OUT NOW: Soul Eater (Monstrous: Book One)

He can’t get to you. He can’t get to you. I had to chant it to myself in my head. I had to trust the reinforced glass, which was the only thing separating us.

I didn’t realise I’d been holding my breath, waiting, until my lungs started to seize. I tried to exhale as quietly and steadily as possible, but Wyn must have heard the trembling sound because his head cocked, like an intrigued animal. There was utter silence for long moments that stretched, and stretched, and then… a twitch of Wyn’s fingers drew my gaze down, and I could have sworn I saw those blackened fingertips dissolving into smoke.

Right before everything plunged into darkness.

My debut novel, Soul Eater, is out now. And I could not be more excited!

I’ve been writing bits of a million different stories for years, but never forced myself to sit down and really focus on one project – until now.

I had a vague idea for a dystopian world where monsters of all different kinds have risen and taken over huge areas of the earth, forcing humans to reside in cramped and dirty cities along the coasts. I was intrigued by the idea of a young soldier, aimless and already jaded from his short stint in the military, crossing paths with a terrifying monster and journeying through these barren, monster-infested lands together.

But all is not what it seems…

I fell in love with Danny and Wyn writing this. Particularly Danny – I have a soft spot for him. A young, hopeful guy who stays optimistic despite having a pretty tough life, who hasn’t yet found himself and has his own insecurities. But he’s still brave (despite what he thinks) and he’s not afraid to go after what he wants.

And then there’s Wyn. An ancient death monster, near immortal, unfathomably powerful, feared by all… But he has his own insecurities too.

These two brought out the best in each other, and were so achingly sweet. It was a joy to write them, and I missed them the moment I finished the book.

What’s next?

I really hope you enjoy Soul Eater. Please consider leaving a review or getting in touch – I would appreciate your feedback, especially as this is a new venture for me.

Next up has to be the big overbearing purple dude, Edin. I’m already deep in his story – and Danny and Wyn will definitely be making an appearance (I can’t resist).

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