TEASER: Edin (Monstrous: Book Two)

I’m so blown away by the response I’ve had already to Soul Eater. You are all wonderful! It makes me so, so happy that people out there are reading this story and enjoying it as much as I loved writing it. It’s an incredible feeling that I’ve been able to introduce these characters to you. And that you love them as much as I do. Thank you!

I’m deep in Book Two of the Monstrous series, which is the lovely Edin’s story. He’s still overbearing. Still loud and arrogant. And according to surly, rough-around-the-edges soldier Hunter, he’s trying his hardest to give him a nervous breakdown.

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Excerpt – Edin (Monstrous: Book Two)

“Fuck,” I breathed out, half-laughing and half-sobbing at the sheer gall of it. Of spending twelve years in the military fighting monsters, twelve years out in the Wastes, but meeting my end all alone in a fucking sinkhole in Kentucky.

I tried to find purchase with my boots against the side of the hole, but even if I could there was nothing to grab onto to climb back up. Loose dirt crumbled beneath my boot soles, falling into the darkness beneath me. My chest was heaving with panic, and black spots appeared in my vision when I looked back up at the surface in desperation. A part of me had already realised that this was it. I wasn’t getting out of this. There was no way I could—

A head—with horns—appeared, peering over the side of the hole, nothing but a silhouette against the bright sky behind it. A mixture of relief and apprehension flooded my limbs.

“F-fuck,” I gasped. “Help me!” I yelled up, voice hoarse and wild with panic, survival instinct causing me to overlook the fact that this was clearly a monster, and it helping me out of this hole may not end up being the better option.

The head cocked. “Hello, human.” Its voice was so deep that the irrational part of my brain worried for a second that it would make the sinkhole worse if it kept talking.

“Please help me.” I tried to calm my breathing, to steady my voice. “Can you get me out?”

The head cocked again. “You want to get out?”

Was this monster stupid? “Yes, I want to fucking get out!” I paused, panting too quick breaths. “Unless you’re going to eat me or something if I do.”

A deep, rumbling laugh. “I don’t want to eat you.” The monster paused. “Well, I mean…” it then added in a contemplative voice. I saw its head peer further over the edge of the hole, as if it was assessing me.

Panic flared through me. “Look, please—I need to get out. I don’t—I have to—My friend—” I was babbling in agitation, my pulse drumming hard in my throat. My hand was slipping. This monster may want to kill me, but if that was the case, either way I was dying. And I’d really rather not meet my end plummeting into a pitch-black hole. “P-please.”

The monster paused for a second, before I saw those horns dip as it nodded. “Okay. I’ll help you out.”