OUT NOW: Edin (Monstrous: Book Two)

Edin chuckled, looking back at me over his shoulder. His eye glimmered in the pink glow, and the weird ambient light danced over the waves of his long, dark purple hair, making it look multichromatic, like an oil slick. “It can’t be good for your health to be so angry all the time, human.”

I took a deep, shuddering breath through my nose. In, then out. Slowly. Then again. My neck and shoulders were so tight it felt like something might pop. My leg was throbbing. I could tell that soon, I wouldn’t be able to put much weight on it.

I gritted my teeth and ignored it all. “Let’s just keep moving, yeah?” I stretched my neck from side to side, trying to ease the throbbing tension causing my shoulders to stay hunched up. “And keep quiet so we don’t miss anything.”

I could practically hear Edin rolling his eyes as he ambled down the tunnel in front of me, his horns brushing the ceiling every now and then. “Fine.”

I eyed his tail, which was flicking irritably, its dagger-like tip swiping dangerously close to me. I couldn’t tell if he was doing it on purpose or not, and I narrowed my eyes at his broad, bare back with suspicion.

“Watch the tail.”

Edin’s book is here! He’s less mysterious and more arrogant than Wyn (and kind of a busybody), but that doesn’t make him any less loveable.

Edin’s a bit like an iceberg. He is careful with what he reveals, so it’s easy to assume he’s a bit vacuous and not very deep. But he feels things very deeply—life experience has just taught him to not get his hopes up.

Hardened soldier Hunter has seen it all. Done it all. He didn’t think there was much left out in the Wastes that could surprise him, but that all changes when circumstances force him together with this big, annoying purple monster who’s bossy and overbearing and pushes all his buttons in the worst—and best—ways.

We get to see more of the Wastes in this book, and find out what it’s like surviving out there when you’re not travelling with a ghoulish Soul Eater who everyone fears. It was so much fun exploring more of the world in this book. Edin and Hunter have lots of adventures, and we get to see Danny and Wyn again, who get to experience some more closure.

These two are a lot less sweet than Danny and Wyn, but neither of them would have it any other way.

Monster Index

I’ve also included a handy Monster Index at the end of Edin’s book, so we can keep track of all those weird and creepy monster species that pop up throughout. Especially as some may become very important in future books…

What’s next?

Remember that camp of “half-decent” raiders back in Nebraska that Edin was going to take Danny to? We’re heading there in Book Three, to finally see how ‘the other half’ live out in the Wastes.

And we’ll finally be meeting the rycke. Specimen zero-zero-one to the military. The monster that Wyn told Danny to run from if he ever came across it.


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