Monstrous Reading Order List

I said I’d do this a while ago – a reading order list for all the novels, novellas and shorts in the Monstrous series to date. Obviously this will become out of date fairly soon, and I’ll remake it when it does.

You can find all of these shorts under Extras >> Bonus Content.

  1. Soul Eater (Novel – Danny and Wyn)
  2. Edin (Novel – Hunter and Edin)
  3. The Rycke (Novel – Ghost and Aury)
  4. Moth and the Rycke (Short – Moth and Aury)
  5. Wyn (Novella – Danny and Wyn)
  6. The Adventures of Danny and Wyn – Part One (Short – Danny and Wyn)
  7. The Adventures of Danny and Wyn – Part Two (Short – Danny and Wyn)
  8. Gloam (Novel – Rig and Gloam)
  9. A Monstrous Christmas on the Homestead (Short – Hunter, Edin and Charlie)
  10. Ghost and Aury Take a Trip (Short – Ghost and Aury)
  11. Moth (Novel – Charlie and Moth)
  12. Charlie and Moth’s Safehouse Honeymoon (Short – Charlie and Moth)
  13. Moth and the Soul Eater Have a Bonding Experience (Short – Moth and Wyn)
  14. Hunter and Edin Pay the Nebraska Base a Visit (Short – Hunter and Edin)
  15. The Adventures of Danny and Wyn – Part Three (Short – Danny and Wyn)
  16. Moth and Wyn Visit a City (Short – Moth and Wyn/Charlie and Moth)
  17. Seraph (Novel – Lilac and Seraph)

Any time after Soul Eater:

  • Orlith Tries to Seduce Wyn (Short – Orlith and Wyn – Set 500 years ago)