • I have a TikTok account, mainly for mindless scrolling. I am unlikely to post on there, but please feel free to tag me in any TikToks you make about the books!