What’s Lily doing in 2023?

Here is my vague schedule for 2023! My anxiety doesn’t allow me to give firm dates or promises until all my ducks are in a row for each book. I also tend to jump between projects depending on my mood and once I’m deep in the zone I hyperfixate and can think of nothing else until it’s done. I appreciate you all putting up with my inability to give firm answers on things until close to the time!! Well, I just appreciate you all in general 🖤

🍧 January 27th 2023: Lor (Monstrous: Book Seven)
🦴 February 7th 2023: Soul Eater (Monstrous: Book One) on audiobook
😈 Spring 2023: A Collection of Monstrous Short Stories: Volume One (because we all know there will be more. Plus, this will include exclusive extras with a SURPRISE!)
🍄 Spring 2023: King of Death (Folk: Book Three)
🥰 Summer 2023: My current not-so-secret-anymore project – a fluffy, contemporary MF monster romance with a Domme/sub dynamic and the most adorable monster MMC who is the most precious baby, possibly more precious than Seraph, and I love him. He’s also a giant dork
💙 Later in 2023: Lyri (Monstrous: Book Eight)
👁️‍🗨️ Sometime in 2023: An MM monster romance with the amazing Nikole Knight! We will be sharing more details about this in the coming months 😍

Also coming this year…

💌 Monstrous merch! Finally! Bookmark and stickers to start, with more to come!
🖤 More bonus Monstrous shorts (because of course)
💛 A story in an anthology that there’ll be more info for at a later date!
💚 And possibly, if I can fit it in (which I want to), a Monstrous novella for our Nebraska camp medic, Apollo.